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  1. duggan

    2021 301RR

    Trs Gold, style tech fork legs would have made a huge visual impact
  2. duggan

    2021 301RR

  3. By adjusting the large brass screw on right side of the throttle body. I use a digital tachometer that picks up the rpm from a wire wrapped around the spark plug lead, set to 1800rpm and forget.
  4. Definitely sounds like the idle is a touch low, this can make them very temperamental to start.
  5. duggan


    Wow! That’s a lot of problems, sounds like you’ve been very unlucky with that particular bike. I’ve had a couple of Friday afternoon bikes in my time and it can be very frustrating. My only advise would be get it sorted get it sold then buy a Montesa and start enjoying hassle free riding. In my group of riding buddies we’ve all changed to 4rt’s over the last 5 years, out of 15 + bikes we’ve not had a single mechanical issue.
  6. Splat Shop in the Uk has both the bush and bolt in stock https://www.splatshop.co.uk/gasgas-pro-clutch-hub-bolt-bush.html
  7. Safe bet is the Montesa 315, well made and still a very capable bike that’s only going up in value.
  8. At the end of the day we all have our own preferences, likes and dislikes. I personally think the bottom end grunt of a 4 stroke makes it perfect for trials. I suspect the main reason other manufacturers haven’t continued to develop 4t engines is just more likely down time and money.
  9. Sure most of the guys at the sharp end in Uk will be either sponsored bikes or well supported by local their local dealers, regardless of brand most riders won’t turn down a free or cheap bike. Seeing at there’s so many different 2 strokes brands all with supported riders, yes of course there’s going to be less 4 strokes at the top level, it’s nothing to do with the limitations of the bike. Look at trial 2, the Montesa’s have dominated.
  10. Yes I had a 2016 4rt then went back to a 300 Gasgas ??‍♂️ Fortunately this was only a temporary lapse in judgment and I am back on a 300rr Montesa and life is so much sweeter! Won’t be going back, only 2 stoke I’ll be running is my garden strimmer! ?
  11. Check the throttle cable hasn’t been pulled up slightly, if the outer cable isn’t sitting in the metal flute fully where it enters the carb you’ll not get it to start. 100% Don’t attempt to bump start the bike! It’s not staring because there’s a problem, I’ve seen 2 of these exact bikes destroy a piston and barrel from being forced to start while the cable isn’t seated fully.
  12. duggan

    Riding a 4RT

    Haha I wasn’t referring to fuel consumption but more like mechanical issues ending in a long push home ? Good point tho, the 4rt’s give no warning when they run out of fuel and there’s no reserve to rely on. Always carry some extra!
  13. duggan

    Riding a 4RT

    Hi I’ve had loads of 300cc 2 strokes, in comparison the power on the 4rt is noticeable stronger off the bottom, especially with the 300rr. Biggest problem owning a montesa 4rt is trying not to look to smug when your poor 2 stroke riding buddies are pushing their bikes back to the van ???
  14. It’s been ahead of the game all along
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