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  1. huski


    Definitely worth a try if it's no good as it is
  2. Nice idea,don't think it would work round here as the skill level difference is so great now.Even club level experts can ,and want,to do the trick riding which will always be beyond the o/40 o/50 riders which are the majority of riders here,a lot of which have come to the sport fairly recently I think 2 routes would work,the top in each class wouldn't lose many,the ones at the bottom would lose more,as long as there wasn't an increase in injuries or bike damage it's worth a try.Some of our events have 8 classes which is ridiculous,where's the satisfaction in winning a class with 5 competitors in it. It also takes longer to lay out so many routes which puts off some from helping out,and adds confusion where you're meant to be going
  3. Also remains to be seen who will be in the financial position to afford it after this,whenever that might be.Cant see it being less than 2 months,but I'd love to be proved wrong
  4. Has the idle gone up just because it's now run in and loosened off?What oil mixture and fuel are you using?
  5. huski

    CDI failures

    Wonder if these CDI use cheap components and have poor quality control and assembly,It's not always an age related problem.
  6. huski

    Suspension Setup

    It's definitely going to be over hard with that amount of oil in.Think the correct oil quantity will sort it
  7. Have to absorb the landing with your legs.A really good rear shock helps too.Definetly want the arch of your feet on the pegs on landing
  8. We have more freedom stil than France,whether they,or we,or either are doing it the best way I'm not qualified to say.Im obeying the guidelines and hoping for the best.We are facing something we can't see,hear,feel,smell or taste that can kill us that hopefully will be defeated sooner rather than later.Im missing riding,fishing,socialising ,living normally but that's where we are
  9. huski

    Suspension Setup

    Are you saying 100 mm of rear static sag or with you on it?Think the rear travel is around 180/200 mm so it's too soft.When I had an Evo I had to get a heavier spring,the standard one was way soft for my (heavy) 85 kg,don't know your weight.I found it balanced the bike out really well
  10. Last thing the lockdown is ,is stupid,got any better ideas that are proven to work?
  11. The letters A-G refer to the piston diameter and are microscopically different.The piston would be matched to the cylinder to obtain the correct clearance at the factory.Its not unknown for people to fit the next size up in a worn bore,but it's not the right thing to do.They don't all start out with an A piston
  12. huski


    Kill button?
  13. huski

    Electric start

    Neat job,as I'd expect from TRS,but is it necessary on a trials bike?
  14. huski

    New crank bearings joy

    Well done,worth more at part x time too
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