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  1. What are the pros and cons of fast and slow action throttles?
  2. http://trialsacademygr.wixsite.com/holidays this is a new one....
  3. 200cc 4stroke....cool for a first trials bike...
  4. Good weather is kind of a myth for greece. I mean 4 months June to October is so hot that you can bearly get out of the house until 8 in the afternoon. anyway, the problem is that in Uk the renting of a house or flat is so difficult...they need credit statement and references...how can I have references since I haven't lived in UK?
  5. The idea is to go somewhere where we could do trials but in the same time I guess there are a lot of trials shops in the midlands...maybe south would be better for business???? We are used to good weather (we are Greeks)
  6. We(a family of 4) are planning to relocate to Uk. We are Trials riders and also we are going to move our business(electric trials for kids and adults) to UK. Could you suggest any places, towns to move to? considering we have 2 little kids we 'd like somewhere not so hectic and not as pricy as London. Of course, with trilas veneues nearby would be perfect. Anyone, any property to rent to us ?
  7. I ride a GasGas txt 250pro 03 and the clutch feels very hard to push with one finger although I have quite strong fingers(due to my climbing career). Any ideas what might be the problem?
  8. I have recently bought a txt 250 '03 and I was just wondering how I can set the front and rear shocks up to a more bouncy mode, weigh only 65 kg and it makes it very difficult to bounce the rear.
  9. I am a 140 pounds guy and I was wandering if an 125 trials bike would be enough for me to learn the basics
  10. Hi, I own an Aprilia climber 280 '94 and I need CDI unit. I can't find anywhere. Can anyone help? Is there a possibility to match a coil from another brand or model? Stelios, Greece
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