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  1. Great thread. I tried TIG welding a stainless barrel to a cable and got no where.
  2. Ftwelder


    Very well done! Has the head angle been pulled in?
  3. Ftwelder

    1977 TS 185

    I found one of these locally for low money and thought the same thing. Perhaps machining a bit off the bottom of the cylinder and the right pipe might bring it around. They are light and narrow with decent brakes.
  4. Thanks for the advice and kind words, I have a friend who had a C15T in stock form and strongly suggested I avoid the wide ratio box. Over here events are generally held on a single piece of property so not much need for a tall gear besides being rare and expensive. I do agree about the chain line and swing arm pivot relation. I cycled the suspension with a spring in place of several links of chain (with a 16T gearbox sprocket) and at ride height had no swing arm contact and may be 10mm chain growth. Food for thought... It might be nice to sub in the close ratio Victor first gear which is a taller so first and second are closer and then select the smallest gearbox sprocket that gives good chain line at ride height, use the rear sprocket to make things work.
  5. As I inch closer to being half way done assembling my motor, I need to decide what to use for a gearbox sprocket. I have a 18T crank sprocket and a 52 on my rear wheel. Standard SS ratios in a dedicated trials machine. My local suppler (bsaunitsingles) has suggested a 13T as a good starting point but there is also a 12T available. I ran out of "meaningful" progress while waiting for parts to I took the case covers to the polishing wheel. Ill never do that again but it sure looks nice.
  6. I am 62 and just started a couple months ago. Ride every chance you get, even in circles in the door yard and build balance and core strength. Major fun!
  7. I finished installation and it started first kick. I tried using the stock rubber spacer with the adapter spigot supplied and had a big air leak once the bike warmed up. I righted that and adjusted the idle circuit. It's very close to perfect. Ill raise the needle a little tomorrow and see if the acceleration can be improved. I like it so far.
  8. Months ago I bought a random 26mm OKO off ebay to use as a mock-up for my BSA and it ended up being legit. My new one should arrive tomorrow so Ill compare the internals myself.
  9. It seems I only need to shorten the throttle cable housing 17mm and it should bolt right on!
  10. My original IRZ is working just fine and with very low miles I decided to try replace it before wearing it out further. I purchased a Taiwan made OKO kit from Mid-Atlantic trials (I am in the states) and wonder if any of you had gone this route? The tuning seems straight-forward.
  11. The motor, clutch and fit/feel is perfect. I could balance without moving, do simple roll-backs and turn with the forks against the stop but It had no brakes (even with all new parts). This afternoon I fixed the fork leak and ground a ton of rust from the front brake drum liner which seemed to be a big improvement. It's got tons of compression, starts first kick, runs cool and the plug reads perfect. It pinged once when I almost stalled setting the slide stop and doesn't smoke. It seems perfect. I need help more help than the bike does at this point.
  12. My 1972 MAR barn find with super low miles (770) . I took off the fragile bits and replaced them along with filling the holes in the tank and lining with epoxy. I rode it today for the first time Rare find in these parts by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr
  13. Last night I had laid the bike on it's side in preparation to remove the petcock and carburetor this morning. Upon arrival, I decided to move the bike to another spot and when I stood it up, started flowing gas! I pushed it to the embankment and it fired right up! I did a quick plug reading, jetting seemed fine so I went back, worked on the throttle to remove the slack and took her out for a spin. Other than having no brakes it works really well. It idled down low and the clutch seemed amazing. It started several times with a single kick, throttle closed. g I think I figured out where I went wrong on the fork work. I missed the seal between the damping rod and bottom cone. Thanks for looking. Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr
  14. Thanks for that tip, it worked well. I used a 12mm carbide burr with a ball end so I could chamfer the edges of the cuts while I was as it. I made good progress today and got it fully assembled but more work is needed. When I was changing the throttle and cable I broke the adjuster boss off the top of the carb. I made a work around with epoxy but have a littler throttle cable play and no adjustment. I also have a persistent fork oil leak., I replaced O-rings at the bottom and even installed a gasket under the bolt head but left side is still leaking. What I hope is the final obstacle is the fuel petcock is clogged and no fuel is flowing. I only put a liter or so in the tank so I can lay the machine on it on it's side and remove the petcock and hopefully restore it without spilling gas. I need to have it running by 7:00 AM to make it to the event on time. The tank had holes and was deformed from ethanol fuel and/or crash damage to is will be ugly for a while. I used the Kaswell kit and adding fiberglass to the outside. Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr There are other things but I am done for today,.
  15. My parts arrived today (Friday) . I pulled the flywheel to move the wires and noticed some residue showing a crank seal leak. Not a good sign with the ride on Sunday but we will see. I rerouted the wires with the heat gun and it worked really well. Ill probably make a washer type device to hold the wires away from the flywheel. The heli-coil went really well! Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr I bent up a skid plate I like that fits pretty good. The first one wasn't so good but the drilling went well so Ill use it for a template. Untitled by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr Quite a few things to do but hope to be wrapped up tomorrow afternoon in time to fire it up if it works out that way..
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