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  1. I use time serts if poss or helicoils , I have all the sizes if you are local to Birmingham ?
  2. Guy from splat was very helpful , and sorted parts for me ?
  3. Hi guys , fitted new Boyesen reeds , bugger pilot , cleaned carb , low Comp head and new crank seals , and it’s like a different bike !! Way way smoother and idles way better . Now to try to make the clutch less grabby ?? thanks for input
  4. It is that carb , I’m going to play with jetting etc and try a 26mm normal carb just doing crank seals, reefs etc as well to make sure it’s as good as can be
  5. If jetting does not help I will try swapping the carb to 26mm round slide , my older 290 was soo smooth ?
  6. Hi guys it’s a flat slide 28mm dellorto carb not Keihin, 2010 model
  7. Hi guys I’ve swapped my 2005 290 to a 2010 st300 canastany rep and the 290 was so smooth and smooth bottom end , the 300 is horrible at idle / very low end , I’ve lowered the compression , retarded the ign and slow action throttle which has helped a lot but I feel it could be much better . Has anyone swapped the 28mm flat side dellorto carb for earlier type 26mm ? , strangely it will idle with idle mixture fully in or fully out with very little difference ?? , anyone had any success with this model , ???
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