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  1. How about getting some sheet ally of a suitable thickness and shape welded to the sides of your baseplate.The aftermarket one in the pics doesn't look wide enough to protect the areas that concern you
  2. huski

    2018 gas gas

    Good bikes,better to pay more for a good one that's been well maintained than an untidy cheaper one.Check usual stuff,wheel bearings,linkage for play,chain and sprockets,clean gear oil.Clutch will rattle in neutral,should go quiet when pulled in.Whip the air box lid off,wants to be clean inside which gives an indication of maintenance
  3. huski

    Beta evo 300 2018

    Water pump seal needs replacing
  4. I sold my last bike on here.E::y reaches more people,also a lot of dreamers and muppets who want it for half the price.Wouldnt bother with tmx.Good luck
  5. The Cabestany is a very different weapon to your old bike.They are much more fiery with a lot of bottom end power,it won't ever be as smooth as your old one.A dellorto would help calm it down if you can't get it how you want with the flat slide carb
  6. It helps if you split the 2 halves of the air box and seal it with Stikaflex available from motor factors,a lot of c--p comes in through the unsealed from factory joint
  7. Mine are the same size as the rest of my shoes.They are stiff when new and take some breaking in but not uncomfortable during that time..They still offer protection when soaked,I'd have another pair
  8. Certainly cheap enough,if it's not been abused and maintained properly you can't go wrong
  9. huski

    Boots again

    Didn't finish my previous post,I have wide feet too,but I've never found any make of boot too narrow.My Hebos are still protective when wet,more so than any others I've had.The soles on Hebo and Forma have a hard insert On the arch so the pegs don't wear through them but slightly reduces the feel.I would buy either brand again,but the Hebos need more breaking in
  10. huski

    Boots again

    I have brown oiled Hebo and brown oiled forma The Hebo are more protective and stiffer,the Forma are nicer to wear,both are sized accurately
  11. Will it run if you take the air box off and squirt some easystart in the back of the carb?Least you'd know whether it's ignition or carb
  12. I drilled a 6mm hole through the lever about halfway down it so it would break there if I whacked it again.It would leave you sufficient lever to change gear by hand if you didn't have a spare
  13. Mine was a 2013 and I didn't need to split the cases.It was a factory Replica,don't know if the other models had the upgraded gear shifter parts in the same year
  14. As above.Theres a part behind the clutch that's designed to break if you clout the gear lever hard,it saves damage to the gearbox.Its easy to swap and costs about £50 as I recall
  15. 300 gas gas is a terrific bike,I don't think they wear out any more quickly than any other European brand,it's down to riding style and maintenance.The Scorpa and Sherco are very similar.I think you have to be a pretty good rider to benefit from a modern 300
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