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  1. As an Organiser, pre-pay should stay, and I hope we can keep it that way. A little effort and commitment from the rider to plan ahead a few days and the Organiser's job, including getting the results done quicker, is so much easier.
  2. I think jonboy883 has got it right. Our club has a good website and facebook page but its the Facebook page that gets most of the hits and 60% of the hits to the website comes from the Facebook links. Websites are good for somethings probably not for general chat.
  3. I've just fitted fibre plates in a Bultaco to replace the all metal plates. It took at least 6 strip downs to get the pressure just right to kick when cold but keep the clutch as light as possible. .At the moment no slip when cold starting and clutch is ok for one finger. BUT I'm expecting it to change and need regular attention.
  4. Don't give up on the old ones. Have a read of the Oset manual about balancing them, it does make a difference and you'll be able to use them as a an extra set.
  5. arthritic

    Beta Evo 80 torque

    All I can say is that its tight. Just undone a 6 month old Beta 80 swnging arm to grease and it took all my strength with a 9 inch wrench. Tightened it with the same effort. Hope that helps. Doubt if its critical.
  6. arthritic

    Beta 80 Junior 2020

    On the Grandson's I take the bottom off the carb before every trial. Slightest bit of water in there and they don't like it.
  7. If its thought that there's no problem, ask it to be done as part of the sale contract by the seller.
  8. arthritic

    Beta 80's

    Great bike but some small things. Fit a mud flap it helps a big way for cleaning exhaust / rad., Carb overflow tubes too long for deep water cut back and reposition, ours had air lock in cooling system, luckily I was checking it every time out and noticed it, took 150 cc of coolant but all well now. I backed off rear shock pre-load completely. Small carb. needs checking for water after every ride. Screw type fuel tap needs opening tight to its stop, we had it vibrate towards closed causing reduced flow and a stop after a full throttle section, a couple of times until we realised. All in all the list is nothing but may help with a new bike.
  9. We bought a 12 yr old Beta 50 with cable clutch and 4 gears for playing around on, 12 months before he was due to move away from electric. Now on a Beta 80 medium wheel and almost no set back. Every child that I've seen go from an auto / electric to a clutch has ben set back a few months so be patient.
  10. Even the kids that have been riding Electrics for 3 years go backwards 3 months when they convert to petrol and clutch etc. The Beta 80 big wheel is the right bike, just let him get used to it on a flat grass field with flags. i.e. slow work, figures of eight, slipping clutch in second gear tight turns etc more importantly let him have a blast around every 10 mins, not only clears the engine out but they enjoy a break.
  11. So can you stop with a foot down? It only says five for going backwards with a foot down!
  12. Not sure what your local regs. are but ACU trials regs. require brakes to be independent
  13. Happened on our Mecatecno T14 as well. However Threadlok and a new shakeproof lock washer seems to have solved it. Its still something I now check after every trial.
  14. Next time try a trickle of water from a hosepipe on the outside to control the heat so its just burning, you can clear the insides without it affecting the outside. Do it once a year and its a simple task that's worth the effort.
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