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  1. Check your mixture screw settings and poss order a carb kit, look on line for trials and tribulations in Shropshire he has some in stock(that's where I got mine, ) hope you have it sorted soon
  2. Forgot to add new clutch, new slave and master seal kit to the list... Spent way above the budget I set but figured it's worth doing as it's a keeper. I normally ride a Bultaco Sherpa so my style is still old school.
  3. Tilly60 I just finished the engine rebuilding and bought new chain and sprockets 10/43 and fitted a new side stand. The bike rides and now sounds like new,I had difficulty finding a Conrod kit, but got one after much searching, also a replayed barrel and new piston, new mains new water pump you name it it had it. What a nice bike from the mid 90s. I haven't seen one being ridden locally other than mine with me on it? I hope yours is riding okay.
  4. Dragontest

    1996 gas gas

    Trials and tribulations in church stretton Shropshire for your bits look for him on line. He's a nice chap to deal with.
  5. I took on a 1995 GasGas JT25 contact project bike. Yes it cost good money to put right but you can buy a bike that's 3-4 years old that needs similar work on it and thats on top of a higher purchase price. It all depends on how you look at things I guess. In 25 years time what will be left of the 90's and 00's bikes?
  6. Total agree with you I ride the 175, 250 and 350 Sherpa the 175 is a more gentle bike that's very capable in the right hands, the 250 is my favourite and the 350 would be my second choice, the 350 can be ridden like the 250 but give too much throttle and you will know about it for sure.
  7. She just 20 and about 5'8" tall, I guess a 200/250cc would fit the bill by the sounds of things, she rides on the road so I think she could handle a 200cc trials, thanks for advice.
  8. Hi what's a good starter bike for my daughter to have as her first trials bike. I ride GasGas 250 and Bultaco 250/350 which are a bit quick even with a slow throttle fitted so I'm thinking 125cc any good ones going at the moment cheap.
  9. They are punchy motors for sure mine will have had a full engine rebuild rebuilt exhaust system new wheel bearings and possibly a caliper rebuild on the front? costing a few quid but there's not many about these days, even second hand parts are getting sparse... Since they are world cup winning bikes they are still worth keeping going. I dare not work out the spend so far, but it could well run for another quarter century not needing very much other than service item's. Well that's the hope?
  10. The bikes clutch is great now, no lurching, however I bought a recon cylinder barrel and piston as I've decided to have a full engine rebuild including big end. Which means getting the crank split and a new Conrod kit,new mains and seals.I guess if it's replaceable it's being replaced in the engine. Also overhauling the rear shock linkages while it's getting the engine renewed. Trial and tribulations is doing all the work on the bike for me. He put in light-gear oil in the box and told me to just stick with it and not to bother with ATF. They are such good bikes it's worth keeping it going and this work will last quite a long time, after all they won the trials world cup on the JT25 contact.
  11. All fixed a connector pin the the fan plug was pushed back in the connector so no circuit. New clutch and master kit fitted somebody had removed a clutch plate and what was left were badly worn. Thanks to Ian at Trials and Tribulations in Church Stretton Shropshire.
  12. Had a new clutch and water pump kit done it works a dream also had the whole exhaust system repacked so it now sounds better and has back pressure. Next is a piston and barrel change and all new bearings. It should be good for another 20 years...
  13. Yep I bought for the wrong side such a Muppet I know.
  14. So am I.... And more importantly how much it going to cost?
  15. No I couldn't find one on eBay for sale but found this universal one, hopefully it will do the job, I got fed up with the bike falling over, when others just put a side stand down.
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