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  1. It's the bike not the rider. My ty has almost 50 years of experience. 😀
  2. I've looked for a less expensive way to ship to the UK than the US Postal Service, but haven't found one. Would a UK discount help? If it would help spur UK sales, I can consider it. Also, shipping for any package 4 ounces or less costs the same, so ordering multiple items at a time is a cost reducing strategy.
  3. hdscarbro

    2021 TRS 125RR

    Has anyone ridden a 2021 TRS 125RR with the improved engine? WDYT?
  4. hdscarbro

    TRS stand

    I've been making these cast plastic "feet" for the original TRS kickstand for several years. They're a big help in keeping the kickstand from "tent staking" into the ground. PM me if interested.
  5. I'm designing a 3D printable one.
  6. How is the weight attached to the flywheel? I saw in another post that you said it was a prototype. Production timeframe?
  7. Interesting. I'll inquire. Thanks.
  8. I'm looking to make the engine a bit more stall resistant. I'm a 63 and have been riding trials for a hand-full of years. Prior to the TRS, all of my trials experience was on a ty175. The ty, by comparision, is impossible to stall. I'm hoping that with some percentage more flywheel mass, there's a sweet spot. A place where the engine is less likely to stall, but not too sluggish either.
  9. I've been pining for more flywheel mass on my TRS125. A commercial flywheel weight is not available. Here's the solution I came up with. On my 125, there's about 5mm space between the flywheel and the crankcase. I machined a 4mm disc from mild steel that attaches directly to the back of the flywheel via tapped holes added to the flywheel. I haven't ridden the bike too much yet. My first impression is that perhaps for me the weight should be a bit less. This one weighs about 11oz. Does anyone know what is typical for a 125?
  10. You're right. I checked with my local TRS dealer. For all displacements, he said sales of the ONE models have dropped to almost nothing since the RR models came out. Because there's only a $600 difference, customers are going for the RR. He said a ONE model can be special ordered for $1000 non-refundable deposit and 6-8 week lead.
  11. The 125 exists only as the "ONE RR" model. It's my understanding there is not currently a 125cc ONE (base) model. http://www.trsmotosusa.com/2018_one_125cc.html
  12. I hope to. Parked next to a group of guys from upstate NY. It's an incredible place to ride. Well worth planning to stay for an extra day or two.
  13. I ordered a TRS 125 yesterday and should have it in a week or so. I see you're in NY, I'm in MA. If we cross paths, you can try mine. Are you planning to attend any of the New England Trials Association events this season? There's a couple in NY (Hoosick & Northville).
  14. I rode the 125 at Trials Training Days in Tennessee recently and I am enamored. I'm in my early 60's and have been riding trials for several years on a ty175. I've ridden several other modern bikes and this is the only one I've ridden this I can see owning. I found the engine to be torquey, with considerably more power than my Yamaha. It's a surprisingly easy bike to ride. I overheard one expert rider make similar comments in his assessment. For me, it is likely more bike than I'll need for the trials skills I'll develop in this lifetime. :-)
  15. I put an extension lever on my ty175 from tyoffroad. It's a noticeable improvement. Using a kitchen scale to measure the actuation force, it lightened the pull by about 15 percent. The pressure required to push the clutch lever fully open went from about 7lbs to 6lbs.
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