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  1. A product has to be fit for purpose, which this clearly wasn't. You might have to get legal help to pursue the case but you would win
  2. Where are you getting the plugs from?There's a lot of duff ones on the Internet that look identical to genuine ones
  3. huski

    Tech forks

    Thats how it should be,there's a pinch bolt on the other side to the brake.
  4. There's many riders down here in their 60s who are still pretty good,at 58 you've got some time to go if your health and fitness allows.Youre lucky you can get out and ride without complaints,we've got nowhere
  5. huski

    Trs chain adjusters

    There's drain holes in the bottom of the swing arm at the spindle end which are easily blocked ,ending up with the adjustment bolts sitting in water .If they've not been greased they seize up easily.Worth replacing them with stainless steel ones
  6. Haven Trialsport used to do them and were very helpful. Worth a call
  7. Seems odd to me too,old bikes that nobody wanted are now £1500 ,I assume they're selling.I could sell my TRS for more than I paid for it 18 months ago.Dont know where people are riding them,there were no meetings in November,a few in December and none now and for the foreseeable future
  8. huski

    Age of beta 300

    Its 2010,worth about £1700 as a trade in
  9. Seems some of them are bad starters and some aren't.Weve had 4 300s.and they've all been 3 kick max starters.Never had to muck about pulling them back on compression or anything.If any of them became difficult to start a meticulous carb clean fixed it.They definitely didn't like a weak idle mixture,used to set them up very slightly rich and never open the throttle when starting
  10. huski

    BETA EVO 250 2016

    If you use super unleaded it doesn't go off,just mix up 5 litres and use it when you want
  11. It's the the horizontal brass one that is closest to the airbox Other one alters the tickover speed,gets faster the more you screw it in
  12. Idle mixture screw wants to be about 1/1.5 turns out
  13. Doesn't sound like CDI,sounds more like carburation.CDI causes bad misfiring,won't rev or won't start.Id have the carb off ,clean it out and check the jetting,could be someone's been altering things.
  14. Tubeless rims don't have security bolts.I expect it has a tube in it because it wouldn't hold air.Best bike of its time in my opinion
  15. huski

    TRS stand

    A blob of weld on the stand bracket to stop the stand swinging forward so far works,holds the bike more upright,I've done it to mine,Take the bracket off the bike to do it
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