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  1. Here’s the thing… this site is a free to join (and contribute) resource, run by a bloke who does it for nix and ably assisted by a few like minded volunteers. It’s vibrancy is down to you the reader isn’t it? and perhaps I’m overreacting to a post like this that implies it’s up to somebody else to do something about it but what the f£#£# has happened to this world…
  2. I’ve been using Aspen 2 for a while with no ill effects. It runs clean and didn’t require any carb adjustment. Not cheap though...
  3. paulmac


    Yep 👍
  4. paulmac


    IRC rear, Michelin Xlight front 👍
  5. Some kill switches are circuit open when engaged and some are circuit closed, you could try swapping the wires over that you fitted.
  6. Have two sets - one on a Bantam one on a TY - luv em.
  7. Thanks guys, much appreciated and thanks for the heads up on the smarts, I’m going to try one on the rear of one of my Bantams when I next change a tyre, so it will be a Tubliss Dual Chamber tubeless Xlite and Tubed rim. Be interesting to see how it goes. Thanks again, cheers Paulmac
  8. As above has anyone tried these - looks like a neat idea Cheers Paulmac
  9. Probably needs a better picture
  10. Check the vent pipe on the fuel Filler cap isn’t blocked, if it is you’ll get a vacuum build up in the tank and fuel won’t flow into the carby.
  11. Stilmotor guards from In Motion. Cheers Paulmac
  12. Thank you guys, your help is very much appreciated. Johnjsy great advice ? feet up fun they are parallel but cheers for the heads up. Once again thanks all. Cheers Paulmac
  13. Can anyone advise the size - diameter and pitch - of the thread at the fork tube top? Need to clean up a little whoopsie and can’t find the size listed anywhere. Thanks in advance . Cheers Paulmac
  14. paulmac

    M49 Carb leak

    The banjo’s have a habit of distorting, due to overtightening, three solutions, buy a new one, try and resurface it with 1000 grit on a flat surface or use gasket cement - I’ve tried all three numerous times - never been particularly successful with the resurfacing bit ?, hope this helps. Cheers
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