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  1. My son and I get out most weekends, Horsham, RRND, Bognor and Worthing clubs. We live in East Preston. Doing the Worthing trial tomorrow, might see you there. Brian.
  2. Yeah its a Kehin, no I will just clean it up and see what jetting is in it. cheers
  3. Yeah , we were rushing a bit , I will look into carb/jets etc. Having just got the bike we wanted to see how it went etc. We bought it from a friend so I will ask if he had any issues. cheers all.
  4. I know, I thought that, but it was as clear cut as slow throttle...bog...quick no bog. I gonna swop back to see...the bikes haunted !!
  5. Hi, my son just bought the above bike, we went to practice today and it was fine , when he went to get over something bigger it bogged, badly..I had a go and when I wound the throttle wide it bogged like the brakes were on. We went back to the van for a head scratch and fitted the quick action from my sherco ( white tube, one that came off was black ). fixed !!! now I am glad it is but I cant for the life of me see why. We tried everything to make it bog again and it wouldn't.. any ideas ? cheers
  6. Flooky

    2018 gas gas

    Thanks fellas, Brian
  7. Flooky

    2018 gas gas

    Hi all, anybody got any advice on a Gas Gas 2018 250, good or bad..? my son is interested in one but at a trial today we heard they were trouble ! cheers in advance
  8. I had this, took ages and loads of kicks to start , then it would run fine all day, turned out to be in line fuel filter. I think once it had a flow it was fine but wouldn't pull fuel through. It looked clean but I cut it open to see after fitting a new one and it was partially blocked. 2014 sherco 250 st
  9. Flooky

    Beta evo fork top

    Yeah I did, I lowered the fork so it was held by the lower clamp in the middle of the slider. I think finger tight from now on is ok. cheers people. flooky
  10. Flooky


    Yeah it is. he he.
  11. Flooky

    Beta evo fork top

    Yeah, makes sense, I will tidy it up with a file and hand tight it. cheers
  12. Flooky

    Beta evo fork top

    Hi, I have managed to round off the small square top on the compression side of my sons evo (2011 250). its all back together but I don't hold out much hope for next time, without wrecking it completely. Any ideas, machine it smaller ? buy a new top? any body else had this trouble ? to be fair it was a bit wrecked when we bought the bike . I am not a complete animal !
  13. Flooky


    New to the forum, been looking for ages but just got round to joining. I have a Sherco and my son rides a Beta. thanks for having us. Flooky
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