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  1. Bill Pye at Great Ayton - 01642 722378 Bob Wright isn't doing Fantic stuff anymore.
  2. 200 every time. It makes more power than a 250 Bultaco Sherpa and nobodyy ever said that they were not for big lads. I'm 15 and a half stone and the 200 is absolutely fine. I have both the 301 and 241 (monos) and still prefer the power of the 200 (156), all you'll ever need.
  3. Nice job I might be tempted to turn the shock bottom bolts around though, you could catch the inside of your leg on that if you find yourself stretching off the back with a long dab.
  4. When I got back into trials 5 years ago I'd had a 32 year gap and weighed in at a very comfortable 17 stone. Crack on you skinny youngster. (Fellow Teessider)
  5. It's easier to reach down and select neutral with your left hand, watch at any classic trial and you'll see loads of Fantic riders doing the same thing. I have used Castrol XR77 fully synthetic in all my Fantics (including 2 rear kicks 200's) at a ratio of 65 to 70:1 with no issues whatsoever. Opinions are like arseholes; everyone has one, and they usually stink so do whatever makes you feel happy. Gear oil should be 1 litre and I would not use ATF as, like some have said, it produces a grabby clutch action. I have used Silkolene Light Gear Oil in all mine for years now and the clutch action is perfect. I am a bit of a "fart" when it comes to gear oil and old bikes so I change it after every trial. I might try to stretch that to every other trial in 2018 as times are hard. There is a check screw on the right (brake) side of the engine which you can remove when you're changing the oil; fill approx 750ml straight in then to up slowly until it starts to weep from the check screw (bike should be upright not on the side stand). Nice 200 by the way, you've paid a bit for that I'd wager! Can't see on your pic but has your bike had the "chain link clutch lightener" mod done? It really helps.
  6. It's been a while but I think that the "spacer" on the right (throttle side) was originally the speedo drive. I thought there was a spacer on the left (clutch side) too. I can check tonight and update if it helps.
  7. Why do you want a clean helmet? It's trials, I usually start sweating like a Geordie at a quiz before I've ridden the first section. There's little point in starting off with a sweet smelling lid. Chuck it in the garage all sweaty and wet and chuck it back in your van when you go to the next trial. With any luck the mushrooms will drop out on the way.
  8. Welcome. You sound like a handy chap to have around!
  9. Dougie Lampkin is 6ft 2in tall and broad. David Knight is a big lad and so is Juan his brother and both are brilliant trials riders as well as enduro. There are all sizes and shapes riding club trials successfully.
  10. Another cracking trial with Peak Classic, thanks to Paul (and Andy & Tony) for setting a brilliant course. If anyone's dithering about whether or not it's worth driving some distance to do these trials let me tell you that it always is.
  11. I assume you've tried this with the OKO but just in case: Starting with the mixture screw 2 and a half turns out start the bike and let it get warm, use the idle screw to keep it running while it warms up if it tries to stall. Once you've got it warm turn the mixture screw clockwise a quarter turn at a time allowing a few seconds to let it take effect and see if the engine revs speed up. If it revs too high manage them back down with the idle screw. Keep doing this until the point at which a further turn of the mixture screw slows the revs. You're trying to find the point at which the mixture screw setting produces the highest revs, then back off your idle screw until you have a steady low idle. Check that the throttle operation is snappy - ride it around a bit and lift the front wheel off the throttle. If that doesn't work then it might be a re-jetting job.
  12. Hmm, we'll agree to differ I think. 70:1 is right for me and my bikes and I'm sticking to that.
  13. I run all of my 1980 Fantics (200's, 125, 201, 241 and 301) at 70:1 with fully synthetic (Castrol XR77) and have done for years with no issues at all. 50:1 is way to much oil if you're using synthetic and I shudder to think how bunged up your pipe (!) would get with 32:1!!!
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