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  1. I have sent you a message in your inbox in here it will help you
  2. Had exactly the same speak to your dealer they will sort it out for you had mine done
  3. I’ve had a few pairs of sealskins, not cheap at all ! I find they are ok for maybe a few month and mine seem to loose there waterproof tried washing them out different methods and think the price they are they haven’t lasted long,
  4. Hi did you torque the bolts back up once you fitted them if so where did you find the torque settings ?
  5. Leembarnes what’s the water pump upgrade you can do ? I thought the later ones had the upgrade ??
  6. Had similar with mine from brand new tho, ended up been a seal in the engine letting engine oil weap through burning that off smoked like a good en
  7. Think some of them are glorified fan heaters keep posted what you go for
  8. I had looked at these before not got any yet but going to have to (keep getting the hint the boots have been at the radiator all week) when I last looked into it a lot of people was using ski boot dryers?
  9. Also when air mixture is correct the idle wants to be just above stalling speed
  10. The air mixture screw is at back of the carb, if you look through where your exhaust is you will see it it’s a brass coloured one, you can get a adaptor for this from beta it replaces the screw and has a big head on it to adjust it when riding, if not long screwdriver will do it, as said I would take fuel pipe off and see if fuel tap is working ok the photo you put on with the purple highlight is when the mixture adapter is fitted these are hot standard
  11. Tried mine without seems ok, I was told the metal clip holds the pads so the wheel can be easily put in and no problem with the clip out
  12. My friend removed his on his gasser, he was having problems with his pads wearing quickly only getting 3 trials out of them and nearly getting caught out on occasions having no front pads, gas gas told him to take it out, I have a trs and I am going to do the same
  13. Scunthorpe club, hull club, Scarborough club all have sensible events
  14. Thanks for the reply yes the carbs a keihn, so is it best to set the mixture screw at a certain point to be able to do it that way like a ful turn out ? as if try setting it fully in you would be able to turn it to come out but won’t be able to turn it in if that makes sense ?
  15. Hi all just wondering what people have there mixture screw roughly set at, think mines 3/4 turn out but been told by people 1 and half ? It’s a 250 2018 rr also has anyone altered suspension from standard settings?
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