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  1. You can ride as "support"... I am riding my 240 in events until my James is finished...
  2. Hello All, I have a brand new PHBL Dellorto that has been giving me float headaches. As a backup, while I sort out Delly, I have purchased a 26mm OKO. Does anyone have the OKO settings for a Fantic 240 pro? Cheers, Ben
  3. Cheers to all... I have found a source for 9E villiers clutch parts in the States. I will most likely be ordering the items required for conversion from the UK. Hope to be on the dirt soon! Ben
  4. James Cotswold Scrambler
  5. Hello All, I've recently acquired a James Cotswold Scrambler which was raced in Southern California in the late 50's. The engine is a 7e Villiers unit and is missing most of the clutch side components. I was wondering what the best options are for a clutch in a trials conversion. I have seen the 9E multi plate used with slight modification and have even heard of a modern alternative. I look forward to your thoughts. Cheers, Ben
  6. Hello All, I recently picked up a James Cotswold Scrambler here in Southern California. It was raced in Scrambles here in the late 50's. The bike is complete, except for the clutch and primary side bits. I hope to convert it to trials use and look forward to any insight into these Villiers powered machines. Cheers, Ben
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