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  1. Hi can anyone send a close photo of the master ajp clutch cylinder with the rubber boot covering the spring and pin mine doesn't attach to the master cylinder so ends up folded and not covering the pin please see photo
  2. Reply from splat shop "We did it on purpose, the newer Beta Sachs shock comes with a shorter spring so we made this spring shorter to fit both shocks, most of the Sachs shocks have just enough thread on them to give you enough preload. If you're not happy with it please send it back and we'll refund you." Fair enough
  3. Yeah just last night but thought I'd ask here as well whilst i await a reply from them
  4. Hi all. Anyone fitted the splat shop 15% uprated rear spring to a Sachs rear shock on a gasgas txt pro 2012 250cc? It appears to be 15mm shorter than the original and to have it held in place it needs the preload to be all the way down to the end of the threads!! Any thoughts?
  5. Hi Tayfix I've had a couple of practice days out on it all ok with the bike, I need some work!! Unfortunately tiers / covid has stopped me entering the two trials I wanted to go to but hopefully next year. I've taken the time to strip, clean and rebuild the bike. Just the forks left to do. Thanks for your input Happy Christmas
  6. Thanks for all the ideas guys I'll start collecting some bits and looking for a bum bag. Stuart
  7. Hi So I'm shortly going to be competing in my first trials. I'm after some pointers for what spares and tools I should take? I understand there can never be an complete list but some ideas would be helpful I'm guessing a pair of leavers zip ties and tape for a start Also do you carry any spares on the lap and if so in what Thanks guys
  8. Hi. Is it possible to get hold of workshop manuals? Specifically for a GAS GAS TXT250 2012 regards
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