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  1. Buchanan's have they, I just got a set of stainless steel spokes from them
  2. spinner

    Fantic 309

    Thanks a lot!!!
  3. spinner

    Fantic 309

    I've tried to find his web site but it seems to be gone, I have found all the parts that I need I'm looking more specific information
  4. spinner

    Fantic 309

    A Fantic 309 found it's way into my garage, does any one have some information on it? Parts fische and manual would be of great help
  5. I'm looking for an air filter for a TXR312M, I saw an ad a month or two ago that someone had reproduced them an I can't locate it. Does anyone have that information
  6. I have run 500ml in mine for the last 3 years with no problems
  7. I use MSR AOF clutch lever for the clutch and the brake. it has a bearing in the lever. I've been using them for over a year with no breakage. they have a plastic bushing in the perch and a quick adjuster for the cable. Retail price is 29.99 per lever
  8. spinner

    Show Us Your Ty

    My TY in action last weekend
  9. I worked on an 06 Raga 300 the other day that overheated and filled the crankcase full of water, when i went to remove the impeller from the water pump shaft I was suprized how easy it came apart. It came apart easy brcause there was no impeller just two little pieces of plastic. I've taken many of them apart with stripped threads where the impeller was doing nothing!!
  10. Biff I have 3 flywheels that I had been experimenting with, stock about 6.25 lbs a 5 lbs one and one around 4 lbs. I've have been using the 4 lbs one and will not go back the the others. The bike I rode at the Nebraska National had the light flywheel on it, the bike doesn't stall and idles smooth.I'm still using points with the condensor mounted under the tank ,the cylinder has been ported and the squish is tighter. I should have let you ride it at the national you would have liked it.
  11. spinner

    Chase Ty 220

    Does any body know anything about this bike? It is shown on TY Offroad
  12. spinner

    I Like This!

    What engine is that?? Those are not TY 175 cases. Look at the kickstarter location and the lack of a clutch adjuster screw. YZ cases?? After some investigation I think that they are 1976-79 YZ250 cases. Clutch cover fits various YZ's and IT's from 76-80 and 250-400cc. The cylinder base gasket is the same as a TY 250 74-77 Double check me but that is what I think {ps I'm a parts manager at a Yamaha shop so I kind of cheated}
  13. The tanks are being warrantied, I have already received on for my son's 2013 Race. New tanks are all one molded piece. Call GasGas they should take care of you!!
  14. The cover that bolts right on fits 1974- 77 yz125, 1976 yz125x, 1976 YZ175, 1976-79 YZ100. PART ## is 537-15431-01-00, there is a casiting number 537 inside the cover. Covers with casting number 1W1 will fit bit need a lot of modification!!!
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