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  1. It does seem a lot to be misaligned through error or something wrong. I haven’t ridden it yet but will tomorrow. I’m at a trial Sunday so should be able to inspect someone else’s bike.
  2. No I never separated the spindle and bottom yolk. Manage to get the bottom bearing off without taking that step
  3. Thank you for supplying me this pic. I’ve been scanning the net trying to see the same bike closely. This pretty much clarifys that mine are ok then. Thanks again
  4. No straining required they slide into position with ease.
  5. I was hoping someone on here had the same bike to put my mind at ease. Yes I did a full replacement cups and pressed bearing. Everything works fine, suspension, steering just looks strange.
  6. Thank you. I will bare this in mind
  7. Yeah the stantions slide up with ease it’s just strange like you say
  8. I did think this as the stantions slide up with ease.
  9. Hello. No not knackered I just hadnt greased them all year so the steering was knotching slightly
  10. Hello, I’m new this this site so hope this is in the correct topic. I have a 19 factory Sherco st 250. Being a year old I thought I would change the head race bearings. After installation I have a strange issue with the yolks looking on the p***. Also when you eye the Stanton through the head tube it looks to not be parallel. See pics. Cheers
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