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  1. looks to be worth every penny!
  2. Bingo, you are the winner! Sherco and others have used this trick for a long time, and it is normal!
  3. Same as Wulfsport and likely a Jitsie!
  4. get a 250 to start. trials boot for trials!
  5. go to third then down to second !
  6. Call RYP I think, as they are the importer for S3 I believe.
  7. put a 26 dellorto on it and dump the flat slide!
  8. The SPS carb is totally different in the lower part. It is an improvement, not perfect yet works well if idle is set higher.
  9. Makes me wonder if you know the fact that most 4T's bog when opened quickly, except for the FI bikes. Requires some adjustment in riding style.
  10. Ck with Splatshop as there are changes on some years.
  11. it will cost you less in the end to hire a pro!
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