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  1. copemech

    evo 19 250 radiator vent blowing

    they will find their own level if not given expansion room for warm weather.
  2. copemech

    2019 raga forks

    if I had to say, it is because they work!
  3. copemech

    Beta 80 retarded when warm

    is your fuel tank venting properly or are you running lean?
  4. copemech

    My girlfriend wants to ride!

    Do you have any pics of her riding?
  5. copemech


    Look up B&J racing and give them a call.
  6. copemech

    Keihin 28 pwk on Ebay/Craigslist?

    I have a Kiehin for you so send me a PM!
  7. copemech

    Fuel Starvation?

    It does indeed Need a 250 to allow enough fuel into the bowl. For road running, that is.
  8. copemech

    Evo 300 2 stroke reved up now won't turn over

    and all because you did not insure the throttle slammed shut and made the proper sound after you did not get the cable back nin proper position!
  9. copemech

    Deep frame scratches 4rt

    Those thick S3 stickers work wonders on covering scratches.
  10. copemech

    Scorpa TYS125F aftermarket header pipe?

    find someone to glass bead blast your stock pipe then go over it with scotchbrite. those expansion chambers may be cat converters!
  11. copemech

    Sherco rear shock

    might call splatshop and see if it needs modded. what shock is it?
  12. copemech

    Beta clutch drag

    so what good is that on a self adjusting hydraulic clutch
  13. copemech


    Never heard of such going soft on them, although they may be thin and quite flexable, they were that way from new. Worst I have heard of from the ethanol is it may make the tanks expand and grow, making fitment difficult. In that case, remove to air out for a while. What is the problem with it anyway?
  14. copemech

    S3 cylinder head

    It looks blingy and makes your wallet lighter!🤩
  15. copemech

    Sherco ST 125cc to 250cc

    engine cases are different as well as crankshaft!