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  1. technowaldo

    Fantic 240

    I think it’s an unusual fine thread on the fantics
  2. technowaldo

    Some help please :)

    Not worth restoring that better trying to fettle what you’ve got and just make the best of that .it might ride surprisingly well with that four stroke in it
  3. technowaldo

    Battery hour meter for 2018 Beta Evo 200

    Glue it to the frame just down from the headstock
  4. No just titanium as Paul says titanium tig filler rod
  5. technowaldo

    Stat rewind

    Just got a evo one done with W C W and was fine and very fast turn round
  6. technowaldo

    Evo 290 hole

    Think it’s just part of the casting if there’s no aluminium debris in the oil just forget about it
  7. technowaldo

    Beta Evo Shock question

    Sealed unit leave it
  8. technowaldo

    Thermostat keeps popping out

    Head gasket pressurising the cooling side
  9. technowaldo

    sikoflex or tiger seal for rim sealing?

    Both the same use what’s cheapest
  10. technowaldo

    2 stroke oil facts & myths

    I’ve ran fully synthetic at 70 to 1 for about the last 15 years in everything i own ie beta ,Fantic,strimmer ,disc cutter ,chainsaw even my 4 stroke lawnmower and not had a peep of bother from anything .it seems to me the detergent side of oil is the most important bit of it as lubrication part over exceeds all the specs anyway
  11. technowaldo

    Shedworks Tank cover

    You won’t be saying that when you spill petrol on it
  12. technowaldo

    Securing a trials bike

    Waste of time spending money on high end chains and anchors as the cheapest cordless grinder with a 1mm disc cuts them like a knife going through butter and is quiet. spend your money and time on beefing up your garage security to keep them out in the first place
  13. technowaldo

    hybrid trials bike???

    No where near enough bike sales in the trials market to cover the investment needed to develop a hybrid bike
  14. technowaldo

    Forma Boulder boots, looking after?

    Jet wash them at the same time as the bike after a trial ,leave to dry for a week and wear them again.my first set lasted 7 year with that care and attention so no complaints
  15. technowaldo

    Fantic 200 Gearbox Oil

    1 litre