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  1. Think you'll find Iconic558 was taking 198 not 199... but I'm not sure it makes much difference. I have a 198b that's very close to the end of the production run according to the chassis/engine numbers (which match) and it is a direct copy of the catalogue bike with one exception, the fork bottoms only have room for one seal in the lip... I have seen and heard of 198 b's that are a real mix of what ever was around at the time but remember they are 40 years old so some of the rebuilt ones are likely to be more "correct" than anything that ever came out of the factory
  2. I use Aspen 2 (its 50/1) in my Bantam, TY and Bultaco and have had absolutely no problems. Hope this helps
  3. Alloy, lighter, can fit tubeless tyres on rear and won’t rust.
  4. Just saying… why would you think of buying a ‘cheap’ helmet, you’ve only got one life. And good trials specific boots make riding much easier.
  5. Here’s the thing… this site is a free to join (and contribute) resource, run by a bloke who does it for nix and ably assisted by a few like minded volunteers. It’s vibrancy is down to you the reader isn’t it? and perhaps I’m overreacting to a post like this that implies it’s up to somebody else to do something about it but what the f£#£# has happened to this world…
  6. I’ve been using Aspen 2 for a while with no ill effects. It runs clean and didn’t require any carb adjustment. Not cheap though...
  7. paulmac


    IRC rear, Michelin Xlight front 👍
  8. Some kill switches are circuit open when engaged and some are circuit closed, you could try swapping the wires over that you fitted.
  9. Have two sets - one on a Bantam one on a TY - luv em.
  10. Thanks guys, much appreciated and thanks for the heads up on the smarts, I’m going to try one on the rear of one of my Bantams when I next change a tyre, so it will be a Tubliss Dual Chamber tubeless Xlite and Tubed rim. Be interesting to see how it goes. Thanks again, cheers Paulmac
  11. As above has anyone tried these - looks like a neat idea Cheers Paulmac
  12. Probably needs a better picture
  13. Check the vent pipe on the fuel Filler cap isn’t blocked, if it is you’ll get a vacuum build up in the tank and fuel won’t flow into the carby.
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