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  1. Yes they are, the German one had the gear lever on the other side😎
  2. paulmac

    Airoh TRR-S

    Paul Arnott at Hell Team in Sydney stocks them I think.
  3. Taken me a few years to answer this one but is the driver MIck Grant?
  4. Everywhere is long drive in Oz 😄
  5. It is an interesting topic. We’ve just ridden in the NSW State Twinshock Champs which was two day event in a beautiful part of the Hunter Valley and a 5 hour drive. They ran 7 yes 7 sections on day 1 with 6 laps and an enforced lunch break of 1 hour . A very neat trick was to ride the afternoon lap sections in reverse direction. Day two 5 laps five sections. Was it enough riding? Well no one complained - in fact quite the opposite....
  6. The Gas Gas kickstart is not a direct replacement it needs modification. You need to check the shaft spline size too as there are two different sizes.
  7. Here's another one... did you know that that more than 1/3 of the riders currently running are over 40? there's hope for the oldies yet Or... it's a statement of what's happening to Trials
  8. Sounds like it’s running lean.
  9. As above could be any number of things but I would start with fuel flow - Dump the existing fuel, rinse any crud out from the tank, strip and clean the carby, Here's a link that might help. https://www.motorcycleclassics.com/mc-how-to/amal-concentric-carburetor-overhaul Cheers
  10. Never a good plan to seal up breather holes.
  11. Got them on two of my bikes. V happy with them.
  12. Hairdryers work to make rubber a bit more pliable - steam not so good, water and carbies don't really get on very well.
  13. About £8,000.00 😎
  14. paulmac


    There should be a washer, poke around with a fine screwdriver and see if you can hook it out. Assuming you have the correct flywheel puller you undo the centre bolt, screw the puller body in as far as it will go and then fit the centre bolt and keep screwing it in until the flywheel pops off. Keep an eye out for and don’t lose the woodruff key that positions the flywheel on the shaft. Cheers
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