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  1. huski

    Sherco 300 ST Factory Suspension Setup Help

    Not as above.If for example the spring is 200mm long uncompressed,8 mm preload means turning the threaded rings clockwise till it measures 192mm
  2. huski

    Sherco rear shock

    You could take the shock off your bike and compare it
  3. huski

    2017 Scorpa SR300 Factory cooling problem.

    Id check the cylinder head O rings again,that's the only thing that would pressurise the rad to that degree.Does it have a pressure release valve in the top of the rad?if so sounds like it's faulty
  4. huski

    2017 Gas Gas Spec

    Racing and Gp are the 2 different models of a gasgas pro trials .The Gp is a higher spec,carbon airbox,better shock are the main difference,the racing is plenty good enough for anyone outside of world championships
  5. huski

    Having problems after replacing woodruff key

    Why did it shear the key originally?
  6. Quickly,cheaply fixed,perfect
  7. huski

    2019 RR Vs One

    The 250 rev 3 did grip well,mainly down to having soft power.The modern 250 is much more powerful and has less flywheel weight,great for steps and climbs with little run up.Once you get used to getting your weight further back you'll be fine ,bit more damping on the shock helps grip,standard is quite bouncy.IRC rear tyre is best when it's muddy
  8. huski

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    Oil looks very black,looks like its sucked in dirty gearbox oil.Looks the wrong colour for 2 stroke oil.Whats the cylinder bore like,worth putting a piston in it as well while its apart.You deserve a bit of luck with it after the grief it's caused you
  9. huski

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    Does sound a bit weak,what colour does the plug come out?After what you've changed on the electrics it seems unlikely it's that.Do you know anyone with a similar bike you could swap parts with?
  10. huski

    TRS swing arm and rear suspension lube

    Drilling the bolts won't grease the bearings,the grease will only get between the bolt and the bush unfortunately.youd need a groove in the bush lining up with the hole through the bolt.Used to do this mod on Beta Zeros.It definitely prolongs bearing life,but had a few bolts break where the drilling weakened them
  11. huski

    2019 beta 250 2t stolen

    Sadly this happens every week everywhere now and the police don't seem able to do much about it.Can't help thinking that new bikes like this go out of the country and the scum that nick them are informed from some source as to the locations of the bikes,.They seem to get through any security and nobody ever sees or hears anything Wish I had an answer but seeing as there's been a significant reduction in the amount of police and an increase in knife crime I don't think much changing unfortunately
  12. huski

    WTC observations from an old fart

    Steves engine was rather more than standard that day,those hills were killing a lot of the other bikes.Steve gave the rest a riding lesson in awful conditions in a classic venue which has sadly been lost to the sport.The local boys struggled all day at a BTC then,much as they do now I think the difference now is the fact that 5ing a muddy climb is unlikely to damage rider or bike,failing a big rock step is a bit different
  13. huski

    Swing arm bearings

    You need a proper engineering workshop vice,mine has 4" wide jaws and opens about 5".Ive had it a good 30 years and it's still fine.Its worth paying out for a good one ,made by Record .Theres some on an auction website at the mo
  14. huski

    Swing arm bearings

    Have you tried heating it up?You can get a ton of pressure with a vice,never had to use a press yet after getting the part hot enough you have to use gloves
  15. huski

    Advice on 2nd hand Beta Evo price

    Assuming it's the one on a certain auction website,it looks good ?The front pipe is nice to have rather than a big performance increase,it might have been rejetted to suit.Check chain and sprockets,linkage swing arm and wheel bearings etc.Get it hot enough so the fan runs and check it still runs well,ignition systems on these are known for problems which show up more when hot. Be good at £1750,how good are your negotiating skills?Lastly is it registered in the sellers name and address?good luck