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  1. Jimmy80

    Fuel cap

    Sadly not got the original cap , I’m wondering if the previous owner had fitted the wrong cap , looking into it more the caps bottoming out in the tank and pushing the threads off
  2. Check eBay constantly can’t see any
  3. I have just got a lovely fantic 200 but the only thing letting it down is the rubber that joins the exhaust to the silencer , someone’s just used a old hose and when you drop the bike the silencer moves and splays the exhaust out were it fits into it , does anyone know we’re I can get a proper joining rubber as I’m assuming this will cure the issue
  4. This is exactly what I’m after body position etc , I’m happy enough to push myself over a tricky section but know I’m positioned wrong over big rocks and logs and always end up hitting the bash plate hard and dabbing , I know a few hours with the right person will do me good but don’t want to waste my money just riding sections at a school
  5. Jimmy80

    Fuel cap

    My 17 RR came with a csp fuel cap , when I try and tighten it it’s like the threads are pulling through when you try and get it tight , I’ve had it fall off a couple of times in crashes now so need to sort it , will it be the tank or cap at fault
  6. Feel like I need a training day to help me a little , been racing road and Mx for years at high level but now retired from racing, I started trailing a few months ago ( doing middle route ) I do ok but struggle in a few places can anyone recommend a training school pref midlands area
  7. Jimmy80

    TRS stand

    Managed to snap my stand in my 2017 RR yesterday, I’ve never been happy with the stand and had the bike fall off it many times, before I buy another does anyone know if the newer model stand has been changed ( for the better) and will it fit , or if any other brands will fit
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