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  1. Last weekends ridding was cut short as the rear brake failed, it was grabbing the first time I rode it so dismantled the rear calliper and could not believe the amount of crud behind the seals, they were also a bit perished, hard to believe in such a state on a 12 month old bike, anyway new pistons and seals ordered and will fit tomorrow ready for Saturday ride. but starting seemed to work ok with my new technique, shame I can’t get the little video I done on here. I suppose if anyone private pms me with there mobile number or email I could what’s app or mail it to you. as for your carb it’s very easy to strip down and check all the settings.
  2. Thank you for your replies, I stripped the carb completely again yesterday cleaning every thing, I set the float heights according to (Splatshop’s online tutorial for Keihin carbs) put in a NGK BPR5EIX Irdium spark plug, spent a bit of time with the air mixture screw one and a half turns out seems optimum for my bike, HAY PRESTO, I can start the red Spanish ragging beast. I even thought my wife was happy for me as she was waving her arms around shouting, but no, she was not happy at all, I was filling the house up with two stroke smoke, she was shouting dinner is ready, the dog got my dinner , I was greeted with a very happy content dog and angry wife when I finally came into the house. I have also adopted a new Starting technique, get the kicker right to the top as you normally would engaging the starter gear, seems there is enough compression for my 14 stone bulk to quickly kind of get up on the kick start using a fast full body weight downward thrust with no throttle, all done in one quick fluid motion ( NOT balancing wobbling on the kicker before you thrust down) I stop started 10 times in my garden, either 1st or 2nd start was achieved. not sure if all these adjustments were the single fix or just my new starting technique, either way I’m extremely happy and I love the lazy torque the bike gives over my old 250 it rides and reacts much different to my friends 2015 feisty 280 txt proof will be when I’m out in the field, that will be in four days time September 5th 2020 i shall post again with happy or either hot flustered out of breath sweaty news. 😀👍🇬🇧 I’ve done a little video of how well my bike starts now with new technique, but unable to attach it. Maybe someone can help me there as I’m sure it will help others.
  3. Jet tower? I’ve cleaned everything inside the Keihin carb.
  4. Hot or cold it’s the same, if i stall the bike, or stop it to walk a section it’s a git to start. i have not done a float height check, maybe I should have a look.
  5. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to purchase a year old bike that is a 2020 model, previously I had a 2011 bike that was a 250 txt. I’m relatively new to trials but been around bikes some 40 years, so used to kicking over bigger cc bikes, I also own a 600 single British bike that needs a damn good committed kick. My friend has a 2015 280 txt that I can start ok 1st or 2nd kick, I guess you can tell where this is going, I’ve had the carb completely apart for a good clean checked the needle setting and jets, now all nice and clean and correct size and settings for a 300 Tried different plugs, alas it’s a proper b**ch to start, I’m 6ft tall so not short in the leg, I engage the kicker correctly do all the usual starting gasgas procedure just like on my old bike and on my friends 280. But no it’s a rascal. ( no throttle, tiny throttle, quarter throttle, makes no difference) once started after about ten kicks it runs like a dream. Does any one else suffer from this on a year old bike, could it be a software issue as apparently there is a diagnostic lead on my bike? thank you in advance for any help.
  6. Be happy not snappy 😀

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