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  1. I had a 2017 250 RR and I found it ok with just a med/fast throttle tube, I now have a 2018 250 Gold which is a lot faster, I have had to really calm it down. Hope this helps.
  2. LC Head insert 1mm head spacer Slow action throttle JJG needle valve middle clip position. Lovely and soft ?
  3. 350cc from new, 300cc on a oil change, I use 333cc so I get 3 changes out of a 1 litre bottle.
  4. taff_d

    no clutch

    Probably just the seals or a loose connection if you have lost the fluid, never had to do one but i can't imagine it been rocket science to do it.
  5. This is what you want This was supplied to me by me local TRS dealer so I presume it's correct not fitted it yet ?
  6. Just tried 10/42 at the weekend and I liked it, but it was on an old stretched chain can't fit that gearing on a new chain you have to end up using 1/2 links and I don't like doing that. So I'm settling on 10/41, slow action throttle, LC head insert and Carbon Tech reeds ?
  7. Bou is the problem he's just a freak of nature so much better than anyone else, organisers put sections on to take marks off him and it makes it too hard for 95% on the field. Ease the sections off he's going to win anyway and let the others have some fun, hopefully Bou will get bored and retire. I for one find all the trick circus riding very boring.
  8. taff_d

    2019 raga forks

    They reckon the gold steel stantions have a better action than the alloy ones, think they changed to them on the 18 model. RR AND the Golds use them.
  9. taff_d

    Fork Air Gap

    I emailed Formula and got the answer. Left = 110mm Right = 55mm SAE 5w
  10. taff_d

    Fork Air Gap

    Anyone know the air gap measurements for the Gold/Steel fork legs ? I looked at the fork service pdf files on the Tech Fork website but they only give the air gap for the alloy fork legs.
  11. taff_d

    2019 RR Vs One

    Bluey you are removing the black splash guard from the top of the opening before you change the filter ? You should just be able to slide the old filter out and the new in with no hassle at all.
  12. taff_d

    2017 Vs 2019

    You talk an absolute load if bollocks ? out of interest how many TRS’s have you owned and had trouble with or are you basing all your ***** on gossip ?
  13. taff_d

    2017 Vs 2019

    Don't think the mudguards have changed same old bendy affairs
  14. taff_d

    2017 Vs 2019

    Not on my bike it never, seen it happen on one bike and on other applications through my work, always the danger when using dissimilar materials same impeller used on many other makes of bikes.
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