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  1. al_orange

    Trials Boots Vs Mx Boots

    Ah well that's a different story. Of course, we have to make do with what we can afford. Riding a 20 year old bike with worn tyres in Mx boots (I've been there) is still better than not riding! All I meant is that bang for your buck, decent boots are a good investment. They were a revelation for me as the increase in feel and agility really helped me.
  2. al_orange

    Trials Boots Vs Mx Boots

    Yeah but if you rode in Mx boots and then you rode in trials boots, not only would you have fewer points, you'd be a lot more comfortable and enjoy it more. Honestly, as a novice, getting a pair of decent trials boots for £200 did a lot more for my riding than anything else (other than practice of course).
  3. al_orange

    Lower frame protection (the bit that gets hammered)

    I really need to get a stiffer rear spring asap. I've given up even trying to avoid the rocks and generally just bash through them now. Starting to show some scars on the underside already.
  4. al_orange

    bike gearing , sprockets ??'s

    It took a while to get my head around too as the lower gearing should make the bike feel more powerful but in reality in trials, it slows things down so you can react to things more easily and the bike speed increases at a slower rate relative to the engine speed so you can get away with less throttle control. Trials is a funny old game. I'm a newb and I'm fairly comfortable with a 9/40 setup although I've not really ridden with 10/40 properly to compare.
  5. al_orange

    Dream bikes

    Gaa! I was waiting for one of these (i.e. an electric bike with a proper clutch) but didn't see it coming so went for a TRS. That said, not sure I'd spend 9k on one but they are my dream bike - the ability to ride it pretty much anywhere out of sight is the big win for me.
  6. al_orange

    Fork seal replacement intervals

    Are you cleaning the seals and replacing the oil? 9/10 times a leaking fork seal is just dirt. Unless there's damage to the fork that is nicking the seal.
  7. al_orange

    Lower frame protection (the bit that gets hammered)

    Right around the bottom or just the top side of it?
  8. al_orange

    Lower frame protection (the bit that gets hammered)

    We've got a couple rocky venues and it's more when picking your way through the rocks than going over them. The sides of the frame that aren't covered by the bash plate. They are quite chunky there compared to my previous beta. But yes, a stronger rear spring and better technique would help, I'm sure.
  9. Has anyone seen any protection that you can add to the bottom of the frame under and in front of the footpegs? My bike is about 10 hours old max, and it's got some hideous gouges in it already. The frame material is very soft. I want to keep this bike for a while and I'm genuinely worried they'll wear through over time!! Lol. Any ideas?
  10. al_orange

    Battery hour meter for 2018 Beta Evo 200

    Yep, mine read about 1.1 to 1.5 for a club trial. I took it off after the first couple as I thought it wasn't working. Then I put it back on where I could see it and it really is that little bike time for a novice. I don't sit there with the bike idling in the queue though.
  11. al_orange

    Battery hour meter for 2018 Beta Evo 200

    Out of interest, how much run time do you think a normal club trial entails? I've fitted an hour meter so that I can keep track when practicing as that's when the hours can clock up. I was a bit surprised as to the time spent riding at a normal trial.
  12. al_orange

    Question for TRS riders

    If you're looking to maximize your results then go for the 250. If you're not bothered as much then either the 250/280. Not sure I've met anyone that needs the 300. Even very good riders I've spoken to have said the 280 is more than enough. I know of one that said the 300 was too powerful. The base model is easier to ride than the RR. Personally, I love my 250rr but I'm only a decent novice moving to clubman. I'm a big lump and there's absolutely no lack of power from the 250. I run the slow throttle as the bike is snappy from a closed throttle. It does appear that with trials, less is more.
  13. al_orange

    Grimeca hydraulic clutch

    Do you know for sure that the oil oil is unblocked? I.e. have you blown air through it to check? Or can you see light through it?
  14. al_orange

    Grimeca hydraulic clutch

    Have you confirmed that the master cylinder piston is clean and the fluid feed/return home isn't blocked? If it's clear then you should be able to back bleed with very little pressure. In fact, if you leave the master cylinder uncovered, the fluid will hit the garage ceiling... Ask me how I know.
  15. al_orange

    Alternative to observed trials?

    For me, trials seems to be full of really nice, friendly, and sociable people. Makes a massive difference to a trial when you're having a bad ride but a quick chat to someone in the queue brings me back to reality that it's a bit of fun and a good day out. I cannot imagine how anyone could find the people in trials off putting. Ok, it does attract a few socially awkward types but everyone seems to treat it like a big community..... Makes me feel bad when I let out the occasional expletive due to stalling or missing a flag..