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  1. Totally agree with the previous post, I think the social distancing thing will almost become normal behaviour for a while and that should help to control or reduce any future spread of this virus. There are numerous efforts in different countries to find drugs that will stop people dying and getting sick, in my opinion its only a matter of time before it can be controlled and possibly eliminated as a threat to us all. I reckon people will be desperate to get back on their bikes when these restrictions are eventually lifted, I know me and the guys I ride with definitely are. Let's be optimistic, history has proved that human beings are capable of great things when faced with situations like we are currently dealing with. Motorcycle trials is a fantastic sport/pastime and in my opinion it will bounce back better than ever! Hope the UK round of Trial GP goes ahead in July, got my fingers crossed. Stay safe folks, our sport will live on!
  2. Hi Bryan, If you can locate one either a Beta Rev 3 or Evo 200cc. I have ridden everything from 125 to 300cc, both 2 and 4 stroke and if you are prepared to take my word for it you really don't need anything else. The best clubman trials bike/s bar none! Good luck and stay safe... Rick
  3. scatman

    Rev 3 no spark

    Your choice of course but I would get your existing one rewound rather than buy a new one. The quality of Beta stators is dubious at best and in my opinion a rewound one will probably last longer and not give you any more trouble.
  4. scatman

    Rev 3 no spark

    Steve has just done a stator for my 200 Evo, £125 which included return postage. Needless to say the bike runs perfectly now so all sorted. A new Evo stator is about £140 so it does work out cheaper to get it rewound and Steve's work is top quality. Hope you get yours sorted...
  5. Hi there, I had a 2017 Factory 250 and all I can say is that its a very tricky procedure to remove and replace the air filter. There is very little room inside the airbox to get your hand and the retaining screw can be difficult to undo/replace. Make a note of the position of the cage and filter when you take them out and make sure that they go back exactly the same way. Once you have done it a few times it gets a little easier, it's a case of remembering the technique and repeating it. Good luck.....
  6. Hi Darren, I would definitely try your colleagues GG first because trials riding is really nothing like riding on the road. It's pretty physical and as your skills improve so does the level of physical input, body movement etc. 300's can be calmed down quite a bit by the use of flywheel weights, slow action throttles and head spacers etc but in inexperienced hands they could put someone off the sport for good. From what you said you are obviously a biggish lad (no disrespect) so maybe it will work for you. I had a 2015 GG 125 Factory and I have to admit it was a nice bit of kit. Try before you buy as there are plenty of bikes out there if you don't like it.... Rich
  7. Hi Darren, Birchwood Farm is not too far from you, it's a good practice area and trials venue situated at Shatterford just off the main Bridgnorth to Kidderminster road (postcode DY12 1TP). Quite a few clubs put on events there (Bewdley, Stourbridge etc) and you can practice there all day for £10. It might be worth you popping along there and having a chat with some of the riders that use it, trials riders are normally a friendly bunch and always willing to give advice etc. I live in Shrewsbury, am 57 and generally compete at the Gresford and Aquaduct classic trials events. I ride a modern bike and they are happy to let you do this. The section layouts are more "old school" and you don't need to be able to bounce the bike around to enjoy it. Both clubs have good websites and the Gresford club have an event this Sunday not far from Oswestry. I agree with the advice from the other guy about bikes, don't buy a large capacity cc machine as they take some mastering. If I was in your shoes I would start with a 125, nice and light and fairly easy to control. Please don't listen to people who tell you that they are too small and you need at least a 250, total rubbish! I would budget between £1500 and £2000 if you can, you should get something fairly decent and reliable for that. Beta Evo's are great but I am a little biased as I have 2 of them. Good luck and maybe see you at a trial in the near future.... Rich
  8. scatman

    New 200 !!

    I rode a 250 Vertigo a few weeks ago, nice bike. I heard they were producing a 200 for 2020 but have not seen one, my guess is they will be built as they are ordered. Would be interesting to read your impressions if you do get a go on one, or indeed buy one....
  9. scatman

    New 200 !!

