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  1. It’s a right pain with the tank being part of the frame. Im thinking to try and flush it through with hot water, and maybe bicarbonate soda?
  2. This is the inside of my 2 stroke of similar age - clean as a whistle!!
  3. Hi, recently purchased a beta evo 4t 2010. Went out on it once and really enjoyed riding it. however before going out a second time, decided to check the fuel and noticed a strange build up of sort of white sludge, at the top of the fuel tank….very strange! I have a 2011 2t evo (so similar age) and the inside of the tank is like brand new… anyone got any idea what this stuff is? Crystallised petrol from being stood maybe? And then, how do I get rid of it?!? not idea on a beta given the tank is build into the frame…!!
  4. Thanks for all the advice guys, I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on!!
  5. Probably worth adding that when the bike starts to rev high unexpectedly and shoot off, I think my reactions have been to grip harder and also sit down, which is probably making it worse….but surely it shouldn’t be reving unexpectedly in the first place!
  6. Just starting out in trials and was hoping for some advice with an issue I’m having. I’m now reasonably confident with basic balance and control on flat stuff and going over small stuff (up to say 50cm). Ive also starting rolling down banks reasonable confidentially, even steeper ones say getting on for 45deg+. I’m having an issue that I’ve experienced twice now when trying a drop off. When I practice a drop off on a token ledge (30cm onto flat ground), it all goes fine. But when I try something bigger or a drop off that’s onto a hill, I’ve had this issue that the bike starts to rapidly accelerate around when my front wheel touches the ground, it flys away and I fall off! I’m convinced this is my fault and not the bike (as is usually the case)! I managed to get some rough footage of when this last happened to me, and my assumption is this; when I approach a roll off, I position my body weight to the back of the bike at the top of the hill/step and roll down fine. When I try drop off initially I’m stood up to compress and initiate a small wheelie, when the front wheel goes over and the bike drops changing it’s angle my body position changes causing me to inadvertently twist the throttle….I think! If this is the case, I guess it’s about getting the body position correct before the bike starts to fall… If I’m correct in my assumption, surely this is a common rookie mistake that people make? Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Hi guys, about to do my first trial (wish me luck!) doing an easy clubman level, as I understood that was the entry level for adult. At least at Richmond MC… I’m unsure how much fuel I’ll need to take. Was planning whatever is in my tank + a full gallon can….will that be enough?
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