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  1. paulmac

    OZO Pro Trials Rear Shocks, a look inside...

    Got them on two of my bikes. V happy with them.
  2. paulmac

    Keihin Carb to Airbox Seal?

    Hairdryers work to make rubber a bit more pliable - steam not so good, water and carbies don't really get on very well.
  3. paulmac

    Drayton Bantam

    About £8,000.00 😎
  4. paulmac


    There should be a washer, poke around with a fine screwdriver and see if you can hook it out. Assuming you have the correct flywheel puller you undo the centre bolt, screw the puller body in as far as it will go and then fit the centre bolt and keep screwing it in until the flywheel pops off. Keep an eye out for and don’t lose the woodruff key that positions the flywheel on the shaft. Cheers
  5. Sorry if I offended you, no intent to do so. My apologies and don’t let a whimsical comment keep you from posting here there is a wealth of knowledge, advice and encouragement here, along with a smattering of ****ocks. Cheers
  6. Just in case you weren’t aware, the Bultaco factory mixed paint ‘by eye’ which means that in terms of RAL or any other colour measurement system ‘spot on’ is but a whimsical notion. 🤓
  7. paulmac

    Keihin Jetting for 300.

    Magic numbers on the Sherco 300 for me were 122 and 42. Cheers
  8. paulmac

    4RT rear mudguard sticker

    Top tip is make sure that the guard is really clean and free from grease - use a pre paint cleaner or carb cleaner, don't try and stretch it and pay attention the any sharp corners or edges on the sticker as they catch first on your clothing.
  9. paulmac

    Piston Kit

    In Motion
  10. paulmac

    scorpa sy tank

    I think the SY tank is made of Nylon.
  11. paulmac

    Throttle cable

    Depending on how far forward your bars are set if forward twist the throttle so the cable outlet is more upright and run the cable behind the bar pad
  12. paulmac

    Sherco footpegs strange position

    If the frame is bent new pegs won't solve it - cheapest 'repair' is get someone to stick a blob of weld on the bottom of the peg where it touches the frame and file grind it back till you have a level peg.
  13. Ride ever tightening figure of eights slowly on flat ground without using the clutch then move onto a slope and do the same thing. Best training available
  14. Call Paul Arnott at the Hell Team - he'll sort you out.
  15. paulmac

    Drying your boots!

    Stuff em with newspaper.