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  1. Thank you both! Just closing the throttle I guess I have an issue with because what happens is when the front goes up high, I often roll on the throttle even more. Not on purpose but it sends the bike out from under me as you can imagine. I figured having rear brake control would allow me to prevent that but maybe I should just work on not grabbing so much throttle instead :)
  2. I'm very very new to Trials riding. Have about 2 hours of riding in so far on a 2006 GasGas TXT Pro 280 I just bought. I have a lot of MTB experience and a decent amount of motorcycle experience (road MC only). Thought these two skillsets would just make Trials riding a breeze. Not so. Anyway, I'm just having an issue wheelying or rather just getting the front tire up. I can do it but I catch a lot of speed and/or wheelie out backwards and send the bike into the bush. I know I should be covering the rear brake to get the front down when this happens. My problem is though, if I have my foot over the rear brake, when I go to load the suspension to prepare for getting the front up, I can't avoid hitting the rear brake with my foot which obviously is no good when I haven't even started to wheelie yet. Is this normal? Should my foot be off to the side of the rear brake, ready to move over to it when needed? Can I adjust the rear brake so it sits a bit lower and I'm less likely to hit it accidentally?
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