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  1. baurespdx

    Cota 49

    Hello everyone, I recently added a cota 49 to my stash of Montesa’s. Does anyone on here have one and could send me some photos of their bike so I can figure out where some of the frame brackets go and other parts. The bike came in a box and I am trying to repiece it together. Thanks!
  2. Hello guys, I have only had Montesa's in the past and just recently I acquired a 240 Professional! Planning on using this bike in ARHMA competitions and locally. I have been looking around for some parts I need for it but most is on Euro sites and prices are way too high. Anybody know of a source?
  3. baurespdx

    Cota 247 Tank

    hello everyone, I repainted my Cota 247 tank recently with fairly expensive automotive paint and 2k Clear coat but after around a few days of a little gas sitting in the tank i started seeing bubbles forming on the top of the tank. I used a very fine needle to pop one and gas secreted from it. I dumped all the gasoline out and rinsed the tank with near boiling water and dish soap to absorb the oil and gas to stop the deterioration further. Am I okay to seal with caswell now? or is this just going to get worse and worse? I really don’t want to paint it again. thanks!
  4. Thanks, came with a engine in pieces. crank was completely frozen... our mechanic got it up and running after lots of patience finding parts to make it original.
  5. My Cota 349 that I saved from a sad state. got it running today, for the first time in a long long time.......
  6. message me i have a pdf of a 349 rebuild
  7. baurespdx


    Have what’s app?
  8. baurespdx


    Hello everyone, I know somebody somewhere is looking for some ty 80 pieces. Found some stuff in my garage if anyone wants it message me, 503 381 1379
  9. baurespdx

    ty80 forks

    I am parting out a Ty80 if anyone needs parts! Message me 5033811379
  10. Hi everyone. I own a 123T, 247 and a 349. Do any of you own any cool or rare factory or dealership documents or manuals regarding a model I have. I would love to learn more about the bikes. Below is a photo of the 247 i am restoring now.
  11. Hello everyone, my father and I have started the process of restoring a Cota 349 and we need a correct parts manual but all I can find is the manual for the white tank model 349. I need the part manual for the red tank 349 with gas gauge built into it. I need the part number for the rear tail light that is a circle shape and not a square like the later 349’s. Thanks!
  12. baurespdx

    Montesa 123T

    Hello everyone! we gave the carb a real good cleaning and she starts ok. But, she idles a little rough and as soon as we give her gas the engine makes a deep bogging sound then the RPMs pick up with throttle. We adjusted the pilot and idle screw and played with the settings to no avail. We also cleaned the exhaust. Any advice? Thanks, Adrien
  13. Hello everyone, when I shift the bike into gear and pull the clutch at the handle bars it seems like there is still some resistance and not rolling as if it was in neutral. What could this be? Thanks! Adrien
  14. baurespdx

    Dry Clutch

    Hello, would a wet clutch even engage without oil in the case? Just wondering thanks
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