    Hi.... I have a 2020 and a 2018 Beta Evo 200. I have not ridden the new one much yet but the 2018 is a brilliant bike. They have enough power to tackle most clubman level sections but won't launch you into the surrounding countryside if you get it wrong. The only problem you might have is finding one as Beta only bring a handful into the UK each year (am assuming you are in the UK). I just looked on eBay and there are some listed so you might be lucky...
  10. Stolen from Shrewsbury, UK, 3/1/2020 KTM excf 250 enduro, reg WX 06 RFY, frame number VBKRCA026M165644 Gas Gas 280 trials (2004) reg YN 54 XWK, frame numberVTRGG2802E0341415 A large reward offered for no questions asked safe return, please contact Spencer on 07429 244482. Please help if you can.....
  11. Hi, Without wishing to add to the never ending 2 stroke/4 stroke debate get yourself an Evo 200 (as late a model as you can afford as the earlier ones were based on a 125 bottom end, later ones a lot smoother). Yes I am biased because I have two of them, a 2018 and not long ago bought a 2020. They are very easy to ride and will allow you to make mistakes without launching you into the surrounding countryside like some larger capacity bikes. Like you I rode on the road for a long time before getting back into the "feet up" game about 5 years ago. I made the mistake of buying 250's and bigger engined bikes thinking that you needed them but take my word for it you don't. Unless you are going to compete at British Championship level or above a 200 is all you need. Good luck and enjoy yourself!
  12. I would imagine somewhere between £900 to £1200 depending on condition although sometimes bikes that look immaculate but haven't been used can give problems, faulty stators and crank seals etc. If it was me I would be looking to spend in the region of £2k and for that money you are into Evo territory. Rev 3's are a good bike but Evo's are nicer to ride, lighter and just all round easier to get on with. I am of course assuming you want to buy a Beta. I would go with a 200 if you can find one as they don't come up very often. I ride with a bunch of guys who ride 250s, 270s and 300s and in my opinion they are all over biked. Club level trials is about throttle control, technique and balance and a smaller engine gives you more time to think and react. I know you will get others telling you its all about "power" and you need at least a 250 but quite frankly unless your surname is Dabill, Raga or Bou you don't. Whichever way you decide to go the main thing is to enjoy your riding and have fun. After all isn't that the main reason we ride motorcycles ?
  13. Agree with you there Crispy, get yourself a Beta Rev 3 or Evo 200 if you can find one.
  14. Hope you enjoy your experience day and decide trials is for you. Its much easier on the body than enduro and just as much fun. Good luck! From another 50 something kid.....
  15. Good luck and enjoy yourself! ☺️
  16. Hi there, Can I ask why you decided to buy a Beamish Suzuki and not a modern bike like a Beta Evo? Hope you enjoy trials..... ☺️
  17. Is the Sherco you have an Enduro or trials bike as Sherco trials bikes are designated ST and not SE.....
  18. scatman


    I have been riding regularly for around 3 years now and feel that my riding and technique has improved in that time. My two bits of advice for what it's worth are 1) make sure you ride a suitable bike as many new riders buy something that's too big for them and 2) ride it as often as you can. I agree with the previous posts about watching videos etc as there is some brilliant stuff on the net but there is no substitute for time spent either practising or competing. Good luck and enjoy yourself....
  19. I am not an expert but I am dubious as to whether carb cleaner always does the job, I had to use a very thin piece of wire to clear my pilot jet as the obstruction was wedged in. If you have access to compressed air then that's another good way to clear blocked jets.... Hope the youngster gets back on his bike really soon, good luck!
  20. When you stripped the carb did you take all the the jets etc out and thoroughly clean everything? Pilot jets can quite easily get blocked so this is the first thing I would be checking. If you have a fuel supply and spark then there is no real reason why the engine shouldn't run, it sounds to me like your problem is fuel starvation. I had a similar problem on my Sherco recently and it turned out to be a blocked pilot jet. Hope you find the fault....
  21. Agree with the previous posts but think you might be wise to stick with 2 strokes after having one for so long. 4RT's are well engineered bikes but not for everyone and you would need to adapt your riding style to get use to a lot more engine braking etc etc. Shercos are very underrated in my opinion, I have a 2017 Factory 250 and it rides really nice. The only thing I have done to it is fitted a slow action throttle as it suits my style of riding better, got it for a very reasonable price too. Take your time, try them all if possible and whatever you buy have fun!
  22. scatman

    New Beta’s

    The good news (or bad depending on personal preference) is that they will not be fuel injection. Beta will release information on the 2020's in September apparently and bikes will be available after that... In case you are wondering this information has come from a very reputable UK dealer who I spoke to last week....
  23. scatman

    MX clothing

    Welcome, enjoy yourself and keep those feet up!
  24. Hi there, The Aquaduct and Gresford classic clubs based around Llangollen run really good events for older bikes and they let modern bikes compete at the same time. Each club puts on 1 event every month so you can ride regularly if you want to plus they have some great venues. Have a look on their websites for further information, maybe see you at one of their trials in the near future...
  25. scatman

    MX clothing

    Hi there, MX jerseys are similar to trials jerseys but the trousers are quite a bit different. They will let you move around on the bike easily which is what you should be doing if you are riding a trials bike correctly. I know people who wear MX trousers or pants on trials bikes but to me they are too restrictive, will make you sweat a lot and just look wrong. I bought nearly new Hebo trials shirt and pants off ebay for £50 so you can find cheap kit. You might be able to buy MX kit cheaper but will regret it after your first proper practice or trial. Wulf Sport sell trials kit, it's not the most stylish but is reasonably priced, failing that second hand. Lastly do yourself a favour and get a decent helmet as at some point you will part company with your bike. I have Jitsie and Airoh helmets, both very comfortable to wear and light. Buy the best (proper trials) kit you can afford and you will enjoy the sport a lot more. Have fun and good luck!
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