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  1. On a slow tight turn when using clutch bikes front wheel wants to slide away instead of turning bike, if that makes sense Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?.
  2. steam

    2008 Rev 3 Mods

    I have a genuine 2008 Rev 3 but would like to try some mods to improve it. Any ideas please
  3. Bought an Airoh Tr from MRS r. Fits well, but chin strap too short. Adjusted it to maximum as well. Dissapointed as it is a lovely helmet and I have missed the returns date
  4. Uphill and slippy muddy entrance to section. Tried starting off in 3rd with weight over back. Could not even get into section. Same if I sat down and padded. could not get initial grip to start off. Any advice appreciated.
  5. steam

    Front Caliper

    What is the significance of the shiny silver metal cover that fits over the front pads on a 2008 Rev 3?
  6. steam


    I have a corroded casing on my 2008 rev3 and water is entering gearbox.. Not sure if casing is aluminium or magnesium. Has anybody had success using Araldite or any other sealer to fill the corroded casing?
  7. That's interesting, I have been trying to find a way of fixing a drinks bottle to a rev 3 . Will try this unless any other ideas are forthcoming. Cannot use cut inner tube fixed over centre of h'bars as stop button would not be accessable
  8. steam

    Spare Rear Wheel

    Who would buy a bike without a Rear Wheel? lol
  9. Why the wire around the spokes?
  10. steam

    Front Brake

    The front brake on my 2008 Rev 3 grabs at low speed and locks wheel. Any ideas on a fix?
  11. I am being a bit thick here but how does the wd40 get past the flywheel or are there holes in it. I own a rev 3 which has a flywheel weight over the flywheel so cannot get to windings
  12. Do you take the flywheel off before spraying Windings etc?
  13. steam

    Black Goo

    Silevcer stripped and cleaned. How tight should I repack it.
  14. steam

    Black Goo

    How do I remove the old Packing and Why is it necessary to replace it if the noise levels are OK?
  15. steam

    Black Goo

    Ok. Will order 2. Cheers
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