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  1. Yes now try and get out every weekend Thanks for the message .
  2. At last the pic seem to load so all good.
  3. We drained the tank after last used bike has never been restored except seals and new clutch kit I just can’t seem to upload photos . Thanks for reply.
  4. Hi guys , been a while since last outing 5 years to be exact started a treat and run for 4 hours never missed a beat , great forum lots of knowledgeable people , keep it up . Tried to upload a pic but unsuccessful. Bike was purchased at Denby dale motorcycles still has dealers stickers on it and stored since 1980 I put new crank seals clutch kit and fork seals chain bike had never been touched till I got it . Run like a rolex lol .
  5. Morning, my tank seems so soft and flexible the bottom near fuel tap looks to be thin ,this is new to me having bultacos there tanks are thick but still suffer from the ethanol leaking through ,i will carry on using the sherco thanks again.Steve
  6. hi paul thanks so much for the quick response, and for answering my query, gonna try for a 2005 then, but don't hold out for much hope regards Steve
  7. Hi I’m hoping, someone can shed a light on a problem I think a few of us have, I have a sherco 2004 250 trials, been standing for a few years, starts and runs fine, but the fuel tank has suffered from ethanol, very soft at the bottom of the tank, could someone please tell me would the 2006 tank fit this bike, if not can anyone shed light on what to do, other than get another bike. Excellent forum thank you.
  8. Larry was a true gentleman very sad.
  9. I also have a 198B which i find very nice to ride, but the 175 seems so smooth will know more in a couple of weeks,the alloy tanks are very hard to come by if you want an original bully tank.
  10. Hi, Mike, thanks for the message , we just put seals in and a new clutch for better use and we had a electronic ignition and its running nice , its going out in two weeks. Regards Steve.
  11. Cheers Matey! Our thoughts exactly
  12. Here is our latest edition brought from the original owner and it had been in his garage for 18+ Years covered up Note the original front sprocket Guard and Alloy Tank 600 miles only from new and nothing at all has been touched Started 3rd kick with fresh fuel and a quick clean up Lovely Bike
  13. cheers bondy for your keen eye all sorted and had to sort that side panel bad fit.also thanks laird 387 for the photo tips but im no David bailey . Thanks guys .Steve 1953
  14. steve1953

    My 198B

    Couple of photos of my 198B
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