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  1. Niro

    Damping for trials

    Thanks guys. Great information. I think I will stay with one length spring, either NJB or Falcon.
  2. Niro

    Damping for trials

    Would you say that the NJB Ultimate shocks are better option because they allow the rider to adjust the shock length? Is the length is critical as the spring pre load?
  3. Niro

    Damping for trials

    Is 1.1:1 considered low leverage? Falcon shocks offered me 50lb springs. I'm around 80kg with gear. Is 50LB will be much of a difference from 40LB?
  4. Niro

    Damping for trials

    You mean 60LB? and by "low leverage" you mean light damping?
  5. Is this price for one or pair? If for pair, it's good price.
  6. Niro

    Damping for trials

    Thank you! Valuable information. I think I will choose the lighter damping version, since I am riding only trials with the bike.
  7. I have a follow up question in my search for new rear shocks for vintage trials competitions. What does "Damping" mean and what is the actual different in riding with "standard damping" or with "light/ super light damping"? Thanks.
  8. Thank you guys for your inputs.
  9. Do you have any experience with the NJB shocks?
  10. A little background: Me- 6ft. weight 175lb with gear. Bike- 1970 Montesa Cota 247 with unknown brand of rear shocks. The shocks can be adjust, but I can't turn the adjuster. See photos. Skill level- beginner. where- riding in vintage trials competitions in woods with a lot of uphills and downhills. Goal- keep getting better and score more points. Budget- unfortunately tight. I don't want to spend more than 200GBP include shipping to USA. At first I was intrigue by the OZO "Expert" shocks. The price is 90GBP before shipping and they seems good upgrade for trial competitions. Then I start reading and found out a world full of rear shocks upgrade. Unfortunately most of them is out of reach. One that I can afford is the steel version of Falcon with 50LB spring (according to their recommendation). I would like please to read any thoughts of which shocks are preferred or maybe something I'm missing. Thanks
  11. Thanks. actually as you mention in 2, my main problem in soft springs/front shocks while going long downhill or in a very tight turns when I use front brake. Is there any recommendation for front springs? or the common ones, like In Motions sells will do the job? About the oil, I just checked the manual and it says SAE 20/30 and I put 15. I guess I will go with the manual.
  12. what is the best way to strengthen the front fork (Cota 247 70'): increase oil level use heavier fork oil (current is 15w) use spacers replace spring (the most expansive solution)
  13. Thanks for sharing! validate my thoughts that it's not easy to start riding vintage trials. I'm 44 with not much experience. Also as you mention, I find that one of the main difficulties is to lift the heavy Montesa out of any trouble I entered..
  14. Several reasons why- I'm a novice trials rider with not much experience on dirt bike riding either. I joined a local group of vintage trials bike that rides sections in the woods. I find that most of the sections are a challenge for me and also the riding between the sections can be a challenge, and I prefer to go slow. Also my bike has annoying issue of jumping into 2nd gear. I think that in this level I better drive a slower bike, gain confidence and hopefully points.. and learn to identify that the bike is on 2nd gear where it should be on 1st. This was also the advice I got from my instructor. Any how the process is reversible and I will go back again to faster gearing after gaining more practice.
  15. Hello, Any idea what this grinding noise might be? The noise can be heard mainly while idling or rolling with throttle closed 1970 Montesa Cota 247 grinding noise
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