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  1. Hey Dan ; I may make a trek to new England this summer , with my faithful Fantic in tow … By any chance does my childhood HERO Don Sweet ever come out and play any more ? Yeah I grew up in NE. in the early 70's! Don and a another young guy from new York I think battled year in and out for the championship . I wouldn't have been able to ride a lot of events if not for Don and his Dad helping my Mom get my bike back on the trailer … Great memories of learning how to ride emulating the king of smooth !
  2. moto cinch tie downs … they compress the suspension about a inch and the bike doesn't move at all , becomes one with the trailer . I've had one too many tie down straps break thru the years . And the footpegs are more than up to the task :)
  3. Cool , got a new truck to haul my trailer . are your events dog friendly ? Zelda the trials mut has separation anxiety !
  4. what do you mean looks kinda heavy ??!! I've got the old girl slimmed down to about 300lbs now !!!
  5. I may be in touch in a few …… Thanks
  6. So Brewtus ; How is the job market for a master mechanic/Toyota guy in your neck of the woods ? getting sick of snow already and I need to ride !!!! and my girl told me she remarried her ex...…. !!! so not much to keep me here .
  7. Been running a OKO for a few years now and just rejetted it for a 9k elevation change , but I'd have to dig out my notes if your still needy … and if you don't have a real OKO it's not worth the effort , the copies are trash …..
  8. As above , but compress the rear too , timing on the rebound ...
  9. I've sold the NV and have moved to 9000 ft near Denver now and I'm restoring/rebuilding old land cruisers now … Just getting settled in here and getting in to the avid local trials scene . And of course I've got a new Tacoma to hot rod now …… ! And of course Zelda the trials puppy loves the weather !
  10. axulsuv

    240 head mod

    how do you like the HFS ? and where did you get the clamps again ? I'm Snowed in right now and planning on resurrecting my Trials activities this season ...
  11. I used to live there , you can ride Big bear , Joshua Tree , Yucca valley and Deep Creek in Cedar Glen (near Lake Arrowhead) is the best Trials terrain , but any where in Cali. your gonna have to deal with the Rangers and the sticker laws ! Have Fun and good luck !
  12. axulsuv

    240 head mod

    I've ridden with Nigel a couple of times, His dads fantic I think , You should see Ryan Young on My 240 ! he knows how the gravity switch works ; I haven't figured that part out yet
  13. I'll stick with my Trusty 240 , Still got a fresh 300 motor to go in her if the urge and time come together ...
  14. OK ; Long time no chat … Romance didn't work out so far , But have a great job in Conifer and I'm trying to buy a house in Bailey . But I need to get out and find some places to practice , I miss my bike !!! Missed out on the event here this weekend !
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