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  1. bikestat

    Paint colour

    Does anybody have a colour or RAL code number for the swm yellow paint or one that’s a good match many thanks
  2. bikestat


    I agree under a lot of tension could do with a little more bend in it
  3. bikestat


    Thanks it has the rubber pad but the holes in the bash plate were confusing me many thanks b40rt
  4. bikestat


    Should my 1980 yellow 320 have a bottom engine mount joined to the bash plate?
  5. bikestat

    Tlm 240

    Can anyone tell me the quantity of oil for the clutch/ gearbox please.
  6. bikestat

    TLM 240

    try cmsnl but probably very expensive
  7. bikestat

    ty175 rebuild

    plenty of pics in the manual nothing to fear on those. strange how people panic about gearboxes and carbs.
  8. bikestat

    ty175 rebuild

    do it yourself simple enough to work on and just send the crank off for a new conrod big end assembly to be fitted
  9. bikestat


    my piuma 250 also feels heavy but with footrests lowered and yokes modified to parallel it is now really nice to ride and the piuma was the lightest one made.its mostly the engine and hubs that make it heavy.
  10. i remember someone else having this problem but cant remember the solution. jack at john lee motorcycles sorted it for him . give them a call and explain.jack used to be mechanic for adam raga and was aware of this problem.
  11. bikestat

    TLM 240

    does anybody know if the inlet manifold for the tlm 220 is the same as is used on the tlm 240 please.
  12. bikestat

    TLM 240

    does anyone know where i can get some new fork top nuts for the showa forks .
  13. trials park at corton something for all skills very popular and only £10 per day
  14. agree i,ve known richard since the late seventies and never had or heard of any problems with him .
  15. allens used trials spares should be able to help richards contact number 07917 406313
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