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  1. neils on wheels

    Log book and engine nos dont match

    I would take it back to the seller and ask him/her why the nos. do not match.
  2. neils on wheels

    New vertigo

    Maybe it's a Midland & Western Centre thing, but I do see a lot more TRSs about than Vertigos. TRS seems to be the only new entrant that has captured much market share from what I can see, but I do not have any statistics to back up this impression.
  3. neils on wheels

    New vertigo

    I suspect most riders will loose the stickers at the same time as they replace the Dunlop tyres with Michelins.
  4. neils on wheels

    World Trial Calender

    I believe it limits variety and encourages the dominance of dry, grippy indoor style sections in an outdoor trial. I would love to see a WTC that tests riders in all conditions, but accept that the economics of the sport do not allow it at world level. Thankfully we have a UK trials scene nationally and locally that runs all year.
  5. neils on wheels

    World Trial Calender

    Seven rounds, five of them in June & July, it’s death by a thousand cuts for the world trials championship ...
  6. neils on wheels

    No GB round 2019

    I suggest it comes down the return on investment for all of the fore-mentioned being superior to that for a world trial. Trials is a participation sport, MX is mixed participants & spectators, the road race circuit formats are primarily spectator sports.
  7. neils on wheels

    FIM Take Back TrialGP Series

    I agree that the presentation of the sport improved and I welcomed the you tube shows, but in my opinion the introduction of timed qualifying in the place of two day trials was a retrograde move. Trials will never be mainstream, so why not just accept that fact and promote events that appeal to trials riders rather than try to attract a mainstream audience?
  8. neils on wheels

    Toby Martyn

    I agree, but I wonder how much is down to Beta wanting a good showing in the Trial2 championship? He has a two year deal, so I imagine the plan will be to move up to TrialGP in 2020.
  9. neils on wheels

    Toby Martyn

    Indeed, it will be interesting to see if Toby can be Trial2 champion on a 250 2T against the 300 4T Monts
  10. neils on wheels

    Toby Martyn

    I see the latest news is that Toby is staying in Trial2 for 2019, on a factory Beta.
  11. neils on wheels

    Toby Martyn

    I don't recall seeing anything that they publicly acknowledged the Sport7 open letter, or the issue that it addressed.
  12. neils on wheels

    Toby Martyn

    The relevance of posts about 1970s trials to Toby Martin and the recent 2018 Italian world round have confused me and now we are 'going forward to go backwards', has this forum entered a space-time continuum?
  13. neils on wheels

    Toby Martyn

    I'm happy to comment Dabster, now that the trial has taken place. The results and on line comments, suggest that Grattarola & Marcelli's results were manipulated to make sure Toby Martyn didn't win the trial or the championship. I like others ask why the FIM and/or Sport 7 did not intervene. Perhaps they would care to comment. Or should that be 'dare to comment'?
  14. neils on wheels

    Toby Martyn

    I think Grattarola had better get back into Trial GP, if he's that good he'll give Bou a run for his money ... in next years Italian round!
  15. neils on wheels

    How to transport on Range Rover Sport

    You can buy a 'proper' flat plate towbar from Land Rover. This will be the most secure option. You then get yourself a 4x4 rack from Dave Cooper and you're sorted.