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  1. The test rider was Dan Clark, who certainly knows what he's doing, including having ridden for GB in the Trial des Nations.
  2. I have seen two press releases from the Montesa HRC team. Miguel Ciera is retiring as Team Manager. Fuji takes on this role for 2022 and Gabriel Marcelli joins the team as a second rider. None of this, particularly Marcelli joining the team he has been clearly developed for, comes as a surprise, but is is more evidence that they are by far the most professional outfit in the WTC.
  3. Is that the Ralph Varden? If so, it is the final round of the Midland Centre championship, so not very beginner friendly.
  4. Hughie, another thing to consider is your body position. If you are used to riding a road bike, it is possible that you are crouching down with your bum hovering above the back mudguard. This will weight the back of the bike and when you tweak the throttle it will pull at your arms and throw your weight further back. If you are not doing so already, try to make a conscious effort to stand tall and centrally on the bike.
  5. I read that the KTM Group (Pierer Mobility) will be building a new factory in Terrassa, Catalonia.
  6. It's probably not the sole cause of your problem, but for a start you can reduce the oil ratio to 75/80:1. Try it with about 65ml of synthetic 2 stroke in 5 litres of fuel.
  7. I'd qualify that statement by defining what "powerwise" means. The Beta has always had the best bottom end of the 125s and to me feels most like a bigger engine, but with lower power everywhere. Other brands, notably Gas Gas in the past, have chased more mid and top end power, at the expense of bottom end. See what the bikes are doing in the 125 GP class and you'll understand this. More recently, I'd say all of the brands have smoothed out the power curve of their 125's to give more balance to the bottom, mid & top end.
  8. The question that interests me is why has there been so little challenge to the established top riders of Bou, Raga, Fajardo, Fujinami, Cabestany (before his retirement) for the best part of a decade. Busto is a top 3 rider, Casales maybe a top 5 rider, but that's about it. It seems to me that emerging riders are unable to develop to the same level as the previous generation, but I honestly have no idea why.
  9. I suspect it is quite the opposite, i.e. attempt to crack the elite for a few years, spend some money then have to call it a day when they realise they have no money or sponsors left.
  10. Crikey! That’s a long winded way to say “new stickers”. Does the PR agent get paid by the word? I’ll write the 2022 press release for them now. “It ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.
  11. I imagine some dealers and possibly importers too, will struggle without bike and spares sales for a few months.
  12. The FIM have announced the postponement of the first three rounds of the trial world championship http://www.fim-live.com/en/article/fim-trial-calendar-updates/
  13. Primus fuel bottle https://www.primus.eu/store/fuel/ You'll find plenty of similar ones in an outdoor gear shop.
  14. I believe that when Gas Gas was in financial trouble and Adam Raga rode his factory bikes, but without support, he reckoned he need around €100,000 to complete the season.
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