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  1. al_orange

    Maxxis Trialmaxx

    Not sure exactly what the question is but I use them on my enduro bikes and they are fantastic tyres. Very soft compound so good on rocks and roots. Wider spaced knobs and flexible sidewalls make them way better in mud than a normal trials tyre. On an enduro bike they need to be run at 6psi or they get a bit squirrelly. Don't last that long due to the compound. Not allowed to use them in trials competition in the UK. As a play tyre they are awesome but won't last as long as a Michelin x11.
  2. al_orange

    2019 RR Vs One

    So I've done a handful of trials on the RR now and thought I'd update this thread. Bear in mind that I'm a sportsman rider and this is my first new bike. Foot pegs - personally, I didn't get on with the curves and bought some S3 Hardrock aluminium. I definitely notice that I'm more comfortable and getting better traction with them. Engine - Slow throttle is a must for me. The bike is sharp and I'm still getting to grips with the snappy power. It's just the transition from closed throttle to open. Once the throttle is open and rolled on, the bike is amazingly smooth. Clutch - again it's sharp but not unmanageable. I'm going to put the softer spring in there but actually, after only 4 trials, it's improved my throttle and clutch control. Handling - sublime. Unbelievably confidence inspiring. Going to fit a a stiffer rear spring but otherwise it's so nice to ride. The only thing I've noticed is that I have to make a more conscious effort to get over the back for traction where on the old rev3 it would have tractored along. I think it's the light spring and too much preload but will see. Rider - still useless and clueless but enjoying trials more than I ever have and the bike is definitely a big part of that. Honestly, the standard bike may have been a better purchase when it comes to slick conditions but for everything else, I'm very pleased I got the RR. I'll just have to learn more finesse and technique.
  3. What made you buy a 300? You're normally so particular/considered about things, I'm surprised you went for it.
  4. al_orange

    Gear oil filler plug thread size?

    What about the drain plug with a magnet on the other side? Does it matter which one you use?
  5. al_orange

    2019 gasgas front suspension adjustment.

    If they're the same tech forks as TRS then this may be useful. http://www.rideformula.com/products/moto-forks/trial-39-factory/
  6. al_orange

    2014 marazochi fork help.

    Yes they should be level. (Actually, I don't know but I've never seen a bike where that would be the case).
  7. al_orange

    Gearing - who's running what?

    What issues were you having?
  8. al_orange

    Gearing - who's running what?

    Lol.. well I'm trying to avoid the unintentional splatters so I'll leave that one alone. I did think going to 10/42 could be a compromise but I don't know if the chain is long enough.
  9. al_orange

    Gearing - who's running what?

    Really enjoying the handling of the TRS 250 RR. Has lifted my confidence and is flattering to ride, in the main. However, it's very snappy off the bottom (as expected), even with a slow throttle. I'm running a 9T front which does make the gears more like my old Beta but it's very aggressive in low traction situations (seems harder to get traction than my Rev3 was) so I wonder if anyone would suggest running the standard 10T? I had a look at other TRS bikes and some are on 9T some are on 10T. I'm just starting to ride clubman sections, if that matters. I know there's a lot of variables at play but would like input on just the gearing side of things. Thanks,
  10. al_orange

    adults future of the sport ?

    I agree. I'm so grateful for the effort and time that organisers put in for what must be no financial gain. Trials is almost embarrassingly cheap. You can't set foot on an MX or Enduro track even for a practice, for less than £30. Competition is upwards of £50. I often wonder how much the landowner gets out of it too. They must allow trials in part because they support the sport and not just for cash. 45 trials a year! Wow.. I wish I could get that many in. I agree that any additional charge (if there is one) would add up but I think that's a bit like having your cake and eating it.
  11. al_orange

    adults future of the sport ?

    So what would boycotting the club achieve? If it's £15 for an adult entry either way, what difference does it make? If the club is increasing the adult cost to pay for the kids then that could be difficult but otherwise, what's the difference?
  12. al_orange

    adults future of the sport ?

    What sort of miserable turd would boycott a club because of cheap youth entries??
  13. al_orange

    TRS won't rev when warms up

    There is a thread just below about the CDI being the cause of this. Worth swapping with a known one or talking to Steve Saunders.
  14. Edit - not actually sure all the below applies to the Evo but I'm sure they're almost as painful as the rev 3. You've just found the hidden gem of owning a beta. The impossible to bleed rear brake! Have a good search through the forum but depending on age, it's possibly worth getting new seals for both the MC and caliper and maybe new pistons for the caliper too. Strip down, clean all the recesses where the seals go and rebuild. Bleed it off the bike using old pads and something solid to put between them. Often best to use a screwdriver or something to pump the MC piston even on the bike. Assuming of course you've tried all the normal steps like back bleeding etc. The rear brake can be a nightmare. It takes a lot of time, patience, and effort and even then you can be left with rubbish brakes. Persevere but expect it to be a pain and then you're at least in the right frame of mind. Good luck!
  15. al_orange

    2 stroke oil facts & myths

    Can't quite see Wazza fitting in here though.. 🤣🤣🤣