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  1. Carb flooding,check the float and float needle valve shuts off the fuel.Is the fuel consumption really high?
  2. huski

    2017 txt rear brake

    Does the pedal feel firm,or spongy and have long travel?If it's firm the pads are contaminated and need replacement,sanding them helps and is worth trying though they won't be as good as new.Zap the disc with brake cleaner before you fit new ones
  3. huski

    trs v sherco v beta

    None of them are more or less reliable than the others,it's down to maintenance and riding style,they all have their good and bad points.Support from the importers of the Beta and TRS is excellent,don't know about Sherco as I've not had one for 10 years.Id pick the brand and engine size that I liked best
  4. huski

    Fan not working

    If you've got 12volts DC at the motor terminals and the fan blades spin freely and it still doesn't work properly it's new fan motor time
  5. 9nm.if your torque wrench goes that low.I suspect they got cracked by the previous owner not tightening the bolts equally a little bit at a time
  6. That's right.Leave the mudguard bolts loose,also the top yoke fork tube bolts and give the forks a good bounce to line things up.Then tighten the top nut a,then the fork tube bolts a little at a time so you don't crack the yoke,then the mudguard.Youll find that tightening the top nut slightly tightens the bearings,you might have to slacken the bearing nut to get the bars to turn freely.Probably have to adjust them again once you've done a trial and they've bedded in.If you drill and tap the head tube to take a grease nipple you can force out any water that gets in,the bearings won't need stripping out ever again
  7. Gearbox breather goes to a small reservoir which overflows if the box is overfilled.Dont see anything else wrong
  8. I felt the rear suspension on my 2014 Jotagas to be excellent,gripped well and took impacts well without rebounding too much and bouncing off.Dont know how it coped with big steps as I'm not good enough to try them.I think that a lot of riders were put off by the linkage as it was different and didn't trust the design,
  9. Prices seem to have risen since lockdown,looks like you need £3k to get something that doesn't need work doing.
  10. On mine the tap was held in with a hose clip and ju st pushed in.I removed the tap for easier access
  11. Hi,I used the normal one,not realising there was an alternative.Id use the plastic one,can't be worse
  12. The ignition timing isn't adjustable on this bike,the stator doesn't have slotted mounting holes.Shame ,it would be a cheap and easy way to calm it down.I suggest if you really like the way it rides other than the power,sell it and get the 250 model
  13. Used JB weld on mine when it had the same problem.It held for the 2 years I had the bike.You have to get the area really clean,I scuffed it up then zapped it with brake cleaner
  14. Think the inserts are colour coded.You can see the insert where the spark plug screws in.Your importer would know what is standard
  15. What's your budget?Wouldnt recommend a 290 Beta as a first bike,unless it's cheap and in good condition If you're anything of a mechanic you could calm it down with the suggested methods,not so good if you have to pay someone to sort it out.Youd be better off with the best condition 250 you can afford,Beta or Gas gas
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