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  1. I agree that they should have taken stronger action sooner but you are absolutely wrong if you think there is any other option than a complete lock down. You need to Google "flattening the curve". Or maybe just watch the news. It's interesting that some people still don't understand/accept that this is a real and dangerous situation and for once (in this generation), we as humans are not in control. It's barely a mild inconvenience to not go riding for a bit but some people are acting like it's the actions of a totalitarian government.
  2. What part of "do not leave the house unless absolutely necessary" do people find hard to understand? Case in point here. Trials is mega safe, until you injure yourself.
  3. That's a tricky one because although it's probably very low risk of injury or contamination, it is directly contrary to the instructions we've been given. I'm tempted to take my bike to an area by my house but I think will restrict to balance/hopping practice in the garden. You could argue that it could be daily exercise but the instruction is to stay at home unless absolutely necessary or to get some daily exercise... which I'm pretty sure is limited to walking, running & cycling..
  4. I use army goretex boot liners (for enduro mainly) and have ones that come up to my knee. They are very waterproof and I don't think I've ever had wet feet, apart from maybe a bit of damp from sweat. Also, I always wear bridgedale trekker socks and they keep your feet perfectly warm even when soaked through. They are very comfy and just keep your feet comfortable whether it's hot or cold. I call them "my magic socks" and I've got about 10 pairs now.
  5. Agreed. In the scheme of things, how important is a bloody motorcycle competition compared to trying to slow the spread of a potentially deadly virus. The problem with the UK is that life is soooo comfortable and safe over here that people find it very hard to accept that bad things actually do happen. I feel really bad for the over 70s as it sounds like their fate is in our hands and some of us don't seem to give a toss.
  6. I watched a lot of the older videos on stop allowed and they were just "hop, hop, hop, wide open and dump clutch".. so I was concerned it would be like that but that course looked really well set out, albeit with some pretty intimidating sections. I'll reserve comment on no-stop at the southern experts as I don't want to spark another conversation about it! But this national round looked like a success. Real shame about the serious injury though.
  7. Really good video of it here. I'm still not convinced about stop allowed but this looks like a very exciting trial to watch. https://youtu.be/97zSrcMc0sg
  8. I've got the Apico wireless one which has both hour meter and tacho. However, the tacho looks to be very inaccurate so I've ignored that bit. I bought the wireless one as I wanted to mount it in the airbox but it needs to be mounted on the frame really, to pick up the vibrations. I would recommend getting the wired one now. I think the tacho is more accurate and the reading is more reliable. But I'm happy with mine for maintenance tracking purposes.
  9. Wow! I guess the kamikaze spirit is still strong within the Japanese!! If that's what stop allowed sections are like then I can't believe people lament those days!
  10. So yeah... It didn't make any difference at all. Ah well. At least I'm now used to servicing the linkage, have replaced the two knackered o-rings and have some spare spacers to hand. To their credit, BVM said it might be a waste of money as they would expect some play even on a new bike (as mentioned above).
  11. Have received the new spacers and o-rings. One of the old spacers is slightly bigger than the others (only by 0.05mm). Will fit it all and see if it makes any difference. Interestingly, both the original o-rings were cut and damaged. The new ones looks good but were £4.20 each!
  12. That's exactly what dielectric grease is for. I think I'll be checking mine connections and greasing them soon.
  13. Just get a Michelin. The front lasts forever and you'll have more fun because you'll actually have traction. Plus it's only a few quid more which considering it'll last years makes it insignificant.
  14. Sure. That makes sense. It was/is the very definite clunk that got my attention. On inspection, the top hat spacers on the bottom shock bearing are pretty sloppy on the bolt (and are not in any way worn). The other bearings are as good as can be. Have ordered new spacers and o-rings and will report back when they come.
  15. It's enough that I noticed it when lifting the bike onto the stand. It's not much really but I would expect it to be completely tight on what is basically a new bike. I'm guessing they are normally completely tight? The play is between the spacers and the bolt but nothing actually looks worn. I've tentatively tried to remove the spacers but they don't want to budge. The other spacers in the linkage just pull out as per normal. Presumably the spacers on the lower shock bearing should come out with a gentle prod?
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