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  1. copemech

    2019 beta 250 2t stolen

    Such a pity! You guys wise up and start shooting them fecks and that crap would stop!
  2. copemech

    Evo 200 upgrade to 250?

    someone said that the crank and flyweights are different. I am sure the gearing is as well.
  3. copemech

    Trial bike in winter

    most all coolants are rated for three or more years, so unless you have done something to it, it would be as good as last year!
  4. copemech

    New trials rider, old SY175 questions

    B&J racing did a lot of work with these bikes. Look them up! Parts should mostly be available through RYP and here may be service info posted on the website.
  5. copemech

    smokey mar

    get some heat into it on a regular basis and you will have/keep the excess oil blown out~!
  6. copemech

    Gas gas 1991 ? Trials 250

    not many around? good reason for that!
  7. copemech

    Old **** following the sun

    Are you still able to get around? Thought you in a veg state!
  8. copemech

    Sheffield results

    Bou won!
  9. copemech

    '09 Sherco 320 4T Rebuild Blog

    looking good!
  10. copemech

    Sheffield Indoor Trial 2019

    same stuff, different year!
  11. copemech

    2005 TXT280

    cr250 on a gasser? are you dreaming?
  12. copemech

    Further storage questions from the novice!

    Corrosion-x is a fav for prevention. not cheap, but a can goes a long way. Better too much than too little, re treat and wipe surfaces if/when you can. Bike looks great, keep it that way!
  13. copemech

    2013 Beta Evo - Adjusting the Air & Idle

    add they shake like a dog crapping peach seeds!
  14. copemech

    Rim band question

    nothing abnormal about having to use the pressure to seat the bead as they go, but getting a rim band to seal mjay require a new one with integrated stem, well worth the cost!
  15. copemech

    Rev3 2006 best oils 250cc2 stroke

    5 W 20 works in both and cheap!