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  1. Hi can anyone help please , Ive got a 2018 sherco st 250 and having trouble selecting second gear from 1st gear (it seams to find neutral) even after a positive click . Yet when staionary in gear and running its hard to find neutral . Confusing I know , but the bottom line is it wont select neutral or second when you need them . Does anyone know what this could be ? Cheers .
  2. Niceone , got the 8mm bit now , thanks !? Niceone , got the 8mm bit now , and about the forks . Cheers .
  3. Its great you have found this out and made it easier to suss , by starting adjustments from scratch or zero . But I still dont understand the 8mm "pre - load" bit . And what about the forks , Or have I missed them bits ?cheers . Just found forks bit . But still 8mm preload on rear shock ?
  4. The bloke I bought it off (a dealer) said he has been in-touch with sherco ( this was last Thursday) and they said it was a 250 . But it was pointed out to me on Sunday at Cowm quarry that the front engine bolt was working loose and the engine nos state its a 300 . Also the carb isnt one that comes on a factory bike . I know this is all confusing , but this is why Ive asked . My head is up my axxe with it all .
  5. Its really strange , there is definatley something untoward going on . Going to get intouch with main dealer tomorrow and see what they say .
  6. Thanks for that , just done it and its come back as a 250 . Which isnt whats in it .
  7. I think thats next yes , cheers .
  8. Hi can anyone help I have recently bought a supposed factory 300 sherco 2015 . On the log book it says the engine no is SH25029994 , but on the engine it is SH30029994 . Also the cylinder head is black which when looking at other factory bikes they are blue or gold . It also has 4600 on the cylinder head . I think the factory engine might of been taken out and a 300 standard has been put in . Does any one know about these ? Thanks .
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