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  1. al_orange

    2019 RR Vs One

    For a novice/clubman, it looks like the standard pegs would be best. Boo.
  2. al_orange

    Hour meter

    True.. but you need to know you've done two hours in the first place.
  3. al_orange

    2019 RR Vs One

    I've just been looking at pictures of the One compared to the RR. It looks like the footpegs on the RR are tilted forward more than the One. I guess this is because experts spend more time on the back wheel than novices but it was a bit of a surprise. Has anyone else noticed this? Reckon it would make any real difference to feel?
  4. al_orange

    Evo Factory Or Trs?

    100%... I'm after a keeper so I figure I should find one that I still like the look of in the morning. 😋
  5. al_orange

    Evo Factory Or Trs?

    I have read that the 300 is a real experts bike and very aggressive. Coupled with the RR extra snap I wonder if that's a fair comparison? Of course you're a very experienced rider so maybe it won't make that much difference to you. I really wish the beta didn't have the gear issue... And wasn't red... I just do not like red bikes. Lol
  6. al_orange

    Evo Factory Or Trs?

    Yep. Me too. I was pretty much convinced the beta would be the wise choice but you can't overlook something like that. I'm going to try and test the TRS one and RR back to back and see what I think. I've had a little spin on the One and it is very light and a lot snappier than my knackered old rev. I'd prefer the RR if I'm honest but not if it's too much bike.
  7. al_orange

    2019 RR Vs One

    All good points but I'm guessing you've always bought new and never kept one for more than a year? Have you had both the one and the RR? Any particular difference to the ride?
  8. al_orange

    Evo Factory Or Trs?

    I guess you pick your quirks.. but I think the trs ones sound more trivial than it jumping out of gear. I mean, what's the point buying a new bike to make the most of a trial, when the bike can ruin it.. potentially dangerously too.
  9. al_orange

    Evo Factory Or Trs?

    Problem is, if anyone is going to have a problem bike it'll be me. I can guarantee it. Happens every time. It's why I won't buy second hand, but even then every new bike I get has problems.
  10. al_orange

    Evo Factory Or Trs?

    Have I? Actually I was leaning towards the beta until I read about the popping out of gear. I'd say that is unacceptable on a trials bike. The main selling point of the beta is that it is tried and tested and they last really well but if that isn't true then the trs stands above it I guess.
  11. al_orange

    Evo Factory Or Trs?

    Fair one but I really meant "what did you get and how is/was it" The beta is more popular now? Really? Why is that? And isn't it the beta that jumps out of gear?
  12. al_orange

    Evo Factory Or Trs?

    So... What was the final verdict on this? I'm in the same predicament. Sexy TRS or reliable Beta... Plan on keeping it for life so not sure which to go for.
  13. al_orange

    2019 RR Vs One

    @Ricki mcvey that's very cool of Steve to be so honest about that. I guess it makes sense to sell the most appropriate bike as then you end up with a happier customer. Plus then we can upgrade in a couple of years. I'm still waiting until the new year but I cannot decide between the old trusty Beta Evo and the new sexy TRS. I value reliability but when I look at a 2019 EVO, there are so many bits that are the same as my 2001 Rev!!! And the TRS just looks and sounds so nice. Spoilt for choice I guess.
  14. al_orange

    250 Rev3

    On my 2001, the wiring didn't quite match any diagrams but was close enough to figure out. On mine, it was the regulator that was US. It had a clear crack in the bottom and was full of crap. Fitted a new one but had to change the connectors to fit the older loom. It is a royal pain to work on and diagnose as you have to remove the exhaust to get to the rad screw, to get to the electrics. I ended up leaving my thermostat bridged because I just couldn't be bothered removing it all again.
  15. al_orange

    2019 RR Vs One

    That's a real shame. I was naively thinking that they were not subject to this sort of thing...