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  1. 2018 one raga racing missing bolt?

    ???? photo would be good here ????
  2. Trs rr 250 mapping switch and smoking

    TRS recommend only 50cc to 5lts and definitely no more than 60cc 2017 TRS One RR Keihin PWK28 carburetor (all engine sizes) Gasoline - Minimum octane USA – 95 (Ethanol content must be 0%) we recommend race gas, no ethanol Premix ratio – 100:1 (absolutely no richer than 80:1) Float height – 19mm Main jet – 125 Needle – JJH (3rd clip position) Slide size – 3.5 Pilot (slow) jet – 45 Choke (starter) jet – 62 Air screw standard position (factory setting) – 1.5 turns out
  3. 2019 RR Vs One

    My 2017 RR was bad for water and muck in the airbox but I found it was not sealed correctly from the factory there was a hole for the crap to get through at the rear mudguard. I removed the airbox split it and resealed it and it never an issue after that always had a had a very clean and dry box after a trial and washing 😃
  4. Transmission oil change

    I'll stick to Light Gear Oil, readily available and cheap as chips 👍TRS recommend NILS for my bike but it's only available mail order.
  5. Transmission oil change

    Just been reading up on ATF and found this on a transmission manufacturers website. Like I said earlier my dealer hates the stuff and said he's seen soon horrible sights when stripping engines that use ATF, I'll stick to the Light gear oil.
  6. Transmission oil change

    My dealer hates ATF and refuses to use it so that's good enough reason for me not to use the stuff. I use Rock Oil light gear oil now as recommended by TRS UK seems fine.
  7. oil change in TRS 280 RR

    I used NILS and had no problem with it but there was always issues with the containers leaking so I was told they were not going to ship it anymore ? Never been a fan of ATF.
  8. oil change in TRS 280 RR

    Since getting the new bike I've been using Putoline GP10 but it has been hard to find neutral till the bike was really warm, today i tried Rock oil light gear oil for the first time and from cold it had a really smooth gear change got slightly notchy as it got really warm, so light oil seems to be the way forward. I used Elf HTX 740 in my old TRS and it worked very well but I got sick of paying £26 a litre when I change the oil every 3-4 rides.
  9. Setting Race Sag? '17 Raga (Reiger)

    That's how I was told to do it, if you can't get the required rider sag within 10mm of preload you need a different spring, if you wind too much preload on you can become spring bound.
  10. TRS 280 rr 2018 fork set up

    45-50mm front rider sag, 80-85mm rear rider sag, the rest is your personal choice on how you like the bike to feel. The bike come setup for "lighter" riders I'm 15 3/4 stone so use heavier springs.
  11. Throttle Tube

    Added metal to my No1 X Blox but was still a bit slow but a lot better than a slow action, managed to source a No 2 X Blox and it's just what I was looking for 👍
  12. Setting Race Sag? '17 Raga (Reiger)

    45mm front rider sag. 80-85mm rear rider sag. Numbers given to me by a then Ohlins technician.
  13. Throttle Tube

    Is there such a thing on the market as a intermediate throttle tube ? The new bike came with a fast action which I liked in most sections today but in a couple it was a bit quick and got away from me. I have tried my slow acton Xblox on it and did not like it as much as the fast.
  14. folding (unbreakable) brake and clutch levers Rev3

    I have used bendy Apico levers for the last 4 years, fantastic never bust a lever but I've always struggled with stalling but put it down to an overactive clutch finger !! My mate convinced me to try the std levers again as he reckoned the bendy lever setup gave a s**te lever movement, done 3 trials now and only 1 stall so no more bendy levers for me. There will be a cheap set of levers on ebay shortly 😜
  15. The scott

    Believe Jack broke down at Clappergate nearly home 👎