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  1. Is there a 17 x 3.5 tubed trials tyre on the market I know of tubeless tyres but not tubed ?
  2. Tried Hpi trade check failed the frame number being relatively short identified it as an Alfa Romeo?been advised that it is unlikely to work as there may be many vehicles with the same number Any more ideas?
  3. Anyone know of a dealer with a trade hpi account who is prepared to help
  4. I Have Fantic 200 which I believe may have been registered with the Dvla ,unfortunately I have no Documents other than a bill of sale The bike was laid up for more than 20 years. it does have an original rear mudguard with what looks like number plate mounting holes So can I find out from the frame number 000xxxx or DGm19xxxOM if it has been registered previously Thanks
  5. Just changing my leaking Beta fuel tap(again) When I insert the tap and filter into the tank , the filter tube seems far to long to be accommodated. It is like it hits the top of the tank and needs to bend. Shoving and twisting gets it in. But it doesn't feel right. I know about the left hand ,right hand threads on the tap body. (No innuendo meant)
  6. Selector Drum spring replaced, with very slightly longer item. Problem cured
  7. On occasion my Fantic 200 rear kick jumps out of bottom gear. I have been advised it's likely to be the spring holding the location bearing under the selector drum. I have stripped the engine and removed the gear cluster and inspected all components, no obvious damage , gears and dogs are sound and no selector fork damage. I wish to replace the spring in case it's worn , but how do I find a replacement, does any one have a spec or a source, I believe there is no official stock left Any suggestions
  8. Been doing a lot of testing today, and the bikes now starting when hot ,Hooray Out of desperation , I rechecked the float heights , spot on 23.5 mm Then I removed the needle jet from the carb and replaced it with one I had tried in the old carb. Both where marked 200 But were massively different in size. One needle fitted and the other was like a cock in a sock. So I went for the larger one and starting is now improved if not perfect. Thanks for all the help and suggestions
  9. Removed the kill switch but still no joy Have now tried two known working stator sand still the same problem Its weird when hot I can leave the bike ticking over happliy and it will run all day. Stop it , but then can not get it started. Not great when walking sections Removing the plug it's a good coffee colour but dry. Would indicate a fuelling issue , but how comes it will tick over. Could it be drawing fuel thru when running , but not creating enough suck from the kickstart procedure The new dellorto carb floats are plastic as is the arm I don't think it's possible to adjust the float level The tank tap appears ok, the needle valve is new and the carb filter clean? Very Frustrated
  10. Interesting your comments eddie1 about the kill switch. I have been testing a lot over many hours and at times thought I'd cured the problem Usually I would change an ignition component and then test. Often without the kill switch wired Its comming off again today to rule it out, maybe I have overlooked the obvious. Feetupfun thanks for your suggestions about weak and rich running tests. I have had a lot of input from knowledgable friends at trials and we have tried all methods of starting Full throttle no throttle choke on etc. 5 mins to cool down and as good as new Like I said FRUSTRATING Will keep you all posted Thanks for all suggestions
  11. Hi yes the motor has been rebuilt it always runs fine ,hot or cold, with no noises just after walking a section after a lap or so it will refuse to start initially Then after 10 mins start and run normally Plug looks a little rich inlet and carb rubbers are new Already cost me plenty, I am now thinking could it be a fuel blockage, but it runs fine until I stop it and would tick over forever. As I say all new electrics including wiring Crank seals ?
  12. I have a Fantic 200 in excellent condition. But it is very hard to start when hot. Having read posts about bikes running for 20 minutes then being difficult to start, I concluded it must be an electrical problem. so I have replaced the source coil, fitted a new Blue Ducati coil on the frame having checked for good earths Re wired all connections, replaced the trigger pulse coil, new plug , cap and lead. It still won't start when hot. i have checked the various coil resistances and they are correct. Out of frustration I borrowed a complete ignition assembly from a known good bike and it still plays up from when hot The bike starts easily from cold, maybe runs a little rich, but when running is very good. It will run again normally as soon as it cools down. Now thinking it could be the crank seals , but it's not using oil and doesn't smoke oh and it's got a new carb. Any ideas I'm at a loss!
  13. Milton Buzzards will be holding a trial at a new venue .Thornton. Nr Milton Keynes on the 5th April, more details to follow.
  14. 4 great days riding,sections for everyone. I treat it as a trials holiday and we have a good laugh.Camp for free on the rugby pitch,which has porta loos and fresh water.Showers in the village. Make sure your bike agrees with the regs, lanyard enclosed rear sprocket and lights. Buy your lunch in advance from the spa shop and it's ready for your mid day pit stop. Be prepared for extreme weather.Hot sunny and dusty. Or torrential downpours. Above all have fun.
  15. 3 off us staying at the campsite in a motor home Luxury! Wonder how far from the pub/start ? Staggering distance I hope
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