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  1. Just try them the other way round
  2. Ignition timing isn't adjustable on these,which is a shame,it would be an easy way of calming it down.An extra cylinder base gasket would take the edge off it.
  3. Exhaust pipe is bent,shouldn't be that far in,loosen it at the cylinder and see if it'll come out enough to give a gap and not melt the coolant hoses
  4. I had a 2011 250,certainly wasn't too snappy,was just right,was nowhere near as spiteful as 300 Sherco or 300 Gas gas.Are you sure you've not bought a250 with a 300 top end on it?
  5. I put 2 and 2 together and made 5.Cant see a problem with what you propose
  6. huski

    Beta evo 2010

    It does look the right way up in the pic doesn't it?Maybe try contacting Bosi,I'm assuming that's where it came from
  7. huski

    Beta evo 2010

    It's fitted with the spring preload adjusters at the bottom
  8. Why do you want to try a cast iron liner?is the cylinder deeply scored.Theres companies out there that can repair seriously damaged cylinders and replate them
  9. huski

    Fuel mix

    About 70/1 with a good synthetic 2/stroke oil
  10. huski


    How much is new 250 beta or gas gas where you are then?Sounds like there's not a lot of riders if availability is difficult,or do people keep bikes a long time?Think for Tenaci to be successful here they need to be half the price of an established brand,maybe it's different where you are
  11. huski


    There's already too many manufacturers in the small trials bike market,going to be hard for another newcomer.Might help if it were lighter and were available in 250 and 300 cc.
  12. The Keihin should should sharpen it up over the Mikuni,is the exhaust clear and the ignition timing right?
  13. They never were the most powerful 250,the 270 had a lot more go.Is yours all good engine wise or does it need a freshen up?Do you know anyone with a similar bike you could compare yours to,could be you're expecting it to be something it's not
  14. It's seized the piston to the bore,bad luck.Will need a new piston and the cylinder replating,not sure on costs.TRS importer isn't a huge distance from you,I'd call them.What oil mixture and oil do you use?Its a good idea to use a lanyard kill switch,stops this happening
  15. GRO is my favourite,but others may prefer different brands.
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