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  1. Just bite the bullet and buy a cheaper set of trial boots there just over £100 you won’t regret it
  2. I’ve always used the cheapo Chinese ones and they’ve always been fine
  3. Whip them out and get the numbers off them and order a set from your supplier
  4. Leave it alone if it’s quiet and running fine there not like mx bikes that need regular rebuilds
  5. Give it a wee whiz with an impact gun to loosen or tighten but go easy as it’s just alloy
  6. Look at the portion of thread that’s sticking through the nut and see how it’s cut and you’ll be able to work it out from there
  7. It will just be a Chinese made motor same as the rest get the sizes and do your homework on the net I’m sure you will find something for not much money
  8. 2t trials and all your other Fantic parts too
  9. Looks a good repair I would just leave it
  10. technowaldo

    Fantic 305

    2t trials fife
  11. Don’t bother the rebuild kit for the m c just bite the bullet and buy a new master cylinder most bother with brakes comes from the m c
  12. Paint it outside on a nice day with a mask on and you’ll be fine it’s not as if your doing it every day it’s only a one off
  13. 2k definitely best paint for the job on top of an etch primer
  14. I done what Kurtus said and it was leaking again in months just bite the bullet and buy the inner clutch casing for £100 ish it’s an easy fit if it’s your sons bike he might not notice it’s leaked all the fluid out and then you will have a much more expensive seize to repair
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