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  1. I removed the ball from the gas cap and still have the problem any more thoughts?
  2. Thanks I'm going to try this I'm just going to get the vent tube. I have a Bernie Schreiber training class in 3 1/2 weeks will be a good test and I'll let you know.
  3. Bike_Breaker thanks for getting back to me. I do like to run my idle high It stalled on me when I was making a left hand turn around a tree on flat ground. And other time just after I climb over a rock and made a right hand turn. I did put a thicker base gasket on the head to help on the lower end torgue. When I go to give it gas it sounds like it's out of gas I'm sure you know the sound.(LOL)
  4. I have a TRS 250 2021 e-start and when riding it will just quit like it runs out of gas tank are over ¾. It is very random. Had it happen twice in two days when I was at a competition. Have jetted and adjusted float. Thinking is more of an electrical problem. Hope you can help.
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