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  1. A great idea. The only problem is that some Clubs have to pay the Land Owner for the use of the land. Restricting entries would limit what Trials a Club could afford to run.
  2. Lucky chap to have a garden as nice as that. I always wanted somewhere like that.
  3. I bought one for the Wife. Our daughter has also used it for competitions. They both like it especially for the electric start. They are a little heavier than the 2 stroke bikes, but you soon get used to them. Some of the parts are very basic, ie: Rear brake pedal. But everthing works.
  4. We don't ride on the road. Just all off track.
  5. Yes. I have some GREAT practice areas that are used for National, Classic and last September the World Trials Comps. It's a place called La Nucia. Just inland up the mountain from Benidorm. I also have a practice area around Benidorm. Here are a few areas I ride at La Nucia. The weather has been great fro the 3 weeks we have been here. I learned to use the clutch during the past 5 years, the bikes have very rarely got away from me.
  6. People keep talking about losing traction with a 4 stroke. Traction is all about control. I had 4 years of Jotagas, Sherco & Sherco factory 300 2 strokes all with fast action throttles. I bought a MH300RR last December which comes fitted with a slow action throttle. That was one thing I missed, the INSTANT response to the throttle. It did take a while to get used to that. Now, I find the 300RR to be very responsive, very forgiving and now my favaourite bike. By the way. I am 76 in 3 weeks time.
  7. My son Simon had the problem a couple of years ago. I myself was caught out at the end of last year with WSBK for this year. ALWAYS check that the subscription is CANCELLED.
  8. My 300RR is registered as HONDA.
  9. I had the Ossa MAR, Montesa 123, Bultaco 250 and my favourite of all time the Bultaco 325 which met all my requirements at the time. I also had the Yamaha TY250 A & B but they are not Spanish.
  10. I came back to Trials 4 years ago after 40 years away. The last 3 years my knees and shoulders have continued to deteriorate along with arthritic hands. How long I can contunue, I don't know. But teaching my Daughter and Grandaughter helps to keep me going. I am in my 76th year. I also sometimes observe, having observed at the 2017 and 2018 UK World Trials and the Ladies & Girls Nationals plus the local trials.
  11. I agree. I have had 2 300RRs and tested a new 4rt. Being so used to the 300 and it's smooth riding, when I tested the 4rt it stopped DEAD and I fell off.
  12. I agree. I used to be on the Committee of the Richmond Club so all around Yorkshire was my venues back in the 70s. I rode against the same people along with Dave Thorpe, Alan Lampkin, Mick Andrews, Rob Edwards, Rob Shepherd, Mick Wilkonson, the starting of the Richardson Family and many other top riders. As you say, to ride the same sections as all the top boys in National and local trials was great to finish and say that was a GOOD days Trial.
  13. No. Back in the 70s I had Ossa, Yamaha TY250A & B, Montesa 123, Bultaco 250 and 2 x Bultaco 350 (My favourites). Since I started 4 years ago, I have had a 2013 Gas Gas 250, 2013 Jotagas 300, 2016 Sherco 300, and a 2017 Sherco Factory 300.WHY? I seized the 2016 Sherco 300 and the 2017 Sherco Factory 300. My son kept insisting I would NOT seize up a Honda motor. So far I have not and had several situations where I would have done a 2 stroke. I did at first miss the fast action throttles I always had on the 2 strokes with the instant lift over obstacles. Having now had the 4 stroke since December last year, I have been learning the different technique to utilise what the power characteristics are. However, being in my 76th year, it takes time. By the way, I almost bought a Vertigo Ice Hell 2 years ago after a test at Cloburn. I liked the balance and at the highest setting on the 300. Unfortunately, they didn't have any second hand ones at the time, so I bought the 2017 Sherco Factory 300.
  14. Montesa Honda 300RR - It's the easiest bike I have had the pleasure of starting and not seizing it up when it gets dropped like the 2016 Sherco 300T and the 2017 Sherco Factory 300T:-
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