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  1. Yep me too. Thought it was a bit shallow in terms of detail about riding etc. But it must have been pitched right as the Mrs read it and enjoyed it too. Even got her watching some of the Red bull TV enduro stuff with me.
  2. Without a doubt, the cheapest form of motorsport for absolutely everything... except Trials Trousers.. for some reason, they are obscenely expensive! Mile for mile, a road bike is cheaper but you can probably run a trials bike for a couple years for the price of a single dealer service on a road bike!
  3. I'd be interested to see the actual facts of a case where a land-owner has been arbitrarily sued/liable for compensation. I know those waivers aren't worth the paper they are written on but you have to at least have a case for negligence etc. The way I understand it (could well be wrong) is that if I'm riding somewhere and fall off or whatever and hurt myself then it's my problem. However, should I be riding around and then fall on some metal spike sticking out of the ground or a tree falls on me or something, then the land-owner is (and probably should be) liable. Same with other riders - just because "motorsport is dangerous" is displayed at the entry, if some idiot rides in a dangerous manner or rides a bike that is dangerous and hurts me, you can damn well bet I'm going to recover my losses. I know the law can be an ass but this is the UK and not the US and I don't believe the scare-mongering without evidence.
  4. I found it hardest to get to a decent 10-20 seconds, then from there work to a minute, then it was fairly easy to get through a song (put the radio on), then as long as I can be bothered (which is when my feet start to hurt on the pegs). The hardest part is staying focused - I found. Get out there daily or every other day for 10-30 minutes at a time. Keep it fresh and don't get upset when you don't succeed. Drop the tyres to 4f/1r to start with. Again, search on here for tips. It's so worth the effort - but don't beat yourself up!
  5. I'm just moving to clubman from novice but my advice is - Work on Static Balance (engine off) in your garden/garage asap. Get to the point you can balance on both sides for more than 5 minutes with normal pressures (6f/4r). This shouldn't take very long and will greatly increase your learning of all other skills. Use the search function here to find all the tips but basically, start with very low tyre pressures and full lock.
  6. They are mega comfy but don't offer a huge amount of support. They fit wide feet well and are sized accurately I think - I wear a 9 in trainers and 9 in boots. In terms of peg feel, I've never noticed while wearing but when static balancing in trainers, my pegs hurt my feet after about 10 mins so they must be ok. The soles don't seem to last too well though. They are waterproof but stink after a few months because of sweat.
  7. Both the dealer and importer have been excellent with handling issues so far so I'm sure they'll sort it in no time. Thanks for the comments.
  8. I'll have a test today. I've not noticed any problems at all going up or down the box, only the fact that I end up double shifting to get in to second. I can find neutral pretty easily once the bike is warm. When it's cold, I can't physically move the lever into neutral with the engine running. I could although it's a bit of a trek and I don't KNOW that there's actually something wrong but the comments on this thread point to that being the case. I may have to take it back for another issue so it would be worth mentioning.
  9. 😫😫😫 God I hope it's nothing like that.. I really like the bike to ride but there are a few niggles that are making the ownership a bit less enjoyable. I use Rock Oil 75 Pro Gear oil and put in 300ml after a change. Maybe the clutch drags a bit. I had trouble with air in the line from delivery but it's been fine since then.. will have to have a look.
  10. Yes, absolutely fine. It takes a positive change but never drops into a false neutral or anything. It just sort of feels like it takes a bit more effort than I would expect.
  11. Perfect. Ta. It'll be interesting to see if the left hand can talk to the right hand and see if it goes through without me having to trace down a reference that should already be available to them...
  12. If at all possible, get the dealer to do it. If not, the government website does have useful information but you need a certificate of newness and other details about the bike, which you'll have to get from the importer. I've just sent mine off and it was relatively easy but I'm not 100% sure it'll be successful. I've read about proving that the vat or import duty was paid but not sure how other than sending the original invoice in.
  13. I know a lot of bikes have trouble going from first to second but my 2019 rr is almost guaranteed to go into neutral when changing from first to second in a section. I generally have to change up once to neutral and then again to second. It's ok when stationary but does take a firm up-shift to make it. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any tips to make this change a bit slicker? The clutch doesn't drag (much, if at all) but the bike only has 15 or so hours on it so maybe it'll bed in a bit? Would lowering the lever help do you think? Ta.
  14. I've seen some people with cycling bottle cages on the fork leg. I personally just stop ever lap for a drink as I also find it helps concentration. You can get pretty minimalist hydration packs now though. I hardly notice the one I use for enduros.
  15. It's possibly just because people are more "busy" nowadays so if you're not riding, then there is probably something else you feel you should be doing. I'm guessing most observers are either the old guard or parents of riders? I often think I should observe every now and then but as I still have a lot to learn then I prioritise riding. When I'm satisfied I've reached my likely potential then I'd be more likely to observe. Obviously observers are critical for the sport and I'm so grateful to them, especially as I really wouldn't want to stand in the cold for four hours watching the same section over and over if it wasn't necessary for the sport. Often there are self observed sections but I am astonished at the level of cheating that goes on when that happens. Another option is more laps of fewer sections which is ok.
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