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  1. Crispy

    Beta 200 levers

    Thank you both for the suggestions, a bit clearer now as to what is meant to fit mine (has the 8mm pins then) I’ll fit the apicos without the bushes, it’ll be better than it is now and drill the others and keep as spares. The pins are useable for now. cheers guys
  2. Crispy

    Beta 200 levers

    I could and did think that’s an option, shame though, to drill brand new levers when I could send them back and get Some that fit. Just need someone to confirm if the Grimeca levers have big holes or small holes? The pivot pins are for large hole levers and I’m assuming they’re original, could be wrong though. Original levers pivot holes are worn oval, stick and are not nice to use. thanks Chris
  3. Crispy

    Beta 200 levers

    Hi folks, hoping you can shed some light. My 2011 Beta 200 handlebar levers have a lot of up n down play in them. I removed for inspection and discovered there are no plastic bushes fitted to the pivot holes. Ordered a set of bushes to fit ‘grimeca’ units and they fit the pins but not the levers ( lever holes too small) so I thought the aftermarket levers fitted were wrong. Ordered a set of ‘grimeca’ fit ‘Apico’ levers...... and the pivot holes on the new levers are still too small? I don’t know which to order? Anyone advise? cheers Chris
  4. Those two are the models I’ve been browsing scatman, I have someone at my work that I think has a 2005 model beta 250, would that be a rev3? It’s not been used for some time, so I’m hoping he’ll part with it. Assuming it’s in decent condition and just needs recommissioning etc, what would be a ball park offer without offending? I see one or two on the bay in running order fetching £900+
  5. Thanks for the welcome scatman ??I’m really looking forward to it..... and who doesn’t like bike shopping, even on a budget ?
  6. Hi all, As the title says, been reading the forums for a bit and finally decided to book myself onto a trials experience day later this month. Been a road rider in the Uk for years and after a brief midlife enduro crisis a few years ago :-D I think... maybe I'm better suited to Trials, really want to do more with my weekends that's bike related and off road but suitable for a 50 something kid !! Anyway... I guess I'll know if it's for me in a couple of weeks ! No doubt there will be lots of questions and archive browsing..... ? Thanks Crispy
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