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  1. copemech

    Engine swap?

    I do not think so, as there are a lot of subtle changes. Go ahead and try so you can tell us!
  2. Not to mention beautiful!, her and her sister as well Glad she got rid of the old blue one piece though, as it was around far too long!.
  3. copemech

    Sherco 290 coolant drain bolt

    the original bolt is kinda special little short 5mm sucker. if it has been hit and damaged the threads, a 6 may have been rigged up. the bolts are inexpensive.
  4. copemech


    soundes normal
  5. copemech

    Sherco 290

    No common issues.
  6. copemech


    someone may have sprayed some oil in there as a corrosion preventer as they are horrible about letting water in at the cover. if the bikie runs well, start with a good cleanup with some light solvent and inspect the flywheel for up-down movement from loose bearing. if all looks good ride it.
  7. copemech

    15 ST 250

    That is good. Less powerfully than the Keihin.
  8. copemech

    15 ST 250

    44 is a decent trade, as the 9 on front is just too low! See how you do before messing with timing. Does it have a dellorto carb?
  9. copemech

    Bultaco tank how to clean inside

    Buy a plastic tank!
  10. copemech

    Oem parts

    RYPUSA.com is the US importer. Splatshop is in the UK.
  11. the F and the G, eight digits back, A is 2000
  12. copemech

    New to trails - 2004 Beta Rev3 replacement parts?

    try here https://www.americanbeta.com/
  13. copemech

    Front brake wont lock on 2018 Sherco factory 300

    gotta use the galfer pads, run them in for a bit and heat cycle normally, then make about 3-4 high speed stops heating the front and pull out your water bottle to douse them good, should steam off a lot! do that a couple times then let cool and resume normal operation.
  14. copemech

    clutch sticking

    look up that song " I have no roots!"
  15. copemech

    Advice/thoughts on top end and clutch. 74 TY250A

    " deep down i feel to leave it alone even though i want to learn more....." Keep this up and you shall quickly learn why you were told not to fix things that are not broken!