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  1. Used them for last18 months with no problems but I don't throw it up steps that big.Defineitlythe best mud tyre
  2. Annoying,some of the crap stuff that's out there.Means doing the job twice through no fault of your own
  3. Don't think I would have fitted them .Id change them for the correct ones in case they start leaking at an event and contaminate the brake pads as well.Id get the new seals from a different source too
  4. You're right,hopefully this deal will be the one that lifts him to the top of trial2 and contention for the BTC crown,fingers crossed
  5. Certainly more compact,harder to fill and check coolant level?Harder and more time consuming to make an old style filler neck and attach it to the rad than the present method.The filler plug is only a bolt,and the relief valves are under £5.2 alloy bosses drilled and tapped,tig welded to rad,job done
  6. The pressure relief valves don't always work,not as good as a proper radiator cap,but presumably cheaper.
  7. Good move for Toby and TRS
  8. The soap turns black when you've got the lever to the right temperature to bend it.I do mine on the gas rings on the kitchen oven when the Mrs is out
  9. Rub soap on them before you heat them,when it goes black it's hot enough ,you will probably have to do it in stages or they will break
  10. 50/50 mix of ATF and cellulose thinners works well
  11. huski

    Riding a 4RT

    Could you buy one from the UK,much cheaper.Dont know what the import legislation allows,but worth looking into
  12. How close are you to the importer,they're very helpful
  13. huski

    Riding a 4RT

    Some take to them and love them,others go backwards.Suspension and build quality are superb,you'd have to try one to know.Some can't get them to grip,rather a Marmite bike
  14. Tank on my 2013 never sat all the way down either,there's not much space to cram it all in.Relocating on the rear of the number plate would fix this,but would it be too vulnerable when you jet washed the bike perhaps?
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