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  1. al_orange

    2019 RR Vs One

    So I failed to get a ride on an RR but the One was very soft and everyone I spoke to was really happy with their RR, so I went for it and bought the RR. Hopefully have it delivered in the next couple of days. Fingers crossed it'll be the right choice. Thanks for all the comments and feedback.
  2. Well that is just plain incorrect. Lol. Confidence is what allows someone to execute a move well but they surely need to have the technique built into their muscles and mind without having to think about it. Doesn't matter what bike you're on or how confident you are, if you try doing a tight muddy turn without the correct body position then you're going to dab or spin out. Never mind something difficult.
  3. Why's that? Those are the standard phases of learning anything and especially applies to physical skills. Wrt to trials, it depends what actual technique you're talking about. A rank beginner is level 1 at even standing on the bike and using the controls. As a novice, I'm level 3 with basic corners but level 1 with off camber tight uphill turns...
  4. al_orange

    Evo or rev 3 ?

    Are you actually going to be doing/learning trials on this or is it just for playing about in the woods? I believe the supersoft just has a flywheel weight and a slow throttle. still just as much power but easier to control the punch off the bottom and spins up slower, giving better traction.
  5. al_orange

    2019 RR Vs One

    So.. still struggling to decide, having not had a chance to try out the RR.. can anyone give a comment on just how much snappier the RR is? Also, people have mentioned that the TRS are quite "quick" and that it is sensible to go down a tooth on the front. Is that common?
  6. al_orange

    Rim band question

    Umm.. sounds like this is a tubless tyre with a rim band (not just rim tape). About the only thing you can do is take it all off and give everything a good clean, fit it all together properly (ensuring the band sits nicely in the groove around the rim on both sides) and try again. Ensure the rim band doesn't have holes in it. Mine was always fine and then one day it decided not to hold air. It holds enough to do half a trial so I either ride it flat or pump it up half way around. Other people have tried silicone and all sorts but I don't think it's worth the mess and potential damage to the rim. Have a search on the forums as it's not a new problem. Good luck.
  7. al_orange

    ‘18 popping out of gear

    Sounds promising. Do you know exactly what parts they replaced?
  8. al_orange

    Jitsie Protective Gear

    What is the fit like for the elbow guards? How big are your arms etc? Thanks.
  9. al_orange

    Securing a trials bike

    Exactly. I think my garage is fairly secure but I'd just feel stupid if they got in and just wheeled it away without even having the inconvenience and noise of grinding the chain. You never know, they may just bring croppers or nothing.
  10. al_orange

    Securing a trials bike

    I guess it depends on the bike and the size of the chain. Would be good if that's the case. The only place I can see is perhaps around the frame just above the foot peg behind the carb and above the drive chain??
  11. al_orange

    Securing a trials bike

    What is a good way of physically securing a modern trials bike. Enduro bikes can be chained through the frame but I can't see a way of doing that with a trials bike. It looks like you could chain it up but it would be easy to unbolt forks or wheels to remove the chain. Even if you removed both wheels, they are so light that a single man could just carry it off. Short of keeping it in a cage, I can't see how you can secure the bike within a locked garage. Any ideas?
  12. al_orange

    2017 Vs 2019

    Well I certainly spend far more time just looking at it in the garage than I do riding it, so it has to be pretty.
  13. al_orange

    2017 Vs 2019

    Thanks for the feedback. It's just a matter of time before I get something but I'm just a novice/clubman so although I can afford a new one, it seems like an extravagance if I can get a couple year old mint one for half the price. But I want a bike that will last and has as few problems as possible. Decent second hand 250s are fairly rare it seems.
  14. al_orange

    2017 Vs 2019

    Have there been any significant changes between 2017 and 2019 on the TRSs? Given that it's a newish bike, I wonder if there are reliability or bug fixes that have been done? I know the "marketing" changes won't make any difference to how I ride the bike but there are changes this year to the engine and clutch etc. Thanks.
  15. Four stroke by a mile. Two strokes can sound a bit more intrusive but they are nowhere near as loud and the sound carries much further. Of course there will be exceptions but the 4RT is loud. Don't know about the beta.