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  1. I'm still not dead yet 😊
  2. I bought an NV 3500 and saw your posts about your mods, just done the insulation so far.
  3. Next weekend another old **** and I are heading to Lucerne valley CA to ride, camp, and catch some rays. So I thought I would make a month of it and visit other places, I know what p****** rain and cold look like so no need to sample that. What tha got? need to be able camp and ride.
  4. A perfect grind, usually cost me dinner and a movie.
  5. I have a boat anchor on the front of my fishing boat, why would I want another ?. Lineaway is spot on with what the loop and section are like today, but the Tillamook trial will stick in their memory good or bad, a lot longer than some parking lot rev.
  6. Trevor and I observed the last section both days, the twin shock guys did well, the young ladies impressed me the most, how the manage to ride three loops and not get any mud on them is a mystery to me, they also rode the last section smoother than the guys. Rain on Friday night and during the day Saturday did make the sections tougher than expected but it's a rain forest, a bit of slop is nowt.
  7. I find it interesting that old men on forty year old bikes thought the loop was a blast. Did the modern bikes and young riders ride the same course ?.
  8. Condolences to the family, Mart was a role model for many.
  9. BTW have you ever ridden a fixed gear push bike down a hill? I had that sussed at three years old Dabster, just pick your legs up and let her rip, took a little longer to get the stopping down though, my legs were going like a fiddlers elbow trying to match the speed of the peddles.
  10. SSDT is a time and observation trial, those who made it on time showed it could be done and should not be penalized for doing so. Tue is renowned for being tough and tight on time, I knew it the times I rode and so do the top riders.
  11. 1shy

    How Hard?

    I seem to remember it being an 8 day trip consisting of a lot of beer.
  12. 1shy

    Ay Up

    Hi Steve, I read a post or two of Dad of 2's he said he'd been involved in fish stocking rivers, funny thing I've been involved in De-stocking the rivers.
  13. 1shy

    Ay Up

    By the way, wheres that chap who runs this site think he's called Ian Johnston er summat ?
  14. 1shy

    Ay Up

    If Doug isn't world champ some bugger must of slipped him a bad bottle. It says under my name 0 warning points, does that mean if you take a dab you get a warning point and the next one will be added to your score? I need to lie down.
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