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  1. I need a carb to airbox rubber pipe for my '75 TY250B. They seem to be unobtainable, does anyone know of a supplier or an alternative pipe that could be made to fit?

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    Wanted for 1975 TY250 Alloy bashplate, front fork/mudguard brace, Good useable pair of mudguards. Please call/text Ade, 07967 953272 if you can help.


  3. i was advised many years ago by Gordon Lucas who was a master wheel builder, to never use washing up liquid as a tyre lubricant when fitting a tyre. Reason being, the thickening agent in most of these products is salt, highly corrosive! Proper tyre soap is readily available online and is inexpensive, got to be the better option.
  4. Thanks timdog, asked for a friend whose recently bought a Cheetah I'll pass the info on to him. Lovely bike you have there!
  5. Does anyone know where I could source a pair of Cheetah fuel tank decals?
  6. Thanks for that, always thought a brake light was required, that's saved me a job. As for a horn, can I use a bulb horn on a pre'70 bike or does it have to be constant tone?
  7. Anyone ever fitted a battery powered brake light to a trials bike that has no other lights fitted? I have an idea how to do it but would appreciate any info.
  8. I've recently bought a nice original old Sprite trials, Villiers 37A powered. Anyone tell me the location of the frame number? I'd like to try and get an age related registration on it if possible, any advice on how to get one would be appreciated.
  9. Have followed all excellent advice, thanks guys! Damper rod is now out all except alloy collar and shuttle valve, but problem is now solved thanks to Richard Allen supplying a replacement damper rod, slightly different but I was able to make one as original rod out of the two.
  10. Tried all suggestions and it still won't budge, it appears that the alloy collar has fused to the steel stanchion. Careful use of the angle grinder seems to be the only option. Unless someone has a damper rod assembly (or a pair) they could sell me? Bike is 1968 model 27 with the taper top 35mm fork stanchions.
  11. Recently bought a model 27 as a resto project and have removed the front forks for a strip and rebuild. The bike has been stood for 30 odd years and the the one fork leg stripped out fairly easily but the other one is a bigger problem. The damper rod is jammed in the stanchion and refuses to budge, even after giving it a good soak in Plusgas for the last 3 days. It's got to come out as I'm fitting new stanchions, the old ones are round and true, but the chrome is tatty. I have removed the ciclip but rod won't move either way. Any ideas as to the best way to remove the damper rod?
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