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  1. huski

    2018 cold seize?

    Expensive lesson,hope you got something for your generosity
  2. huski

    Beta 2006 rev 3 250

    Is the master cylinder piston returning fully to the retaining circlip?It needs to otherwise fluid can't flow into it
  3. huski

    jotagas 2014 250 mapping

    Never noticed much difference on the switch positions on mine
  4. huski

    Xiu Kevlar clutch machining?

    Fit it as is,see if it works,you've nothing to lose
  5. huski

    Evo or rev 3 ?

    Smoother greater power,lighter,better suspension,newer but more expensive,not many clean rev 3 left
  6. huski

    2018 cold seize?

    New years eve party,probably alcohol,-5 temp,pretty girl who tells you she's ridden a dirt bike riding it on the road,dark,insurance? what could possibly go wrong?
  7. huski

    Jotagas 2014 250

    Is the fan switching on ? Seems odd it'll run for an hour before it mucks about.Is the fuel tank breather blocked?
  8. huski

    Buying a Beta

    Does the bike look presentable and appear maintained,no loose spokes,chain and sprockets ok,no play in swing arm or wheel bearings or chewed up bolts?Does the rear shock still have damping or is it a pogo stick.The clutch will probably stick/drag when cold,wants to be ok when hot.Does the fan switch on when hot,do all the gears select and stay in under load.Take a knowledgeable mate with you to view it in case you miss something?They don't always run very clean but it shouldn't rumble or knock and should have good compression on the kickstart.How much is it,wouldn't put it above £1300,less if it needs work
  9. huski

    Jotagas 2014 250

    Mine never did,carb settings were standard.Are you running it on super unleaded?
  10. huski

    Trs chain adjusters

    Didn't think my Jotagas was that difficult to adjust,not as easy as a gas gas though
  11. huski

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    It seems they look for a venue that will easily accept all the huge trucks ,then try and create some sections ,some of which are inevitably man made.I don't want to see arena type sections in outdoor event,I also want variety not just big steps which generally are clean for the top few,and 5 for the remainder.Its gone so far from what most do it's almost a different sport.Reckon the WTC needs a rethink
  12. huski

    Sherco v Beta

    They are very different bikes to ride,you might get on with one a lot better than the other.You really need to ride them both on some sections before you decide,personally I don't like either,but a lot of people do.Once you've decided which brand it's down to buying the best condition one you can afford
  13. huski

    2018 gp hidria ignition

    Can you try the stator from another bike?
  14. huski

    TRRs mixture screw

    It's in for rich on a Keihin and it's a very sensitive adjuster,half a turn is a lot.I find mine needs slight adjustment according to the weather to keep it how I like it
  15. huski

    250 Rev3

    Standard water pump is adequate ,no need to upgrade it.Get the fan working ,then it'll be fine