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  1. Hi Scatman - sure.. 1 There is a twinshock club near to me. (Dabbers) - so convenient. 2 Some of my friends are in this club - so social. 3 We have a duty to keep old bikes alive wherever poss - so moral 4 I like repairing & re-building as much as riding (I race a 1990 YZ250 mx). So hobby. 5 I like the look & style of twinshocks - so visual. 6 At clubman level its all about the riders capacity not so much the bike - not like I'm going to do extreme trials.....yet. So skill level. 7 Oh...& my mate has kind of given - lent the Beamish to me to use / view to buy - no rush - so cheap... In my dream garage I would have a monoshock - plus a pre 65 - prob a rigid too... also a cafe racer - bobber - dirt track - speedway in fact a working riding museum would be nice....(I have a Husaberg 501 enduro / YZ250 super evo / RM125mx)
  2. Hi everyone - guess I'll be asking a lot of questions soon enough. 57 & just starting out in trials - borrowed view to buy a black engine yellow Suzuki Beamish. North Norfolk UK. Joined Dabbers trials - scored over 100 in my 1st trials....must have been the bike.. ? Race in over 35's MX - cant go fast enough...now trials cant go slow enough....doh
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