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  1. nige02

    Disconnecting Lights

    Hi All, I've disconnected the lights on my 2014 Evo and I want to tidy all the wiring under the seat. I'm I able to cut the wires which lead to the lights as I can't simply pull them out of the junction box under the seat as they are all connected to each other in some way?! Does anyone have any advice, as I don't want to cut anything I shouldn't, any pictures would be handy! Thanking you in advance.
  2. Hi All, I have a 2014 Evo and I've seen a 2006 Rev 3 rear wheel for sale. Would this wheel fit my Evo? Thanks Richard.
  3. nige02

    Factory 2015

    I've heard late Feb early March!
  4. nige02

    Spare Rear Wheel

    Hi, I've recently bought a beta 2014 and was wondering if I'll be able to fit my gas gas spare rear wheel to it. If this is possible, where can I get the parts to do it?! Many thanks, Richard.
  5. nige02

    Brake Hose Guide

    Thanks for all the replys, much appreciated.
  6. nige02

    Brake Hose Guide

    Hi, I want to put a number board on my Evo, but I can't find a brake hose guide to replace the one on the light. The last time I didn't secure the brake line it ended up rubbing a groove in my folk clamps. I have looked everywhere but have had no luck so far. Any guidance would be appreciated, cheers Richard.
  7. Hi All, I need to replace the master cylinder seal kit on my gas gas 2012. I have a couple of kits in the shed but I am not sure if they are the correct ones to replace my current seal. One of the packs has the AJP logo and the number 150.00595C, which I think is for the brake side. The other has the braktec logo and the number 150.00594C, this is the one I think is for the clutch. I pulled the old piston (I think that what it is called) out and it looks identical to the new one. Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Many thanks, Richard.
  8. Hi All, I've been riding for nearly 4 years now, and getting to an above average clubman rider. I'm currently riding a gas gas and am thinking of getting a new bike. I was going to get another gas gas, but recently had a go of my friends montesa repsol (2014) and I was smitten! I had never considered a 4-stroke, but after riding this bike, it has really put a spanner in the works!!! I am really happy with my progress on the gas gas, will getting a 4-stroke set me back in my progression? Any advice will be appreciated. Cheers Richard.
  9. Thanks for reply Jon, will give it a go.
  10. Yes I do, do u know the model number by any chance. On the packaging I have, the number 150.00.595C is printed. The kit being sold online has the number 150.00.594C on it, is there a difference?!
  11. Hi All, I need to replace the parts inside the clutch master cylinder. I have found a new master cylinder rebuild kit in my shed. It does say if its for a clutch or brake master cylinder, is there any difference? Also I would have bought it when I had a txt pro 2010, I now have a raga 2011, is there a difference between the master cylinders of these 2 bikes? Any help and advice would be appreciated. Thanks Richard.
  12. Thanks for the advice guys, going for cheaper option packed with grease!
  13. Hi All, It's time to change my front and rear wheel bearings. I have a 2011 Raga, what bearings does everyone use? Any advice would be appreciated! Rich.
  14. nige02

    Cloudy Gear Oil

    Hi All, to give you an update on the cloudy oil situation, it was the shaft all along, I took it out Thursday night an it was worn to hell!!! All sorted now, easy fix in the end! Thanks again to all who replied to my problem, much appreciated. Cheers Richard.
  15. nige02

    Cloudy Gear Oil

    I'm going to change the water pump seal, thanks Laser1 for the video. Got a full weekend of trials this weekend, is it advisable to ride and fix the problem next week? Don't want to do any permanent damage, but was thinking of filling up coolant and comparing the level after the weekend to confirm it is the WP seal?! To ride or not to ride?!!!!
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