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  1. Hey Dan ; I may make a trek to new England this summer , with my faithful Fantic in tow … By any chance does my childhood HERO Don Sweet ever come out and play any more ? Yeah I grew up in NE. in the early 70's! Don and a another young guy from new York I think battled year in and out for the championship . I wouldn't have been able to ride a lot of events if not for Don and his Dad helping my Mom get my bike back on the trailer … Great memories of learning how to ride emulating the king of smooth !
  2. moto cinch tie downs … they compress the suspension about a inch and the bike doesn't move at all , becomes one with the trailer . I've had one too many tie down straps break thru the years . And the footpegs are more than up to the task :)
  3. Cool , got a new truck to haul my trailer . are your events dog friendly ? Zelda the trials mut has separation anxiety !
  4. what do you mean looks kinda heavy ??!! I've got the old girl slimmed down to about 300lbs now !!!
  5. I may be in touch in a few …… Thanks
  6. So Brewtus ; How is the job market for a master mechanic/Toyota guy in your neck of the woods ? getting sick of snow already and I need to ride !!!! and my girl told me she remarried her ex...…. !!! so not much to keep me here .
  7. Been running a OKO for a few years now and just rejetted it for a 9k elevation change , but I'd have to dig out my notes if your still needy … and if you don't have a real OKO it's not worth the effort , the copies are trash …..
  8. As above , but compress the rear too , timing on the rebound ...
  9. I've sold the NV and have moved to 9000 ft near Denver now and I'm restoring/rebuilding old land cruisers now … Just getting settled in here and getting in to the avid local trials scene . And of course I've got a new Tacoma to hot rod now …… ! And of course Zelda the trials puppy loves the weather !
  10. axulsuv

    240 head mod

    how do you like the HFS ? and where did you get the clamps again ? I'm Snowed in right now and planning on resurrecting my Trials activities this season ...
  11. I used to live there , you can ride Big bear , Joshua Tree , Yucca valley and Deep Creek in Cedar Glen (near Lake Arrowhead) is the best Trials terrain , but any where in Cali. your gonna have to deal with the Rangers and the sticker laws ! Have Fun and good luck !
  12. axulsuv

    240 head mod

    I've ridden with Nigel a couple of times, His dads fantic I think , You should see Ryan Young on My 240 ! he knows how the gravity switch works ; I haven't figured that part out yet
  13. I'll stick with my Trusty 240 , Still got a fresh 300 motor to go in her if the urge and time come together ...
  14. OK ; Long time no chat … Romance didn't work out so far , But have a great job in Conifer and I'm trying to buy a house in Bailey . But I need to get out and find some places to practice , I miss my bike !!! Missed out on the event here this weekend !
  15. So is the HFS kit worthwhile , ? I asked about them a few years ago and didn't hear anything positive ...
  16. Dan; I've seen a wave spring clutch somewhere in the past .... I'm thinking it was a dry clutch on some type of implement or machine tool ...
  17. axulsuv

    Ute Cup !!!

    I hope you can make it ! I'm gonna shoot for riding it next year when I'm a little more set up !
  18. axulsuv

    Ute Cup !!!

    So as I'm just getting settled here in Colorado , I just signed up to observe at the Ute this August ,as I'm a bit out of shape to try and ride it this year ... So who all is gonna come out and ride it ???
  19. As in Lakewood for now until Feb. , then it's time to start house hunting ! And I've got to get settled in the new job too !
  20. Well it's done ! here I sit just outside of Denver , Couldn't be happier !!!!
  21. I've been running all my Fantics (air & water cooled) @ 75:1 with amsoil synthetic with not a issue ever with fuel ... oh , mixed with 110 ave fuel ....
  22. axulsuv

    Best shocks

    I love my works performance shocks and they are totally rebuild able , But they are not cheap !!!
  23. I was , but I'm not gonna even comment , Tire pressure & throttle control .....
  24. I used to be like that .... And in my youth got paid too ! but lets not venture there , Palm Springs Ca. early 80's ....
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