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  1. Improving Fork Action.

    So is the HFS kit worthwhile , ? I asked about them a few years ago and didn't hear anything positive ...
  2. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!

    Dan; I've seen a wave spring clutch somewhere in the past .... I'm thinking it was a dry clutch on some type of implement or machine tool ...
  3. Ute Cup !!!

    I hope you can make it ! I'm gonna shoot for riding it next year when I'm a little more set up !
  4. Ute Cup !!!

    So as I'm just getting settled here in Colorado , I just signed up to observe at the Ute this August ,as I'm a bit out of shape to try and ride it this year ... So who all is gonna come out and ride it ???
  5. Fast Show lover Fuji

    Always a rush ... you coming to the UTE cup this year ?
  6. Denver Trials scene ???

    As in Lakewood for now until Feb. , then it's time to start house hunting ! And I've got to get settled in the new job too !
  7. Denver Trials scene ???

    Well it's done ! here I sit just outside of Denver , Couldn't be happier !!!!
  8. Air Cooled Mono 2 stroke mix????!

    I've been running all my Fantics (air & water cooled) @ 75:1 with amsoil synthetic with not a issue ever with fuel ... oh , mixed with 110 ave fuel ....
  9. Best shocks

    I love my works performance shocks and they are totally rebuild able , But they are not cheap !!!
  10. Mud

    I was , but I'm not gonna even comment , Tire pressure & throttle control .....
  11. Bikes that you come across multiple times

    I used to be like that .... And in my youth got paid too ! but lets not venture there , Palm Springs Ca. early 80's ....
  12. Denver Trials scene ???

    It'll be a run straight out I-40 !!!
  13. Denver Trials scene ???

    Biff I really wish I could , But got a overflowing plate right now . Lots to get done , little time to do it ! But i'm happy as a clam in mud !
  14. Denver Trials scene ???

    Minor Change in plans !! Got a buyer for the homestead ! , But destination has changed ! We just found a home in Bakersfield , Ca. so we can be close to family and start from there . Any luck at all and I'll be westward bound in 30 to 45 days ! And on a different note my dear Daughter starts another internship (paid this time !:) ) in mobile Alabama on dophine island (sp?). studying the fishy's again . And we found here a solid '98 honda crv for her travels . I'll bring it to work and throw a T/belt , water pump and major service at it and send her on her way in a week or so ... Life is getting Wonderful again ! Glenn
  15. Denver Trials scene ???

    No more contemplating : with info I received in the last few days , I just gotta do it asap !!! What a long strange trip it's been ! Glenn