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  1. huski

    2011 txt pro 300 to 250 cylinder

    Wait till you receive the cylinder and see if your reed block fits,bet they're the same
  2. huski

    2011 txt pro 300 to 250 cylinder

    Thought the parts would be more,as for jetting try it and see how it runs,nothing to lose
  3. huski

    2011 txt pro 300 to 250 cylinder

    Definitely piston and cylinder new base gasket,pretty sure the heads the same just change the insert.Finding the parts in good used condition might not be easy or cost effective tho
  4. huski

    Past winners of the British Trial Championship

    Comprehensive answer
  5. huski

    Which of the TRS is best mannered.

    Got an 18 280 rr,fitted slow throttle otherwise standard.Very controllable low down,plenty of go when you open it up,love it .300 is too much for most,brilliant if you're good enough,250 I found not hugely less powerful than mine
  6. huski

    TRS RR 300 mixture screw

    Set it to where it runs best,1.5 turns out is weaker than 3/4 turns
  7. huski

    300 pro power issues

    Flywheel weight and slow throttle works for me.10/42 gearing i found too low,mines 11/43
  8. huski

    Beta 2017 300 Factory forks

    It's done a lot to wear the black off .Id look for another bike
  9. huski

    Evo 250 Clutch

    I'd replace the clutch plates
  10. huski

    Evo 250 Clutch

    Are the areas on the clutch basket and hub where the plates touch smooth,any notching will give a terrible clutch
  11. huski

    Crash helmets

    I wouldn't wear a helmet that old ,they're not able to give effective protection that long.A new one doesn't cost much,certainly less than a head injury
  12. huski

    Sherco 300 ST Factory Suspension Setup Help

    Not as above.If for example the spring is 200mm long uncompressed,8 mm preload means turning the threaded rings clockwise till it measures 192mm
  13. huski

    Sherco rear shock

    You could take the shock off your bike and compare it
  14. huski

    2017 Scorpa SR300 Factory cooling problem.

    Id check the cylinder head O rings again,that's the only thing that would pressurise the rad to that degree.Does it have a pressure release valve in the top of the rad?if so sounds like it's faulty
  15. huski

    2017 Gas Gas Spec

    Racing and Gp are the 2 different models of a gasgas pro trials .The Gp is a higher spec,carbon airbox,better shock are the main difference,the racing is plenty good enough for anyone outside of world championships