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  1. Crazymac680

    2008 Refresh

    I pulled the case off it without heat. I completed my full rebuild about 2 months back on the 270 engine.
  2. Hi. I bought a replacement swing arm on eBay but it doesn't fit my brake caliper. What year of bike does this swing arm fit? I want to sell it on, on eBay but I want to describe it accurately. My original is at the back. The nearest is the replacement I will be selling. Thanks for any help
  3. Haha thanks. I'll save this post Incase I sell it.
  4. I've just done a full rebuild and about 8 hours riding. I'm pretty sure it's been making the sound since the rebuild. When the clutch lever is pulled the engine sounds normal. As I release and the bike starts to pull I hear a whirring. It sounds a bit like an electric motor. Which increases in pitch according to the revs. I'm using putoline gear oil. Or could it be the clutch release bearing? Oil type? Thanks for any advice
  5. Thanks guys. My instinct was to walk away as soon as I seen it. It was just so rough and unloved. It would never be a top one, even with a fresh engine. I'll keep waiting for something I love. I'm sure my beta will throw me some curve balls to keep me busy ?
  6. Haha I'm sure it will cost me £600 in piston, replating, bearings and bits and bobs. I have a beta rev 3 270 that I've just rebuilt. I fancied rebuilding something with a bit more prestige. Hoped a Raga might be a good one as they only made 300-400.
  7. Found a bike that was cooked and needs a full rebuild. Do we think it would be worth saving? Are parts hard to find? It hasn't moved in 8 years. Still rolls and brakes. Clutch ain't working. No compression. I'm told it was an awesome bike. I think he would take £4 or 500
  8. The water pump had loads of in and out play. Impeller was very worn. I replaced the bearing, seal, impeller and gasket. The in and out play is gone now. Thanks
  9. This was a new bike to me that blew after 4 hours, following a full rebuild by the previous owner. I'm just trying to make sure everything is back to stock so this doesn't happen again
  10. Thanks guys. I gave up on the top of piston to top of cylinder measurement. A face book user thinks that measurement was for a flat piston while mine is dome shaped. Once I stopped trying to change gaskets, to chase that measurement. I installed everything stock and measured squish at 1.8mm. As I'd just spent the night researching squish. This seems like a safe distance to start with. Most of the research I did, stated that Between 1 at 2mm would be your tuning zone. Under 1 would be dangerous as my piston expand up 0.7mm when hot. It's a shame beta don't have a book measurement to remove any confusion.
  11. Hi. I'm trying to find the stock squish on the above bike. I have a book for the 2010 Evo book but that gives a measurement for the top of the piston to the cylinder. This doesn't seem right for my bike as it would give my 4.5mm squish. Thanks for any help.
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