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  1. technowaldo

    Beta evo 2011 trials

    Time Left: 21 days and 22 hours

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    2011 evo I’ve owned the bike since it was 18 months, old buying it from an over 50 rider in my club , since new it’s been pretty much over maintained all its life and wanted for nothing new c+s and recent back tyre ,engine totally original and very sweet, stator rewound by w c windings 4 weeks ago . Since owning it I’ve only really used it 6 or 7 times a year as I have a a c mono and a Twinshock too. only real faults are stickers are starting to peel from the rear mudguard and front tyre is a bit worn . Please call 07711475018 for more info

    1,950.00 GBP

  2. technowaldo

    Securing a trials bike

    Waste of time spending money on high end chains and anchors as the cheapest cordless grinder with a 1mm disc cuts them like a knife going through butter and is quiet. spend your money and time on beefing up your garage security to keep them out in the first place
  3. technowaldo

    hybrid trials bike???

    No where near enough bike sales in the trials market to cover the investment needed to develop a hybrid bike
  4. technowaldo

    Forma Boulder boots, looking after?

    Jet wash them at the same time as the bike after a trial ,leave to dry for a week and wear them again.my first set lasted 7 year with that care and attention so no complaints
  5. technowaldo

    Fantic 200 Gearbox Oil

    1 litre
  6. technowaldo

    XL125 prolink overhaul help

    All balls will probably do a kit for this .alternatively buy the bearings ,bushes individually from simply bearings
  7. technowaldo

    Vito Compact Dualiner

    No chance of getting 2 bikes in a compact dualiner I had one and you could only shoehorn 1 bike in diagonally or take seats out
  8. technowaldo

    keeping a bike looking nice

    Auto smart bike cleaner then spray on rhino shine
  9. technowaldo

    Engine Paint

    2k car paint better than all that heat resistant stuff even for exhaust Down pipes doesn't burn off and a great long lasting finish
  10. technowaldo

    Plastic Restoration

    Rub it down as best you can then prime it with plastic primer and then 2 or 3 coats of 2k paint and it will look better than new remember to paint the insides of the mudguards first or it will look s-- t when you build it up
  11. technowaldo

    Engine paint

    Just use normal 2k car paint it doesn't burn off I've used it on 2 and 4 stroke engines even the exhaust manifold and it lasts for years
  12. S3 hard rock first class pegs
  13. technowaldo

    ty 125cc on road

    Easier to buy a frame with v5
  14. technowaldo

    Greasing Shock Bearings??

    Think they are meant to stay dry it looks like a chromed finish on the bearing surface
  15. technowaldo

    Stolen Betas

    Don't rely on chains and ground anchors too heavily. a cordless 4 inch disc cutter with a 1mm disc cuts through them like butter . Frightning