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  1. Steve, it's a Honda part and Dennis can get them.
  2. trials930

    Scorpa sy250f

    Looking for a blue plastic tank cover and blue plastic seat panel. Also need a white plastic seat panel. Anyone know where to buy them? Thanks
  3. trials930

    Sy 250f

    Update, I drilled the clutch basket, doubling the number of factory drilled holes, and installed the Tusk dimpled steel plates, the clutch now feels perfect, no drag, can find neutral very easily. Next is installing the Athena 290 kit.
  4. trials930

    Sy 250f

    Reviving this thread, I bought an 07 a couple of years ago for a play bike ( my main bike is a 4rt) This 07 has a lot of clutch drag, have done the plate restacking shuffle and the washer addition, have had a slight improvement with these mods, have not done the drilling the basket mod yet. Has anyone replaced the steel plates with the Tusk dimpled plates for a yzf and if so, any improvement? The dimpled plates were a huge improvement on my 4rt. Is ahamayFrank still on here? Thanks, Ken
  5. I have a 27mm mitani header pipe on it now. Ken
  6. trials930


    Got an 07 sy250f this summer for a playbike,looking for a long ride kit for it. Also, it has a slight oil leaking from the top right valve cover area, would like to get a new gasket from my local Yamaha shop, What's the most similar Yamaha model and year for engine parts? Thanks, Ken
  7. Can the S3 280 kit be installed without a programmable throttle body, will it self adjust to the bigger displacement? or is a programmable throttle body necessary. Thanks, Ken
  8. Thanks for the replies, but my pipe is 27mm all the way to the back edge, stock is about 23.4mm, I will need a 27mm I.d. gasket , as a tempory solution, I machined an aluminum sleeve 27.2 mm I.d. by 31.2 mm o.d. by 31 mm long, and sealed with high temp rtv, surely, Mitani must have made something to be able to mount their pipe to a stock midpipe. Thanks, Ken
  9. I just bought a 27 mm ti header pipe from sandifords for my 06 4rt, it did not come with a sleeve gasket to the mid pipe joint, where or what is the proper gasket available from? Thanks, Ken
  10. How can you tell the difference between a 2006, a 2007, and a 2008 sy250f ? Frame # ?, color of plastics may have been changed, exhaust outlets? sprocket # of teeth? Is the pumper carb on the 08 visually different than the 07? Any info appreciated. Thanks, Ken
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