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  1. copemech

    Monday music on Weds!

    This is just HOT!
  2. copemech

    Sherco Triple Clamp

    what is a LOT?
  3. copemech

    Sherco 250

    The later years are different. Same as the 2.9 though.
  4. copemech

    Front folks

    if the yolk is off, I would find a different rooster!
  5. copemech

    Fan trouble

    Sounds as though the thermo switch has failed and is always on(connected). Get a new one.
  6. copemech

    electric cable condensator

    no idea what you are referring to, call splatshop!
  7. copemech

    Wood in the crank?

    Many used cork in the day and it is likely factory. New ones would be modern plastic. Besides, my old crank still gets wood, and I am much older.
  8. copemech

    2001 250 smoother running

    an option, indeed!
  9. copemech

    Honda tlr 200 kill lanyard/wiring loom help.

    Ja=SUS MAN! Leave that pristine example alone and go butcher up something else ffs!
  10. copemech

    2001 250 smoother running

    the bikie will never run like the little gas gas because the cylinder porting is more aggressive. You may retard the ignition timing by 2-3 mm. the dellorto fuel screw is not sensitive. run your 35 pilot and 118-122 main, turn the mix 3 turns out and try it. they are reliable carbs, just not precise carbs! if really cold they can be a pig to start. lay the bike over on the left handlebar for a few seconds to allow it to flood the carb a bit.
  11. copemech

    Wow! 9.3K for a 74TY250

    there is one born every day!
  12. copemech

    2012 evo lower shock bearing size ?

    can you not call splatshop for this? support your supporters!
  13. copemech

    no start rev3

    Contact Steve at Motoplat UK to fix them, but you will have no way of doing dynamic testing short of replacemrnt as the triggers seem to be the culprit..
  14. copemech

    no start rev3

  15. copemech

    no start rev3

    They are famous for stator issues 😁😁