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  1. Hi, I just purchased my first trials bike (2013 Beta Evo) and starting my journey in trials. I'm trying to teach myself about the mechanics of the bike so I can personally take the best care of it. Upon purchasing the bike the idle was a bit rough. The sound of the bike would fire and give a slight jolt to the bike. The owner said the bike had been sitting a while so the carburetor most likely needed a clean. I poured the petrol out that was in it and added 98 octane unleaded mixed with Castrol Power 1 TTS racing 2T (70:1 ratio or 71ml to 5L) & Liqui Moly carburetor and valve cleaner (20ml). As described in the owners manual - EVO 250/300 2T MY13 [2013] I adjusted the idle speed which improved the performance and the jolt I was feeling before. I went to check the Air. The manual states to "From all closed recommend to 11/2 turns" From reading posts on this forum it appears that needs to be 1 to 2 turns with most people set it at 1 1/2 turns. The bad news is I could not find this valve or the screw to adjust the mixture at idling. Any recommendations on what to look for? Here is a video of what the bike sounds like after the idle speed adjustment. See how there is a bit of shaking at the back of the bike? Is that normal? My next issue is that the fuel take valve doesn't shut off petrol. I thought the 20+ seconds would be enough for the engine to die. Thanks
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