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  1. Popping? Is it 4 stroking?
  2. Not sure if all EMs use the Megura throttle, but the one I studied did, We had the same throttle on the grandson's Mecatecno T14 and I always kept a spare, as when dropped, especially in water, we had problems at the next event. Its just a 5k ohm potentiometer. You can check it with a multimeter by Googling 5k ohm potentiometer test.
  3. This happened to me when the float needle wasn't located on the float arm correctly. i.e. not in the groove on the needle.
  4. Enter, ride round, watch and if you fancy doing a section have a go. Its still a cheap day out on the bike and you'll meet new friends. To clarify, "ride round", as in round the course, not "ride around" which suggests ride anywhere.
  5. See the latest entry list for the M-ECVC LDT 9th October. A right mix of bikes, some have the opinion "the stranger the bike the more fun in finishing and don't worry about the points". Still entries available, details in the Calendar section of Trials Central.
  6. On a Beta 80 Jnr I only allowed him to use 2nd in practice sessions, and plenty of figures of eight. Problem now is that he won't use 1st even when its the best option.
  7. I found that no matter what I had protection wise, the hits always went between them. Now at 67, I ride with no protection and just take the bruises.
  8. I believe Kuberg use brushless motors, but I haven't seen any of their trials versions in competition. Maybe worth finding an owner for comment.
  9. Only problem we had with ours was flooding. The carb. is already at a large angle and it only needs the bike to be off the vertical a bit for the float needle to not work. We learnt to turn the petrol tap off whenever we stopped or even paused for a look at a section. This was despite putting a new float needle in. One evening I put the bike away with the petrol tap on and a couple of days later the whole crankcase and exhaust was full of petrol.
  10. We gave up looking and finally ordered a new one a month ago, which isn't expected until November.
  11. We've had the Jnr for 18 mths now in rocky environment but not had this problem. Could it be the technique over bigger steps i.e. hitting them with a full wheelie instead of front wheel first, with double blip?
  12. I would buy new rather than cost of rewind. First magnet failure we had cost me £160 at local motor place and they estimated over £300 if a rewind needed and no guarantee, luckily it wasn't.. That's why I did everything myself afterwards. Water is a problem, even if you fit a seal on the motor shaft it soon leaks so I ignored it and just dried things out whenever the motor was opened to fit new drive side bearing. My motors where on a Mecatecno T14 but very similar.
  13. I've repaired 4 now with https://www.permabond.co.uk/product-page/permabond-ta437-1-x-50ml-resin-1-x-20ml-initiator-41#! None of the repaired ones have failed, its always been the originals. Keep your fingers out of the way when you put the windings back in the outer case.
  14. I use the fuel additive, Lucas Oil 10576 Safe Guard Ethanol Fuel Treatment, 473 ml , does it work?, I don't know but the cost is negligible and I havn't got any noticeable problems.
  15. Long Distance Trials always an option as well. A couple of Bultacos regularly ride ours, sections even easier and a good day out with bikes. https://www.mecvc.org.uk/
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