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  1. swissash

    Beta Brake Pads

    Hi Yes they will
  2. Just collected my Beta Evo, I'm staring at it from my office window wondering if it looks bad if I suddenly become ill at work and need to go home!
  3. Cheers for the tips folks. Collect the bike on Friday, If anyone is at Earl Shilton Trials club on Sunday I'll be the one smiling like a cheshire cat!
  4. Six months ago I purchased a 1999 Beta Techno 200 to see if I liked trials....I did. I then sold that and purchased a 2002 Beta Rev 3 250 which was great. I've now sold it and purchased a 2012 Evo 250 which has cost me alot more than my previous two bikes put together!! Please tell me I've purchased a good bike!!!! Is there anything I need to keep an eye on apart from the obvious stuff? Cheers Ash
  5. I use Galfer red pads, great in the wet and awsome stopping power
  6. Hi Use an easy out tool, like this one http://compare.ebay.co.uk/like/180922176145?var=lv&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&adtype=pla&crdt=0 These are a great piece of kit, I've snapped a few bolts in my time and this is the best way to extract them. Cheers Ash
  7. I doubt the caliper is knackered. A seal and piston kit should sort it. You can get a kit from www.haventrialsport.co.uk for around £25.00 speak to Vince, a very nice and helpful chappie.
  8. My old Beta Techno 200 did the same, turned out to be a sheared woodruff key.
  9. Hi All, Just recently purchased my first bike and joined ESTC. I've ridden there a couple of times to practise and I'm looking to enter my first club trials comp soon. Not sure if I should enter as a beginner or novice or even what route i.e white route or easy route... I'm not new to bikes but I am to trials riding. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  10. just replaced my front pads, took 10mins max to bleed the system with no problems!
  11. I have the same proplem on my Rev 3. No front brake! I removed the pads last night and they are worn so that won't help matters. My pal who is a bike mechanic is coming round tonight to have a look. I did notice when I was removing the caliper that there was a lot of brake fluid on the disc and pads, upon closer inspection it looks as though the bleed nipple was leaking, I have now tightened this and I hope this was the cause of spongey pressure and naff brakes. I keep reading about how difficult it is to bleed Beta brakes, I have ridden bikes for years and the brake system looks just like any other, so why would it be such a pain to bleed? I guess I'll find out tonight! I agree with Graham, swapping to a 2 pot will not be the answer and will only add to your woe's. Ash
  12. Hi all, Just bought a 2002 Beta Rev 3 as I wanted to get into trials. I'm nearly 40 so I'm not going to breaking any records (just bones) I'm desperate to get riding, just sent my membership application off to Earl Shilton Trials Club. Does anyone know of a place I can go in the meantime to practise on thats fairly local to Leicester? Your comments would be appreciated. Cheers Ash
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