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  1. thanks all, I will give it a go with jb weld plastic bond. and let you know how it goes
  2. great idea, I think I have got some but maybe not 3m. cheers good call
  3. cheers, I will. did you unscrew the fitting and jb weld the threads or just smear it around the rim with it screwed in ?
  4. cheers, what JB weld did you use ? standard or plastic bond, I have got standard but ordered jb weld plastic bond thinking it would be better.
  5. plastic tank so not really an option, but thanks
  6. Hi, my sons txt racings fuel tank is leaking from the spigot that the the fuel tap pushes into. I thought it was the tap but its the spout/spigot that the tap pushes into. On further inspection it is threaded into the tank with a bonding agent at the factory, the part is not available a on its own it comes as part of a new tank. I was wondering if anybody else has had this happen and what you used to seal it ? I have ordered some JB weld plastic bond which is apparently fuel resistant, but any other ideas would be very welcome. cheers.
  7. My son and I get out most weekends, Horsham, RRND, Bognor and Worthing clubs. We live in East Preston. Doing the Worthing trial tomorrow, might see you there. Brian.
  8. Yeah its a Kehin, no I will just clean it up and see what jetting is in it. cheers
  9. Yeah , we were rushing a bit , I will look into carb/jets etc. Having just got the bike we wanted to see how it went etc. We bought it from a friend so I will ask if he had any issues. cheers all.
  10. I know, I thought that, but it was as clear cut as slow throttle...bog...quick no bog. I gonna swop back to see...the bikes haunted !!
  11. Hi, my son just bought the above bike, we went to practice today and it was fine , when he went to get over something bigger it bogged, badly..I had a go and when I wound the throttle wide it bogged like the brakes were on. We went back to the van for a head scratch and fitted the quick action from my sherco ( white tube, one that came off was black ). fixed !!! now I am glad it is but I cant for the life of me see why. We tried everything to make it bog again and it wouldn't.. any ideas ? cheers
  12. Flooky

    2018 gas gas

    Thanks fellas, Brian
  13. Flooky

    2018 gas gas

    Hi all, anybody got any advice on a Gas Gas 2018 250, good or bad..? my son is interested in one but at a trial today we heard they were trouble ! cheers in advance
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