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  1. scatman

    MX clothing

    Welcome, enjoy yourself and keep those feet up!
  2. scatman

    Returning to trials

    Hi there, The Aquaduct and Gresford classic clubs based around Llangollen run really good events for older bikes and they let modern bikes compete at the same time. Each club puts on 1 event every month so you can ride regularly if you want to plus they have some great venues. Have a look on their websites for further information, maybe see you at one of their trials in the near future...
  3. scatman

    MX clothing

    Hi there, MX jerseys are similar to trials jerseys but the trousers are quite a bit different. They will let you move around on the bike easily which is what you should be doing if you are riding a trials bike correctly. I know people who wear MX trousers or pants on trials bikes but to me they are too restrictive, will make you sweat a lot and just look wrong. I bought nearly new Hebo trials shirt and pants off ebay for £50 so you can find cheap kit. You might be able to buy MX kit cheaper but will regret it after your first proper practice or trial. Wulf Sport sell trials kit, it's not the most stylish but is reasonably priced, failing that second hand. Lastly do yourself a favour and get a decent helmet as at some point you will part company with your bike. I have Jitsie and Airoh helmets, both very comfortable to wear and light. Buy the best (proper trials) kit you can afford and you will enjoy the sport a lot more. Have fun and good luck!
  4. scatman

    Good Bike Bad Bike, Good Gear Bad Gear..

    No worries, I think the key thing is to try and enjoy yourself whatever you choose to ride. Trials is a great sport and you will meet some nice people. Just remember to keep those feet up! ☺️
  5. scatman

    Good Bike Bad Bike, Good Gear Bad Gear..

    I think you have to ask yourself what you want to get out of riding a trials bike. Are you happy to play ride at the local practice area with your mates or do you intend to be the next Toni B. I first rode trials back in the late 1970's on bikes that were hard to start, heavy and had crap brakes and suspension. The so called twin shock and old stuff you may have seen on videos etc are heavily modified and nothing like the original machines. Some people I know literally spend thousands turning an old bike into a modern one just so they can ride the twin shock and pre 65 class. I made the mistake of buying a Honda TLR 200 thinking that TS was the way to go. I rode one trial on it and sold it the next day, it wasn't for me. I know there are loads of people out there who love old bikes and of course its personal preference but to my mind hydraulic clutches are better than cable ones, disc brakes are better than drum and water cooling is better than air. If I was in your position I would buy the newest and most modern bike you can afford. Also don't buy a big engine machine like so many do only to find it rips your arms out on the first ride. Take a look on ebay etc and see how many 300cc bikes are for sale, there's a reason for it! As for riding gear you can get good second hand stuff on ebay etc. I bought matching Hebo top and pants for £50, you just have to look around. I think it goes without saying that you should buy the very best helmet you can afford. I have an Airoh, it's very light and comfortable and I know it will provide good protection should I be unlucky enough to part company with my bike. The Americans have a great expression, "if you have a 10 dollar head then buy a 10 dollar helmet" I appreciate this is quite a long post, just hope it helps you with your decision making process. I ride a 2018 Beta Evo 200 at clubman level and enjoy every minute. Whatever you decide have fun and welcome to the best motorcycle sport there is......
  6. scatman

    What bike to move up to next?

    Hi, I can't say I agree with the 2 previous posts, have ridden a TRS 250RR and 4RT and think the power delivery can be a bit sharp. If you are after soft power and want to stick with Beta then go for an Evo 200 (if you can find one). A lot of people I have talked to involved with trials quietly say its the best clubman bike money can buy. Whatever you decide on have fun!
  7. scatman

    2017 Sherco St 250 Factory gearbox oil

    Many thanks for all the advice!
  8. scatman

    2017 Sherco St 250 Factory gearbox oil

    Oil changed, old oil replaced with 700 ml of Maxima 75wt.....☺️
  9. scatman

    2017 Sherco St 250 Factory gearbox oil

    Thanks for the replies...... I took the filler plug out the other night and oil started coming out, am I correct in assuming that it's overfilled and I need to drain some out? Thanks again....
  10. Hi, Info required please....The owner's manual says 700cc of 10W40 but I have read on here 450cc of 80wt light gear oil. I prefer gear oil but could someone please clarify the correct quantity and viscosity. Here's hoping ☺️
  11. scatman

    2006 SY175F rear fender search

    As already stated a silver one costing £51.60 can be obtained from Trials and Tribulations in Church Stretton, Shropshire, UK. Telephone number +0044 (0)1694 722894. I just sold a TYS 175 with a spare white mudguard, the new owner may be willing to part with it but you are probably looking at £80 to £100. FYI, white mudguards are no longer available..... Let me know if you are interested.... Cheers
  12. Hi there, I have a TYS 175 and will do my best to send a photo tomorrow.....
  13. scatman

    My girlfriend wants to ride!

    Something I forgot to mention.... In general from my experience as an Instructor I found females to be far better students as they listen to what they are told..... ☺️
  14. scatman

    My girlfriend wants to ride!

    Hi, The skills your girlfriend will learn on a trials bike (balance, throttle control etc) are transferable to road riding. Some years ago I spent a short time as a motorcycle instructor and slow riding or simulating riding in slow moving traffic were the weakest areas for many learners. I can't remember how many pretend Mark Marquez's I have seen who nail the throttle down a straight bit of road but look like total muppets when it comes to the slow speed control.... I ride a little on the road but much prefer riding trials. Trees and rocks are hard if you hit them but don't have a habit of pulling out of junctions without looking. Good luck to you and your girlfriend, she might become the next Emma Bristow eh.....
  15. scatman

    Green laning on a trails bike...

    I agree that trail riding on a trials bike would be good fun but it's not really what they are designed for. I know of someone who used a 4RT for trail riding and put a lot of wear on it in just a very short time (especially the engine). A Trail or Enduro bike would surely be a better option but its just my opinion and at the end of the day it's your bike....