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  1. Nice one. Really liked it. Subscribed Just quick tip. Can you remove this part from the end of your link: &t=192s It'll link to the beginning of the video instead of 192nd second
  2. Thanks for all your comments. Some of the trousers I've seen (both trials and MX) don't have any pockets. Hence my question. Some of them have very small and tight one close to the body, and I am not sure about putting a key in there ( my car hey isn't one of thos collapsible ones ). I am guessing it may pose some risk in case of unfotunate fall down.
  3. I am slowly planning on my trial riding gear. Now, one thing I've noticed is that there is not much storage provided in most of the riding apparel (pants/ jerseys). I am used to having plethora of pockets in my ADV riding jacket I don't plan to carry a lot of stuff with me, but some essentials ( phone / wallet / car keys ). How do you carry stuff like this while trial riding? Bum bags ( waist packs / fanny packs ), back packs? Which of those do you find convenient?
  4. Apologies for digging out this old topic but I wanted to ask if there is anything new worth considering. As I need to buy a fuel can I thought I'd like something that protects from spillage. I did some googling and I like the idea of "No Spill" cans, where you need to keep the button pressed for the fuel to flow. Like on this video: I am curious if there is anything else you are using that is convenient and true spill proof. The others I found are Polisport ProOctane or Tuff Jug.
  5. I couldn't find any photo prior to purchasing Berlingo WAV. So here is one for others, hope this is helpful:
  6. I understand that now. Thank you for all the comments.
  7. Fine. I won't. Ufff.. Glad I've asked.... I literally never ever had any offroad bike. After many years of riding on road everything here is brand new reality. I don't know all the rules, don't know trial savoir vivre. I am curious, and hence my question. For many people motorcycle is anti-social. I am the last person to act against rules... if I know them. Now, I can clean my bike in my backyard, it is not an issue. I asked about cleaning prior to transport. I'll buy some big tarp and will use that when it's muddy.
  8. What about non pressure washing/cleaning? Bit of water and a brush just to get the mud off the bike.
  9. Hi, Noob question. Do you clean your bikes after riding (especially now when there is a lot of mud) and before puting in into the car? If so, do you carry some water and battery powered jet-wash? I mean this is probably less of an issue for van owners. But if you use a car (like Berlingo) then it ma get very messy very quickly. Just thought that it may be easier to clean the bike pre-trasport rathen than clean the car later on.
  10. @trapezeartist thanks for that. I suppose you don't happen to have any picture with the bike loaded in your Berlingo?
  11. Yeah, that was my initial thought to look for an old Transit Connect with long wheel base and high root. But find one in decent state is a challenge. I mean if you don't want to spend too much. It looks like it may be easier to find old berlingo in better shape, hence my question.
  12. I'd like to ask for simmilar. I plan to carry one bike, but would like to understand how it fits into the older/cheaper models of berlingo (I think it is 2004-2012). I never had any van. Nor I have carried any bike in any car/van. How easy it is to put a bike in a small-ish van with low roof like Berlingo. I am looking at both Berlingo cars and vans, but I guess van is going to have slightly more space + it'll be easier to clean. Any photos much appreciated. Ta.
  13. Hi there, Brand new here and completely new to trials. Been riding bikes for many years, but discovered I have a trial club just couple miles from home. Went there, met nice people, schedulled test ride. I feel that this may be a beginning of something very interesting for me. I feel that I'll be buying a new bike quite soon.. and some cheap van to carry it.
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