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    For sale my very tidy and very rare Scorpa 175 trials (2008). This is the bigger of the 2 engines at 163cc which was marketed by Scorpa as a 200 in some countries. I have owned the bike for just under a year, when I bought it was in Long Ride spec. I have converted it to full trials spec and the list of work includes RFX wide pegs, SY 250 front disc cover and a choke conversion using a Honda CRF 250 "hot start" lever. I have done a lot of other work to make it fully competition ready and if you want to know exactly then please contact me. For those people who know about these bikes it had the carb modification done before I purchased it. If you require further information please contact Richard on 07803 004266 as its better if I tell you about the bike etc. It is located in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and can be viewed but only by prior appointment

    2,250.00 GBP

  2. Hi there, I have a TYS 175 and will do my best to send a photo tomorrow.....
  3. scatman

    My girlfriend wants to ride!

    Something I forgot to mention.... In general from my experience as an Instructor I found females to be far better students as they listen to what they are told..... ☺️
  4. scatman

    My girlfriend wants to ride!

    Hi, The skills your girlfriend will learn on a trials bike (balance, throttle control etc) are transferable to road riding. Some years ago I spent a short time as a motorcycle instructor and slow riding or simulating riding in slow moving traffic were the weakest areas for many learners. I can't remember how many pretend Mark Marquez's I have seen who nail the throttle down a straight bit of road but look like total muppets when it comes to the slow speed control.... I ride a little on the road but much prefer riding trials. Trees and rocks are hard if you hit them but don't have a habit of pulling out of junctions without looking. Good luck to you and your girlfriend, she might become the next Emma Bristow eh.....
  5. scatman

    Green laning on a trails bike...

    I agree that trail riding on a trials bike would be good fun but it's not really what they are designed for. I know of someone who used a 4RT for trail riding and put a lot of wear on it in just a very short time (especially the engine). A Trail or Enduro bike would surely be a better option but its just my opinion and at the end of the day it's your bike....
  6. scatman

    Tyres ? ?

    Hi there, I am lucky enough to have 2 bikes, one is fitted with X 11's the other with Dunlop GP's. In my opinion they are both good tyres, the only difference I have noticed is the X 11's wear better and will probably last a bit longer...... As far as I know Beta fit their new bikes with Dunlop tyres now but a lot of riders swear by Michelins....
  7. scatman

    Newbie already broken bike!

    The main thing is (as far as I know) you didn't hurt yourself. Trials can be a dangerous sport but with a smaller motor you normally have a bit more time to react. Hope you and your mate stick at it and have fun, it's a great sport and you get to meet some nice people. PS..... Trials UK up in Yorkshire are great for spares but mostly new stuff, just a thought if you can't source a s/h part...
  8. scatman

    Newbie already broken bike!

    I use TBB (Trials Bike Breakers) UK in Rossendale, Lancashire. Tel: 01706 210203 They do new and used spares, prices are reasonable and from experience they are pretty quick at getting stuff posted.... Just my opinion but make life easy for yourselves and start on 125's. When you are learning to ride trials and for most clubman level sections they are more than enough. Trying to learn on a 280 Gasser is the equivalent of a new road rider jumping straight on to a Honda Fire blade..... Good luck and hope you get the spares you need...
  9. Hi again, I am not sure on the anti freeze issue, I always use a premixed coolant specifically for motorcycle radiators and have never had any problems. Don't risk it with the air filter, it might look clean but the material breaks down over time and in my opinion a new one will do a much better job. They are not exactly expensive items but ultimately its up to you as its your bike.....If it was my bike it would be on the list of parts to be replaced...
  10. Hi there, If it was my bike I would go through it from front to back. Firstly I would change all fluids, brake, coolant and gearbox oil, replace (not clean) the air filter and strip and carefully clean the carburettor. I would drain the tank of any old fuel and install a new in line fuel filter before putting in fresh fuel. If you are going to compete on it I would also replace both tyres as the rubber has probably gone hard after standing for so long. I would also strip, clean and re grease the suspension linkage, swing arm bearings and check both brake calipers/pads etc. Lastly check that the fan is working properly before riding as it's something that often gets overlooked... I know this sounds like a lot of work (and money) but from past experience a thorough overhaul before riding will help to prevent problems at a later date. Perfect preparation = polished performance.....
  11. If you do decide to get rid then a 125 would be a good way to go if you can't find a 200. I have had a Sherco and a Gas Gas, they were both nice bikes and very easy to ride. I don't think it's just coincidence that there seems to be a lot of 300cc trials bikes for sale on eBay etc.
  12. Evening and for what's its worth..... Get rid and buy (or swap) it for a Beta Rev 3/Evo 200, best modern clubman trials bike you can buy in my opinion. I have owned and ridden quite a few different bikes and the 200 is the perfect compromise between grunt and ease of use If you are Senor Bou or Mr Dabill you can tame a 300 but for most of us weekend warriors they are way too much. I constantly hear the "macho" types talking about power.......when Fujigas attempts a 4 metre rock step he probably needs a big engine but for the average club rider/section it's about throttle control and finding grip. Like a lot of things in life in not how much you have but how you use it. Whichever way you go have fun!
  13. scatman

    Stat rewind

    Contact Steve Hardaker (pretty sure that's his surname) at Bradford Ignitions. He did a Beta Techno stator for me, brilliant quality work and very quick turnaround. Prior to using Steve I used another company who shall remain nameless. They charged me a lot of money to rewind the stator but the bike still wouldn't start. When I complained I got no help whatsoever.......
  14. Hello, Anyone have one of these fitted to their Scorpa? If so what does it sound like, does it improve engine performance and do you need to alter carburetion/jetting to suit etc. I appreciate the pipes from this Japanese company are pretty rare and somewhat expensive but would like some feedback if available. I know about the mods to the standard silencer but want to try and get info on the TOM'S item before I decide which way to go... Here's hoping )))
  15. scatman

    Trial tyres

    Hi there, pretty sure they are tubeless rims on the Rev 3 but best to check year etc. Unless you are pretty handy with the tyre levers take your wheels to a dealer to get your new rubber fitted. The dealer I use fits tyres free of charge and their prices are lower than on eBay etc, to me its simpler and hassle free.... Some good choice of rubber out there now.....have got Dunlop GP's on my Beta and Michelin X11's on my Scorpa, both great tyres in my opinion.