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  1. stevec

    E-start number board

    Thought you might be...
  2. stevec

    E-start number board

    I just picked up my new One RR electric start - great bike! Has anyone come up with a number board design yet? The battery box is a little deep which means the board needs to be further forward than normal. The OEM box is waterproof and fits nicely behind the headlight cover but the shape makes it a little hard to attach to the back of a flat board (ala EVO regulator/rectifier). I've been thinking of different options from standoff mounts to something that wraps around in front of the whole headlight/battery box. We typically run just number boards (no headlight) here in the States so there might be a fair demand if the electric start becomes as popular as I think it will...
  3. Love these two videos that were just posted on YouTube: https://youtu.be/9O6bpwS5EVk https://youtu.be/Pm4sErzUWik
  4. stevec

    Evo fuel cap problem.

    This might help. AB-80175 Evo Billet Gas Cap Install.pdf
  5. I just purchased a 2019 EVO 200. Can anyone verify whether the charging/ignition system is unique to the 200 2T? I ask because the voltage regulator is not located behind the headlight on mine. I've removed the headlight and the cooling fan still operates properly.
  6. This might help: http://trialstrainingcenter.com/how-to-ride-motorcycle-trials/drop-offs/
  7. If I remember right, my manual had a supplement (loose page stuck in after the fact) saying to line up with the "F" mark, not the "T". The bike and manual are long gone or I'd double-check.
  8. It's hard to tell by the illustration but it sounds like you may need the entire damper assembly (page 28, #10: http://www.lewisportusa.com/docs/Montesa%2005%204RT%20Parts%20List.pdf ). Unfortunately, it's not cheap: http://www.cmsnl.com/products/damper-comp-fr_51430nn4003/
  9. There's a double layer of "synthetic suede" across the palms but the feel seems pretty good. Like I said, I haven't ridden with them yet so I can't say how they'll hold up.
  10. Just bought a pair of these: Haven't had a chance to use them yet but I suspect they'll be good in the rain. Price was right and they look fairly well made. Got them here: http://www.amazon.com/U-S-Divers-Diving-Gloves-Medium/dp/B000EM0M3Y/ref=sr_1_2?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1311696477&sr=1-2
  11. Try here: http://www.vmar.com/barmounts.html I think they're for standard (not fat) bars.
  12. A guy from Londonderry New Hampshire designed and sold them. He commissioned a local foundry to make a bunch. The TY250A came stock with a composite plate and most riders worried it wasn't enough protection so the guy sold quite a few. Unfortunately, they were pretty heavy and cracked in two after a few good hits. I went through two. I'm surprised you found one in one piece. The TY250C(we didn't see the "B" model in the States) came stock with a much improved aluminum plate.
  13. I think of dropping teeth at the c/s sprocket (or adding to the rear) as if I'm changing from a fast to slow throttle. It results in slower rear wheel speed per amount of throttle rotation. Sure, there's more torque but slowing down the reaction of the rear wheel is what I think people are talking about.
  14. I had to laugh. The general perception here in the States has always been that Trials is where ex-motocrossers and enduro riders go when past their prime. Seems like the tables have turned in light of riders like Dougie and Taddy etc... they go to "extreme" sports to relax. And win.
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