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  1. I've ultra sonic-ed the carb and internals, turned the tick over down a touch and have the air screw at 2 turns out (it seems happiest there), I can do figure of 8's with the throttle almost shut and no clutch, but as soon as you touch the throttle you get that snatchiness (not sure that's a real word) which is off putting, I'll try it in a trial this winter and see how I get on with it, much prefer my TY175 though cracking little bike. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. For those that have ridden both in competition how does the Fantic 200 (Minerelli) stack up against the Fantic 300? Pro's and con's of both please.
  3. I've got a pair of Forma Boulder boots and just wondering what people do to clean them and maintain them, is any sort of wax needed ?
  4. I've just checked my gearing and it's on 9/46, should be ok? I'm going to ultra sonic clean the carb and see if that helps, thanks so far.
  5. I've been trying to practice figure of eights on a TLR200 and especially in 2nd gear I find the power delivery very jerky, it's almost like the power is off or on, not at all smooth. It's better in 1st but not what I'd call pleasant, are other TLR's like this or is it the carb ( or just me )?
  6. My Fantic 200 has been stood for 18 months (dry storage) before storage it started fine, now it doesn't start at all. It's got a very weak spark (very, very weak), done all the usual, new plug etc etc. On measuring the coil, 3 terminal alloy type, ones side has 55 ohms and the other has 714, earth to ground is zero, does this point to a duff coil? If so is the blue type that In Motion sells (£47) a worthwhile upgrade? Thanks.
  7. Yesterday morning I took the advice of some of you and went to Trading Standards, it would appear the law was indeed on my side, so I sent the dealer a summary of what they said. 2 hours later I got a phone call from the dealer offering to cover all my costs, today a cheque turned up. Time to draw a line under all this, not a pleasant experience but all's good in the end.
  8. Well thank you all for the replies, this was never going to be a naming and shaming exercise, nor was it a way to get back at a dealer by running him down over the internet, All I want is what I was promised, I consider that to be fair. I bought the bike in question as " restored and ready to ride" it was far from that. The only parts from the engine I've kept are the reed valve and inlet rubber, for the most part the rest is scrap. The wheels had been rebuilt with new rims, however there was no provision for rim locks so I'll have to remove tires/tubes etc and drill the rims for locks. The bottom engine mounts were broken off and painted over, sorry but not my idea of a restoration. The dealer promised to provide me with a new engine, so I decided to take the other problems on the chin and fix them myself. The promised engine never materialised nor did any other form of recompense, I think in common parlance I've been "ripped off", very disappointing. I've bought 6 bikes off this dealer this year and I feel a little loyalty was perhaps in order, obviously not, which is a pity because I would have bought more bikes from him in the future, but not now. As some of you have indicated I think my next step is a visit to trading standards and possibly the small claims court ( I never expected this to get that far). Thanks for your advice and comments, a lesson learned I think.
  9. I've had to think very carefully about this post, but I think it's a valid topic. I've had/am having a bad experience with a very well know dealer of trials bikes, basically I bought a twinshock bike off him and unfortunately it turned out to be nothing like as described, I gave said dealer the benefit of the doubt and he promised to put things right, great I thought. It's now 8 months later and despite many promises (which I have in emails I've kept) I've still received nothing. I've had to pay for everything myself and have received not a penny of recompense (despite more promises), I'm now over £700 out of pocket. Now please don't think I'm starting some ill founded campaign against somebody, I'm not (I do have proof of everything I've said), I just want what's right and what I was promised, please note I've not named said dealer, I should point out that this dealer did quite well out myself as I've spent £10k with him on twinshocks. If anybody has any constructive ideas I'd welcome them as this experience has left a seriously bad taste, which is a shame as every other dealer I've used has been very good.
  10. Hi all, I'm about ready to start restoring a model 10 I have and will need quite a lot of parts, has anybody got any leads on dealers/suppliers who would still have parts for this model? Thanks.
  11. fish06

    Show Us Your Ty

    This is my TY175, not perfect but it runs very well, I want to try a few mods on the engine to get a bit more bottom end in it, we'll see.
  12. The cases have been badly damaged and even more badly repaired, crank is no good, clutch basket has pieces missing and on and on, someone saw me coming.......
  13. Ok thanks for the reply, I'll have to keep looking for a twinshock TY motor then, next time I'll be careful who I buy off
  14. Can anyone tell me if the early aircooled mono engines are the same as the TY twinshock engines? I bought a TY250 (twinshock) with a decidedly bad motor in it, I'm trying to find a complete motor and not getting anywhere, so I thought an early mono engine may fit, anybody know? Thanks.
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