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  1. It should have a plate near the headstock saying something like Raga Replica No 36 (for example)of 400 if it's a real one.Not really worth much more now than a standard one of similar condition
  2. Head spacer or low comp head,not both unless you want a very gutless bike
  3. There's no duff bikes in that list,or one much better or worse than the others.You need to try all of them in trials conditions and decide,then buy the best condition one you can.None of them are without typical problems E.G. Gas gas kickstart gears,they are all lighter than the 4RT though
  4. Can you bounce a Sherco around?You could adjust the suspension on the Mont to more bouncy if you feel the bike is difficult to bounce about,Annoyingly,those that can do it well make it look easy,when it's certainly not
  5. huski

    Bits to carry

    Test all the brands,don't restrict yourself to 2,you need to know which is best for you
  6. They ride well,good suspension,light and powerful,but don't seem popular.Expensive new,depriciation worse than the more established brands .Trials riders seem suspicious of the fuel injection as something they can't fix if it goes wrong,although they accept the Montesa 4rt,probably because it's been out a long time and built by Honda. If you fancy a return to 2t,does it have to be a Vertigo?
  7. Stay with the Montesa,Proven quality bike.Used Vertigo are almost unsellable in my area
  8. huski

    Shifting - 1st to 2nd

    Can you grind a little bit off the screw?
  9. huski

    Shifting - 1st to 2nd

    I'd speak to the importer,wondering if it's something they've come across before?Maybe there's parts that are different on later models that you could retro fit?
  10. All the Gas gas pros I've owned have shifted 4/5 with a loud clonk,which is normal,which got worse with age .Never had a grinding noise,I'd be talking to the dealer.Difficult when you can't compare it with another bike and the dealers not local
  11. Carb flooding,check the float and float needle valve shuts off the fuel.Is the fuel consumption really high?
  12. huski

    2017 txt rear brake

    Does the pedal feel firm,or spongy and have long travel?If it's firm the pads are contaminated and need replacement,sanding them helps and is worth trying though they won't be as good as new.Zap the disc with brake cleaner before you fit new ones
  13. huski

    trs v sherco v beta

    None of them are more or less reliable than the others,it's down to maintenance and riding style,they all have their good and bad points.Support from the importers of the Beta and TRS is excellent,don't know about Sherco as I've not had one for 10 years.Id pick the brand and engine size that I liked best
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