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  1. Thanks. How much is crucial to have the small hole in the brake cover? Main is missing the hole. Should I drill one or use without it? Edit: After a close look, I see that the spring attached to the cover only via the hole. I guess I should drill one.
  2. Can someone please explain or upload a photo of the return spring on the rear brake of the early 70's Cota 247? I can't understand how the spring attach to the brake arm from the parts manual. Thanks.
  3. I see.. So it's should point downward? How can one tell if the chain and sprockets are worn out?
  4. I appreciate the information! Is the part arrowed in the photo is the wheel alignment? I'm not sure the wheel is aligned. When you spin the wheel, when the bike on the stand, you hear for a moment that the wheel is softly grinding the chain guard. I'm planning to re- spoke the wheel. The spokes are very rusty.
  5. Now that you mentioned it.. I looked online on photos and looked at the parts manual and it looks very very odd. Makes me think this is definitely not the original return spring. Now I'm wonder if this is the original brake cover or not. According to the parts manual, probably not..
  6. Looks very similar to my Cota. Only yours has red frame and silencer.
  7. I'm going to remove the rear wheel from my Cota 247. I have a flat tire and I want to check the wheel and the rim. Any tips how to do it correctly? Do I need to release the rear brake? Do I need to take the chain off? Do I need to mark any position of the wheel? Any help will be appreciated. I never done it before. Also- the previous owner told me it's a tube rear tire, but the tire (Dunlop D803 says tubeless) Could be it's a tubeless tire with add tube inside? Thanks.
  8. I noticed the silencer is missing, and online I see some bikes also missed the silencer. I also notice some models has black frame and some models has white frame. The white frame models has a front wheel with larger brake. Which probably makes sense that my bike (which seems early model) has later model front wheel with smaller brake. Both of my bike rims has Akront sticker on them. I notice some has white mudguard and some has silver or red. I'm guessing those old bikes got parts mixed up from different year models due to luck of getting the right part to the right model. I collect and restore vintage Italian espresso machine.. it's the same scenario..
  9. Niro

    Retro style helmet

    Thanks! I will check those 2 options.
  10. Thanks guys. I can't imagine me riding this bike at 12.. I had a small Italian scooter when I was 13. No chance I could handle this weight. Do you think the yellow is the original color?
  11. Looking for a retro style helmet to match my Montesa Cota 247. Something new and modern technology aspect but retro in look. Any suggestions?
  12. I decided to pull the trigger on a beautiful but strangely yellow Cota 247. Thank you all for your help here in other groups in this forum. I want to check the air filter. Do I need to take down the gas tank in order to get to the air filter? if yes, any tips how to do it safely and correct? The owner told me to use non ethanol fuel in order to keep the fiberglass tank in good shape. Is this a common practice with this tank? And a photo of course!
  13. Niro

    1973 Montesa Cota 247

    Thank you guys for the input. I don't see myself buying a bike outside my area in Central NY.
  14. Hi, There is currently one for sale near me at $2350. Is this model and year consider to be desirable vintage trials? Is it hard to find parts in the US? Any recommend/ issues/ notes? I will appreciate any help or thought.
  15. I appreciate your input. Yes, My interest is limited to the bikes that listed around me. I guess I will skip this Scorpa as well.
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