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  1. huski

    2013 txt 250 pro

    I did mine every 4 rides,might be over cautious but I never had any problems.I feel that £5 of oil is a lot cheaper and easier than an engine rebuild
  2. They seem to be a love or hate bike.Ive tried a few and don't think they are as good or easy to ride as my TRRS,definitely heavier to throw about.They sound great and are very well made but I wouldn't buy one.Having said that those that get on with them wouldn't have anything else,I think you'll have to ride it a lot before you decide which is best for you
  3. Are the wheel spacers right?Disc should sit central in the calliper,,does it centralise if you swap the spacers side to side
  4. huski

    2013 txt 250 pro

    Change the gearbox oil often on a Gas gas,it lubes the main bearings too.
  5. huski

    2013 txt 250 pro

    They're a really good bike,much lighter, ,, more responsive,steer well.The clutches rattle till you pull the lever in,the kickstart mechanism is weak but not too difficult or expensive to replace when they break.Suspension linkage needs frequent greasing,clutch can drag if the plates swell up which shows up as a heavy lever pull.They clunk changing 4th to 5th which gets worse on high hour bikes.Anything else is wear and tear which affect all bikes.Buy the best condition one you can find,rather than a cheap one that needs work
  6. huski

    Base gasket

    It must be a 0.5 gasket,surprising it didn't compress more though.You could go thinner if you want it slightly pokier but it won't make it really powerful with the thinnest
  7. huski

    Linkage Refresh

    Strip it down first,the bushes may be Ok.Splatshop or TrialsUK are the best bet,never tried Jitsie,Allballs were OK too,Sounds like you've had a problem with them
  8. Try an extra base gasket,cheapest and easiest way to calm it down a bit.If it's still too powerful add a flywheel weight.Changing it for a Beta sounds too expensive,unless you've tried one,and really prefer it
  9. With this damn coved the BTC has too few rounds to mean much unfortunately,can see why the top 6 chose to concentrate on the WTC
  10. Shaft can wear where the seal runs on it,the impeller will be fine.As Lineaway says,replace the cylinder head 0 rings,cooling system is pressurised from combustion chamber leaking it
  11. It should have a plate near the headstock saying something like Raga Replica No 36 (for example)of 400 if it's a real one.Not really worth much more now than a standard one of similar condition
  12. Head spacer or low comp head,not both unless you want a very gutless bike
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